6 Reasons A Cruise Makes A Great Family Holiday

It’s hard to portray how much we all love cruising and sometimes there are people that just don’t get it? You really do have to experience all that cruising has to offer, to fully to get it.

We love this post by the lovely Talya from Motherhood: The Real Deal. All about family cruising and why she feels it really is perfect for families.


You know what they say….never say never…and so Easter just gone we went on our very first family cruise with P&O on the family friendly Ventura to Spain, Portugal and France. I have to be honest….I wasn’t sure how it would work out for us but it turns out that a cruise makes a great family holiday. So much so, that I would actually book another one in a heartbeat (finances permitting). So why am I now banging the drum loud and proud about why a cruise makes a great family holiday?

6 reasons a cruise makes a great family holiday www.cruisingkids.co.uk

Here’s why:

I have to admit I was a little reluctant about the notion of leaving my four year old daughter in the Kids Club but after seeing how happy my daughter was there any anxiety I had about it totally disappeared. I can’t comment on all cruise providers but The Kids Club with P&O on our holiday was really well thought out with a great programme, the staff really attentive and engaging, and quite honestly my daughter would have spent every hour of every day in there if she could have. She was literally so eager to get there and hang out with her new chums every day.

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Guest Post with Cruising with kids , family cruise blog www.cruisingkids.co.uk

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6 reasons a cruise makes a great family holiday and why it is perfect to family time and couple time


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