Through the Porthole: Video Tour of the Symphony of the Seas Under Construction

Watch this amazing 1.5 minute time lapse tour of the world’s largest and most advanced ship, Symphony of the Seas, under construction at STX Shipyard in France.  As you will see from the drone footage, flying over workers putting final touches in place, the ship is on schedule for her delivery next month.

Through the Porthole: Video Tour Symphony of the Seas Under Construction

How incredible do these water slides look?  And the atrium… wow, just wow!

The Symphony of the Seas has already completed sea trails to test that she is seaworthy and ready for sailing on her first cruise from Barcelona on the 31st March.  The ship will sail from Miami, Florida from November of this year around the islands in the Caribbean.

For more information check out our helpful post – Everything Families Need to Know About Symphony of the Seas. 

We would love to hear from you if you have plans to sail onboard the Symphony of the Seas!

Lisa Jane, Travel loving Family


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