Mykonos Through the Lens: A Pictorial Journey


Embark on a visual odyssey through the enchanting beauty of Mykonos with our photo tour, ‘Mykonos Through the Lens: A Pictorial Journey.’

A Photo Tour Of Mykonos

Photo Tour of Mykonos
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

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Each image captures the essence and allure of this Greek island, inviting you to immerse yourself in its picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and timeless charm. Join us as we showcase the captivating moments frozen in time, providing a glimpse into the unique and mesmerising world of Mykonos.”

Mykonos Old Port

How to get to Mykonos old port from your cruise ship
View of cruise port Mykonos from the SeaBus. Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

The Mykonos SeaBus offers a regular service, shuttling passengers between the New Port (Tourlos) and the old port of Mykonos Town (Chora). Upon disembarking at the old port, keep an eye out for the Mykonos SeaBus sign located at the end of the pier. This is a great way to capture the views from the sea.

Covering the distance in approximately 8 minutes, the SeaBus charges €2 per person for a round trip, and its services operate continuously around the bay. Typically, the waiting time is short; during our return trip, we waited around 15 minutes. However, if you narrowly miss a boat, the maximum waiting time can extend to 30 minutes between departures.

Little Venice

Visit Little Venice in Mykonos
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

Little Venice is a glorious area with blue and white winding streets and alleyways. To get to Little Venice from Mykonos new port, go right as you get off the second stop of the SeaBus; this will take you into the winding streets. Head towards the sea, and it will take you to a row of cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea.

Cafe’s And Bars In Little Venice

What to do in Mykonos
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

Little Venice in Mykonos is renowned for its charming waterfront, lined with cafes and bars offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the iconic Mykonos windmills.

We did stop and have a drink and snack, however had heard bad reports about people being overcharged. Thankfully, our experience was good. Yes, it is expensive, but it was nice to enjoy drinks in the hustle and bustle, with the sea lapping against the rocks and a sea breeze. My advice would be to ask for a menu with prices before you order any food or drinks.

Wander The Winding Back Streets Of Mykonos

Winding Streets of Mykonos
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

Check out all the beautiful winding streets. There were three cruise ships in port during our visit. Thankfully, although busy, Mykonos was not overcrowded. We do tend to avoid busy streets. This, in my opinion, is the best strategy as you get to see a little of the real island, the pretty rustic streets, and gorgeous sea views.

Go In The Opposite Direction To Everyone Else

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

You will find many gift shops with locally made gifts on the main street. It’s hard not to stop and buy souvenirs. But then head out to find the quieter streets and pretty views.

Visit The Windmills

Windmills in Mykonos a short walk from the port
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

The windmills used to be a huge part of the Islands economy and used for many centuries to grind wheat and barley into flour. Now there are six remaining on the hill overlooking Little Venice and an important part of local tourism and I can see why, its a stunning location and the breeze when you get there is very welcome on a hot day.

We walked to the windmills, go past little Venice, and keep walking away from the bay along the coast; you can see them in the distance. Its a 5-10 minutes walk and worth the glorious views.

Check Out The Churches In Mykonos

Visit the church in Mykonos
Agios Charalambos. Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

You will note that many, if not all, of the churches are named, starting with Agios, Agia (Agia is the feminine term), which means saintly or saint. Agios Charalambos is set behind the windmills, this is not one to miss and has the perfect viewpoint over the Aegean Sea.

Visit The Metropolitan Church

What to see in Mykonos Port
Metropolitan Church. Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

Metropolitan Church, in Mykonos Town, otherwise known as the “The Megali Panagia” is one of the main churches on the Island, make sure you visit as its simply beautiful.

There are more than 1,000 churches on the Island, many private churches for families who want to worship alone. However, we managed to see only five; I feel we need to return to find more.

Check The Views From The Beach

What to do in Mykonos Cruise Port
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids.

There is a small man-made beach on the far side of the bay of Mykonos Old Port. However, if you head up to the Windmills, you will find small beach coves just past them, which are a little quieter.

There are also lots of pebbled, rocky areas that are quieter, and perfect spots to sunbathe and take in the views.

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What to do and see in Naples Cruise Port
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

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