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Today I am bringing you our Guide To Room Service On Royal Caribbean 2022, room service is not something we have always made use of, apart from the occasional breakfast. However traveling with teens and young adults makes a big difference, if you have one at home you will know they eat loads?

Don’t get me wrong the quality of room service is always great, however I look at the staff run ragged and feel awful adding to their workload. Especially when I can just wander to Sorentos for a snack! But I also figure if you give a tip it balances that out.

Royal Caribbean Room Service Guide, How much is Room service and what hours is it available
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Guide To Room Service On Royal Caribbean

Anyhow it’s not long till our cruise on Odyssey of the Seas and omg excited doesn’t even cut it! I am beside myself. However this cruise is a little different for us, our boys are older and we have booked connecting rooms so we all have a little space. 4 adults in a cabin is not an appealing thought?

As I know our boys will be taking full advantage of room service, I thought I would research the ins and outs. What’s free and what isn’t with Royal Caribbean Room Service so we don’t get any nasty surprises. Because all I want to do on holiday is chill and not worry about the details.

Royal Caribbean Room Service Guide, How much is Room service menus

Is Room Service Free On Royal Caribbean?

Yes, room service is free at breakfast time for continental breakfast, the rest of the time or if you order a cooked breakfast you pay a charge. However Royal Caribbean have maintained the free continental breakfast room service.

This is great if you have an early start, or just want a lazy morning chilling in your cabin. To make use of breakfast room service you simple fill in the room service card and hang it on your door the night before.

Inside Cabin In Symphony of the Seas - source Royal Caribbean

How Much Does Room Service Cost On Royal Caribbean?

Continental breakfast is complimentary. All other orders have a $7.95 service charge plus 18% gratuity. The service charge is per order and not per item or meal on the menu. This makes it a pretty inexpensive snack if you are ordering lunch for your whole cabin.

Room Service Guide And Menus Royal Caribbean
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Room Service Hours

Room service is available for guests around the clock on Royal Caribbean with the exception of the first day of your cruise, when room service is available from 5.30 pm, and the final evening, when service ends at 12am.

However do check your particular sailing as this start and finish times can vary from ship to ship. But the rule of thumb is you need never go hungry whilst in your cabin.

Room Service Breakfast runs from 6am-11am and the All Day Menu from 11am-6am.

Guide to room service on Royal Caribbean
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Royal Caribbean Room Service Menu 2022

Room Service Breakfast Menu On Royal Caribbean

This is a sample menu however the breakfast menu is pretty static.

Breakfast Room Service Menu on the Symphony of the Seas

Room Service Menu On Royal Caribbean

Again this is a sample menu, however I have just checked the menus for our next sailing in July 2022 and it is exactly the same.

All Day Room Service Menu on the Symphony of the Seas

Can You Use Your Drinks Package To Order Room Service Drinks?

No any drinks ordered via room service are subject to charge plus a 18% gratuity. Check out our drink package guide for tips and to find out what’s included, however also always check for the latest offers.

Where Can You Get Free Tea And Coffee On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships?

Coffee and tea is free at breakfast time on room service. It’s also served in all the restaurants, and Windjammer where you have a choice of free tea and coffee or can pay extra in the restaurants for speciality coffees.

The cafe promenade (and Café @ Two70 if the ship has one) are the best places to head for free tea and coffee. It’s also a idea to take a flask mug, then you can get a takeout, there are paper cups, however I do like to pour a coffee and go for a wander, a flask mug keeps it warm.

And there you have it, all we know about room service, although if I find anything more when I sail I will keep you updated. And check out Royal Caribbean for deals and inspiration.

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