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31 Essentials For Your Cruise Carry On Bag For Families

Today we are going to share what Essentials You Need For Your Cruise Carry On Bag For Families. Anyone else get that cruise day buzz? If you are reading this I am guessing you either do? Or are about to experience this for the first time and it’s the best feeling ever.

Yes, cruising may have changed, however, for me it is still my prefered way to travel. Also, having spent many years cruising with kids. We have learnt all the tips and tricks to get cruise embarkation day right. Especially when travelling with a family. Because if you get it wrong it can be a pretty miserable day, especially with kids who just want to go in the pool.

31 essentials to pack in your cruise carry on bag for families

Essentials For Your Cruise Carry On Bag For Families

When you take kids on a cruise vacation it’s all about getting the holiday survival kit right. Additionally being organised and having everything you need for the first day on your cruise to get your vacation off to a smooth start.

What Is A Cruise Holiday Survival Kit And Why Do You Need One With Your Cruise Carry On Bag?

This is something most parents will already do. We called ours the holiday survival kit. Named so as we pack everything we needed to keep the kids busy for the entirety of their cruise. The grand reveal was always in the car on the way to the airport or port. It became such an anticipated part of our travels, with the boys becoming just as excited about the holiday survival kit as they were about the prospect of travelling.

Almost everything inside the survival kit is new. All treats are to use for the duration of the cruise but there are also a few essentials for cruise day to keep the kiddies occupied and happy. This is something I used to build up over a year so there was no big outlay. Thus if I was out and saw a bargain that would work, I would buy it and put it away.

Essentials to pack in your Cruise carry on bag for families

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What To Put In A Holiday Survival Kit For Your Children’s Cruise Carry On Bag?

Start with a rucksack or suitcase. You know your children, will they carry a back or will a wheelie case or Trunki be better? Dont over fill it, if its heavy you will end up carrying the bags. However both our boys had A Disney, Cruise Carry On Bag and they were happy to pull them as they knew they were filled with brand new goodies such as……

  1. Favourite teddy, it’s always good to have this handy
  2. Swimming shorts, do not forget these, I have made that fatal mistake
  3. Arm bands or water wings
  4. Small pack of tissue and handy wipes ( Saves you carrying them and kids think its novel to have in their bag)
  5. Empty water bottle, this is handy to keep filled with water. If you have ordered a kids drinks package you will also get a refillable drinks cup on the the first day of your cruise
  6. A5 notebook and printable quizzes or colouring pages for drawing and notes with pencils or crayons ( I found it best to avoid felt tips just in case)
  7. Digital camera, always fun to look back on
  8. Small set of travel toys, we used to love the Disney Play sets as they are miniature movie sets that fit into a drawstring bag and can be taken everywhere
  9. Snacks, such a raisins or popcorn and a drink, there is a bit of waiting to do at the port so snacks come in handy ( Drinks need to be consumed before security, however if you are waiting for test results it’s handy to have a drink)
  10. Wipeable activity books, these are great to take to dinner
  11. Travel Uno, we have spent many hours playing Uno, it’s a great pre dinner family game
  12. sun hat/sunglasses.
The kids pool on Norwegian Encore

What To Put In Your Cruise Carry On Bag?

That’s the kiddies sorted and happy. But what about us mums and dads? What do we need in our Cruise Carry On Bag? Remember it can take a while to get your luggage delivered to your cabin. Thus anything you think you will need before then, pack in your carry on bag.

  • A folder with all tickets, cruise passes and covid passes all together and a pen ( I know these are all mostly digital, however it saves time to have a folder with printed copies)
  • Passports/identity cards
  • Swimwear, flip flops, and dry bag, the kids will want to jump straight in that pool
  • If you have a baby or toddler swimming nappies (Although check this post as toddlers can not use pools on all ships.)
  • If cruising with a baby, nappies, sterilised bottle, spoon and sachet of dried milk ( Shops will not be open till after sailaway and you may not get your luggage for some time)
  • Suncream
  • A wallet with small notes for tipping
  • Laptop, camera, tablets, keep all valuables with you until you can put them in a safe, they are not insured if you leave them unattended
  • Any medication, don’t put this in your checked luggage in case it gets misplaced, If you carry injections, insulin or medication that needs to be kept cool we use a Frio Bag and can thoroughly recommend it
  • Sunglasses.
Essentials to pack in your Cruise carry on bag for families

That Seems A Bit Of A List Right?

But with a bit of organisation its not too much to carry. Especially for a little peace of mind, that you have all you need to make the most of the first day of your cruise. Thus making it part of your cruise vacation. Rather than a day of waiting around for luggage, essentials and shops to open.

And if you would like a printable list, print off our free cruise checklist here.

Cruise Carry On Checklist for Families
What you need in your cruise carry on bag Family Edition

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