MSC Fantasia Yacht Club Cabin tour


We have recently travelled on the beautiful MSC Fantasia. Here a peek and a room tour of the MSC Fantasia Yacht Club Deluxe Suite Cabin. This MSC Fantasia Yacht Club Cabin tour is part of Yacht club so you get all of the perks that come with Yacht club too. This Cabin 16035 was actually a Larger Balcony Yacht Club suite Cabin too.

Take a look at all what the MSC Fantasia has to offer in our Photo tour here

The layouts of the cabins vary depending on where they are on the ship. Cabin 16035 is a slightly larger suite as it is on the end of the corridor. It has an angled Wall and walk in wardrobe.

In the cabin there is a seating area with a double sofa and a single chair around a small coffee table. There are two bedside cabinets as well as a dressing area and a huge wardrobe!

MSC Fantasia Yacht Club Cabin room Room 16035
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MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035 Room Tour

MSC Fantasia Yacht Club Cabin tour room 16035 storage space

There was plenty of space in the room it felt very open. We stored our empty cases under the bed But the walk in wardrobe had a total of seven roomy drawers and two shelves. There were plenty of hangers in the wardrobe and lots of floor space to store luggage or shoes. The wardrobe was double width and the dressing robes and slippers were tucked away inside. There was also a safe in the wardrobe.

MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035 MSC Fantasia Yacht Club Deluxe Suite Cabin
MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035 wardrobe

You can check out the layout on our cabin Tik Tok video.

Cabin sockets

In the MSC Fantasia Yacht Club Cabin main room there was an angled wall with a dressing table and large mirror. There was one long drawer under the dresser which also contained the hairdryer. The space above the dresser housed two USB outlets, two 220v sockets and two 110v sockets for European and continental plugs. It also had a data socket RJ45.

There is a huge mirror on the wall which made the space bright and airy. There was additional storage space under the television which also contained the mini bar.

Two bedside tables had two drawers each and additional sockets above.

MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035 Plug sockets
MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035

Yacht club mini bar

The mini bar was restocked every day and you even had a choice of alcoholic drink on your arrival. We had a selection of juices and sodas as well as water. To find out more about the mini bar you can see this post on the Yacht club mini bar service.

Msc mini room bar fridge

Yacht club bathroom

The MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035 bathroom was pretty roomy and it even had a bath! Towels were replenished daily as well a toiletries.

There is a full selection of bath soaps and toiletries to use in the cabin.

Yacht club suite bathroom on Fantasia
MSC Fantasia Yacht club toiletries in bathroom

Cabin Attendant and room service.

Our Butler was Augustine and he was fabulous we also had a room attendant called Marcus. Our cabin was spotless and we could not of asked for anything more. The cabin was cleaned every day and our towels changed. At turn down in the evening we received a bottle of water as well as chocolate by our beds.

Daily planners were delivered daily and left on the dressing table. There is a full room service menu and laundry menu if you need it.

Fresh masks were also delivered daily as was a newspaper of choice.

MSC Fantasia daily planners in the room
MSC Fantasia room service and mini bar

The balcony

MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035 has a large balcony. There are two chairs and footstools sadly it lacked a table.

MSC Fantasia Yacht club large balcony 16035 Balcony


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