Princess Cruises Drinks Prices And Bar Menus


We get so many questions about cruise drinks packages and drinks menus. Read more about Princess Drink Packages. But before you run off to check out the premier beverage package and the new premium desserts, ice cream, fresh juices, smoothies, Wifi, Crew appreciation (Gratuities) fitness classes and photo package included in the new packages.

This post will give you all the up to date Princess Drinks Prices And MenusHaving a friend who recently sailed on Regal Princess, I enlisted her to spent a little time, ahem, researching alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees and cocktail prices.

She screenshot drinks menus, tested cocktails to have all the information to help you to decide if a cruise drinks package is for you on you next cruise vacation on Princess Cruise Lines.

Princess Cruises Drinks Menus and prices

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Princess Plus Beverage Package Menu Prices From 2023 Sailings

Do Princess Offer All Inclusive Cruises?

No, but Princess do offer the opportunity to purchase several levels of drinks packages.

What Princess Drink Packages Are Available As of February 2023 For All Itineraries Except Australia.

  • Princess Premier Package, $84.99 per day plus 18% service charge (a total of $100.30 per day)
  • Princess Plus Beverage Package, $64.99 per day plus 18% service charge (a total of $76.70 per day)
  • The Zero-Alcohol Drink Package, $39.99 per day plus 18% service charge (a total of $47.19 per day)
  • Classic Soda Package, USD $9.99 per day plus 18% service charge (a total of $11.79 per day)
  • New Grounds Coffee Package, onboard prepaid coffee card, prices vary.
Princess Ocean Medallion For Families

Drinks Packages On Princess Cruises, As of February 2023 For Australian Sailings

  • Princess Premier Package, AUD $140.00 per day this includes a service charge.
  • Princess Plus Beverage Package, AUD $110.00 per day, which includes a service charge.
  • The Zero-Alcohol Package, AUD $65.99 per day which includes a service charge.
  • Classic Soda Package, AUD $15.33 per day, this includes a service charge.
  • New Grounds Coffee Package, onboard prepaid coffee card, prices vary.
Princess Cruises Cocktails Prices And Menu

Are Princes Cruises Drinks Packages Worth It?

I would say you have to really think about it and take the price rises into consideration. However if you factor in bottled water, coffee, cocktails and premier wines, top shelf spirits and high-end cocktails it does all add up. A suggestion would be to use the drinks menus and prices below as a guide you can easily work out if the drinks package is for you by totting what you might drink daily.

Also count in any extras like speciality dining and photo as these are all a factor.

How Much Are Drinks On Princess Cruise?

Spirits And Scotch Prices On Princess Cruises On 2023 Sailings?

  • Grey Goose $10.00
  • Aviation Gin $10.00
  • Bombay Saphire $8.00
  • Henricks Gin $10.00
  • Reposado $8.00
  • Patron Anejo $12.00
  • Courvoisier VSOP $12.00
  • Jack Daniels $9.00
  • Chivas Regal $9.00
  • Malibu $7.50
  • Bacardi Limon $7.50
  • Baileys $8.00
  • Southern Comfort $8.00
Princess Cruises Spirits and Cognac Prices And Bar Menus
Princess Cruises Drinks

Beer And Cider On Princess Cruises And What Are The Prices?

This is always the million dollar question with beer and cider lovers, what beer and cider do Princess Cruises sell in the bars, some of the beers you can expect to find …

  • Miller Lite $7.00
  • Bud Light $7.00
  • Heineken $7.00
  • Corona Extra $7.50
  • Stella $7.00
  • Strongbow $7.50
  • Fruit Cider $7.50
Princess Cruises Beer and Cider Prices And Bar Menus

Princess Cruise Drinks Prices, Cocktail’s

  • Hawaiian Tropics $10.00
  • Paradise Punch £10.00
  • Ultimate Cooler $10.00
  • Mai Tai $10.00
  • Strawberry Daiquiri $10.00
  • Salted Watermelon Margarita $19.00
  • Ultimate Patron Margarita $11.00
  • Espresso Martini $15.00
  • Aperol Spritz $7.75
Princess Cruises Cocktails and Martini Prices And Bar Menus

Princess Cruise Red And White Wine Prices

  • Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blank $16
  • Saint Helena Sauvignon Blanc $11.00
  • Reisling $11.00
  • Malbec $10.00
  • Chiraz $10.00
  • Champagne $19.00
Princess Cruises Red and White wine Prices And Bar Menus

Soft Drinks And Mocktails Prices

  • Fountain Sodas by the glass such as cola, lemonade and orange $1.50, cans of soda $2.50
  • Bottle of Water $2.00
  • San Pelegrino $2.65
  • Red Bull Energy Drinks $5.00
  • Strawberries on Fire $7.00
  • Zero Mojito $7.00

Princess Cruises Drink Prices, Coffee, Hot Chocolate And Frappe’s

  • Espresso $2.00
  • Americano $2.00
  • Latte $3.00
  • Frappes $4.00 – $5.00
Coffee prices on Princess cruise
Cocktails on Princess Cruises

What Is Th​​​​e Legal Drinking Age On Princess Cruises?

When sailing from North America, the legal drinking age on Princess Cruises is 21. However, when sailing from Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand, the legal drinking age is 18.

Can I Share My Drinks Package?

Packages can’t be shared, additionally you can only buy 1 drink at a time.

Can I Use My Princess Cruises Drinks Packages In The Restaurants?

Yes your packages can be used in all food and beverage venues and the theatre. However selections may differ in each venue’s menu. When dining in the specialty restaurants a 1 ltr bottle of still of sparkling water will be covered in your package.

You can also use your drinks packages on Princess Cays private island?

Can You Bring Your Own Drinks On Princess Cruises?

Yes, each passenger is allowed to take one bottle of wine or champagne onboard, up to 750 ml per sailing. However you will be charged a $15 corkage fee for any additional bottles brought onboard.

And that’s it, I hope that’s a great help when deciding if the Princess Cruises Drinks Package is for you? However this post also gives you a little insight into the huge variety of drinks available to try onboard. Also check out our Princess Cruises Drinks Calculator below.

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