Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas A 2024 Dining Guide


Today we are going to have a look at all of dining options, including free and speciality restaurants on The Odyssey Of The Seas, this guide will take you through everything you need to know about booking speciality dining and free restaurants on Odyssey Of The Seas. Also how much Speciality Dining costs at this moment in time and what type of food you can expect to find in each of the restaurants onboard.

We will also take a little look at room service on Odyssey Of The Seas, because you have to experience balcony or in room food with a movie or sea view at least once during your cruise holiday? We will also look at the best place to find free ice cream, to keep the kiddies happy, and where to find free tea and coffee.

I like to arrive at my cruise knowing all the information and just relax. This post, with the help of photos from our last cruise will help you decide on the dining options. free or paid. But also knowing what food is free on your Royal Caribbean Cruise helps you to budget and work out roughly how much money you will spend on board and know if there is a little extra for treats.

Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas a list of free dining and speciality dining on Odyssey of the Seas
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

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Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas A 20024 Guide

A Few Facts About Odyssey Of The Seas?

Odyssey of the Seas was launched in 2021, it’s a Quantum Class Ship that holds 5,489 passengers on full capacity with 2,105 cabins and a crew of 1,550.

The ship is 1,138 feet long, 135 feet wide, and weighs a whopping 167,704 gross tons. It has 16 decks, 14 guest decks, two service/crew decks, and 17 guest elevators. Yes, this is geeky information, but it’s interesting. Also, check out our guide for all Royal Caribbean Ships By Size.

Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas a list of free dining
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Bars On Odyssey Of The Seas

Odyssey of the Seas has 14 bars, this also includes the suite lounge, diamond lounge, and pool bars which stretch over 3 levels on the pool deck. Thus you will always be able to find somewhere to stop for a cocktail.

If you check your Crown and Anchor newsletter, you will find so much going on around the ship. Whether its a pop quiz, general knowledge quiz or pre dinner cocktail music there’s always something to suit your mood.

  • Giovanni’s Wine Bar
  • Bionic Bar
  • Casino Royal Bar
  • Schooners, Piano Bar
  • Boleros, Latin Themed Bar
  • Diamond Club, For Diamond Members
  • Suite Lounge, For Suite Guests
  • Lime And Coconut Pool Bar, over 3 levels
  • Music Hall
  • Sunshine Bar
  • Two70 Bar
  • Windjammer Bar
  • Playmakers Sports Bar
  • Crown And Compass Pub
Bionic Bar on Odyssey of the Seas, Credit Sarah Christie Cruising With Kids

How Much Are Drinks Onboard Odyssey Of The Seas?

These drinks prices are from Odyssey of the Seas 2024 sailings and will give you an idea of drinks prices onboard and help you decide if a Royal Caribbean drinks package is worth the money. Simply calculate how much you will drink each day and see if it equates to the daily rate of the Drinks Package. Don’t forget to factor in speciality coffee, soft drinks and water.

  • Bud Light $7.49
  • Red Stripe $8.25
  • Stella Artois $7.99
  • Guinness $7.99
  • Strongbow $7.99
  • Mint Berry Delight $14.00
  • John Collins $13.00
  • Champagne Cocktail $14.00
  • Bombay Saphire $11.99
  • Tanqueray $10.99
  • Baileys $10.99
  • Jack Daniels $10.99
  • Pinot Grigio $10.00
  • Chardonnay from $9.00
  • Coca Cola and Diet Coke $3.50
  • Red Bull $4.00
Cocktail image on Royal Caribbean, drinks calculator
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Soda Stations Onboard

If you have a soda, refreshment or deluxe drinks package you don’t even need to go to the bar to get a drink, if you use your souvenir cup you can head to the soda stations for a soft drink refill which offers lots of choice and can be found in the Windjammer on deck 14, deck 14 midship, deck 15 aft around the Seaplex,and deck 4 midship.

Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas

You will find 15 restaurants on Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas, 7 which are included in the price of your Royal Caribbean Cruise and 8 that have extra charges or count as speciality dining.

On top of this you can opt for in-room dining (At an extra cost)

Room Service on Royal Caribbean
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Odyssey Of The Seas Dining Packages

There are several choices for speciality dining packages; here is a guide of what you can expect to pay, but also check out our in-depth dining package guide and your cruise planners. There are constant offers; the prices below are a guide for a 7-night sailing. If you keep checking your planner daily, you will be able to get a good deal.

  • Unlimited Dining Package, £179.90 per adult
  • The 3 Night Dining Package, £81.62 per adult
  • Chops Plus 1 Dining Package, £61.83 per adult
  • Taste Of Royal Lunch, £28.25 per adult

Children are complementary in speciality restaurants on Odyssey of the Seas from age of 0-5. You have two options for Children aged 6-12. The dining plan costs half the adult price, however you don’t need to book the package for kids, you can pay as you go, this way children 6-12 pay $10.99 per child to dine and must order from the kid’s menu.

Meat platter in Giovanis
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising With Kids

Free Dining On Odyssey of the Seas

Main Dining Room (There are 3 dining rooms, split over deck’s 3 and 4)

The main dining room offer a huge choice of meals, open every evening on a sea day for lunch and breakfast. With themed nights from around the world the menu never gets dull.

Lobster night in the main Dining room
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids


For delicious pizza, with a choice of toppings, sandwiches and cookies.


The Windjammer is Royal Caribbean’s famous buffet restaurant, offering endless choice, themed days and portions and big as you want, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Watch out for the desserts, they are divine.

Café Promenade

The Café Promenade is open around the clock for quick snacks, fresh sandwiches, pastries, fruit, cakes and coffee. There is always something delicious for a tasty snacks and its a great place to grab lunch or breakfast to go.

Solarium Bistro

The perfect place to enjoy fresh mediterranean flavours, the Bistro has a chilled out vibe with a great choice of healthy options. You can also choose premium Lobster for $29.00 or Fillet Mignon for $16.95.

El Loco Fresh

A wonderful snack buffet restaurant serving favourites such as Tacos, Nachos, Burritos and Quesadillas.

El Loco Fresh
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Café @ Two70

Café @ Two70 is a great food marketplace to stop for a snack, including salads, paninis, sandwiches, wraps, soup, fruit and a wonderful selection of cakes. You can also get coffee and a selection of teas.

Speciality Dining On The Odyssey of the Seas

Please note, you need to add 18% service charge onto speciality dining. These prices are from Speciality Dining Venues on Odyssey Of The Seas 2024 sailings, however are subject to change.


Wonderland is a magical-themed restaurant offering food that not only inspires your taste buds, but your mind; this really is an experience to try.

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids


Offering Teppanyaki and extras such as rainbow rolls at $14 and sushi selections from $14.

Izumi Sushi

Offering a wonderful selection of sushi and Asian dishes at a variety of prices, as a guide crispy shrimp rolls, $15.00, beef teriyaki $19.00 and sesame balls $5.00. There is also a set menu aaialable.

Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade

Playmakers sports bar is a themed bar that offers tasty snack dishes to share, individual prices such as pile on nachos $8.99, steak topped fries $5.99, 24 wings for $19.99, burger $11.99.

Playmakers Bar in the Seaplex
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Chops Grille

A steakhouse offering a delicious choice or steak, lobster and a selection of alternative mains.

Chef’s Table

The chef’s table offers a five-course private dining experience with wine pairings. The chef prepares and presents each course while explaining cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavours, and a sommelier pairs every course with wine. (This is not part of the dining plan)

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar

Giovanni’s Table is a casual trattoria serving delicious Italian classics such as fresh pasta, salads and pizza.

Starter in Giovanni's on Odyssey of the Seas
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Coastal Kitchen

The Coastal Kitchen is reserved for suite and jnr Suite Guests and offers a varied á la carte menu for lunch and dinner. Jnr suite guests can dine but must book.

What’s The Difference Between Free Dining And Speciality Dining?

Apart from the obvious, that one set of restaurants on Odyssey Of The Seas are free of charge and specialty dining isn’t, speciality dining offers an intimate upscale dining experience. The menus are generally honed by celebrity chefs, or offer something a little quirky and unique.

However, whilst speciality dining is unique and truly amazing, I wouldn’t book it for my entire cruise; the three-night option works well for us. The dining rooms included in the price of a Royal Caribbean Cruise are fabulous; the waiters work so hard to make your dining experience special; they are accommodating with children, lively and cheerful and can’t do enough for you.

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Room Service Prices On Odyssey Of The Seas

Room service is available for guests around the clock on Odyssey Of The Seas with the exception of the first day of your cruise, when room service is available from 5.00 pm, and the final evening, when service ends at 1am.

Continental breakfast is complimentary. All other orders have a $7.95 service charge plus 18% gratuity.

Odyssey Of The Seas Independence Of The Seas

  • Breakfast 6am – 11am
  • All Day 11am – 6am

The menus below are sample Royal Caribbean room service menus, however I have checked this against Odyssey Of The Seas current sailing and it’s almost identical.

Breakfast Room Service Menu on the Symphony of the Seas
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

All Day Room Service Menu on the Symphony of the Seas
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Free Ice Cream On Odyssey Of The Seas?

Yes, you will find Sprinkles ice cream bar serving soft serve ice cream and or Frozen Yoghurt on deck 14 around the pool area, where you can enjoy unlimited ice cream. Ice cream is also served the the Windjammer and main dining rooms free of charge.

Splashaway Bay on Odyssey of the Seas
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Free Drinks On Odyssey of the Seas

  1. Water:
    • Request a jug of iced water in any restaurant.
    • Iced water by the glass can be obtained at any bar.
    • Water dispensers are conveniently located throughout the ship, including the Windjammer buffet.
    • Cruise ship tap water is often preferred for its better taste, thanks to effective filtration.
  2. Flavored Water: Explore a variety of flavored waters at the Windjammer buffet.
  3. Lemonade: Available in the Windjammer Marketplace buffet.
  4. Coffee:
    • Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy complimentary coffee and tea at various locations onboard:
      • Main Dining Room
      • Windjammer buffet
      • Cafe Promenade
      • Café @ Two70 on deck 5
      • Park Cafe
      • Room service

You Will Not Go Hungry On Odyssey of the Seas

There is so much food available on Odyssey Of The Seas. It would be impossible to go hungry or ever get tired of the options. If you are looking for healthy dining, the healthy dining options on the menu every day to help you stay fit on your cruise or indeed healthy options at the speciality dining venues. You are never going to struggle for a variety of food options when cruising with Royal Caribbean.

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Odyssey of the Seas
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

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Free dining on Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas whats included


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