Royal Caribbean Ships By Age, Newest To Oldest 2023


Booking a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation offers so many diverse choices. Choosing the right family cruise ship for your cruise vacation depends on so many factors. Where you intend to sail, what’s on your cruise itinerary wish list? Thus we thought it a great idea to share a guide to all of the Royal Caribbean Ships By Age And Passengers Newest To Oldest. If you want to know more about Royal Caribbeans newest ships then read all about them here.

Are you led by the best cruise deal or cruise ship? We fit between all brackets depending on the trip; however, the ship is a massive factor. So check out our guide to Royal Caribbean Ships and see which ship is best for you and your family for your next cruise vacation.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships by Age Newest to Oldest and passenders
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This may help with booking decisions if you love a swanky new ship with all the amenities, facilities, and entertainment onboard—alternatively, a more intimate cruise experience on a never ship.

Navigating large cruise ships can be daunting at first; however, in our experience, it doesn’t take too long to acclimatise yourself and know where everything is onboard. We have also recently shared Easy Ways To Remember Port And Starboard, a valuable guide to navigating your cruise ship and Royal Caribbean Ships By Class.

Royal Caribbean Ships By Age And Passenger Capacity

Royal Caribbean Ships By Age Newest To Oldest 2023

Check out our fact sheet below of all the Royal Caribbean International Ships by order of age, with passenger numbers for each ship. Also, check out our Royal Caribbean Ships by Size Post to find out the gross tonnage of the vessels.

Where Will Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Take You?

Royal Caribbean ships sail worldwide, from the Caribbean, USA and Canada to Europe, Australia and Asia. There is an itinerary to suit everyone, from Cruise vacations for sun-seekers to explorers. 

What Was Royal Caribbean’s First Ever Cruise Ship?

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was founded in 1968 by three Norwegian shipping companies: Anders Wilhelmsen & Company, I.M. Skaugen & Company, and Gotaas Larsen. Together over the next two years developed and launched the very first Royal Caribbean ship, The Song of Norway, in 1970. She was closely followed by The Nordic Prince in 1971 and Sun Viking in 1972.

Song of Norway Royal Caribbeans First Ever Ship
Photo Credit: Tony Garner via Wiki CC BY-SA 4.0

How Many Ships Does Royal Caribbean Have In 2023?

Royal Caribbean currently has 26 ships in service, including Wonder Of The Seas, an Oasis Class Ship launched in 2022 which is currently Royal Caribbean’s newest ship and is presently the biggest cruise ship in the world. It also has two new ships planned, Icon of the Seas, due in 2024 and Utopia of the Seas, due in 2024, which will take them to 28.

Complete List Of Royal Caribbean Ships By Year, Newest To Oldest At A Glance And The Age Of Royal Caribbean Ships

  1. Utopia of the Seas, due 2024
  2. Icon of the Seas due 2024
  3. Wonder of the Seas, 2022, 1 year old.
  4. Odyssey of the Seas, 2021, 2 years old.
  5. Spectrum of the Seas 2019, 4 years old
  6. Symphony of the Seas, 2018, 5 years old
  7. Harmony of the Seas, 2016, 7 years old
  8. Ovation of the Seas, 2016, 7 years old
  9. Anthem of the Seas, 2015, 8 years old
  10. Quantum of the Seas, 2014, 9 years old
  11. Allure of the Seas, 2010, 13 years old
  12. Oasis of the Seas, 2009, 14 years old
  13. Independence of the Seas, 2008, 15 years old
  14. Liberty of the Seas, 2007, 16 years old
  15. Freedom of the Seas, 2006, 17 years old
  16. Jewel of the Seas, 2004, 19 years old
  17. Mariner of the Seas 2003, 20 years old
  18. Serenade of the Seas, 2003, 20 years old
  19. Navigator of the Seas, 2002, 21 years old
  20. Brilliance 2002, 21 years old
  21. Adventure of the Seas, 2001, 22 years old
  22. Radiance of the Seas, 2001, 22 years old
  23. Explorer of the Seas, 2000, 23 years old
  24. Voyager of the Seas, 1999, 24 years old
  25. Vision of the Seas, 1998, 25 years old
  26. Enchantment of the Seas, 1997, 26 years old
  27. Rhapsody of the Seas, 1997, 26 years old
  28. Grandeur of the Seas, 1996, 27 years old
The Best. Royal Caribbean Ships For Families

Fact Sheet Royal Caribbean Ships By Age, Class And Passengers in 2023

This fact shit gives you all of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships by age and shows all the Royal Caribbean Ships newest to oldest with the class of each ship, plus passenger numbers. This can help to decide which ship is for you if you prefer newer and bigger ships or more intimate.

RCC ShipClassYearPassengersCrew
Utopia of the SeasOasis ClassDue 2024
Icon Of The SeasIcon ClassDue 2023
Wonder of the SeasOasis Class20226,9882300
Odyssey of the SeasQuantum Ultra20215,5101633
Spectrum of the SeasQuantum Ultra20195,6221551
Symphony of the SeasOasis Class20186,6802200
Harmony of the SeasOasis Class20166,6872210
Ovation of the SeasQuantum Class20164,9051500
Anthem of the SeasQuantum Class20154,9051500
Quantum of the SeasQuantum Class20144,9051500
Allure of the SeasOasis Class20106,7802210
Oasis of the SeasOasis Class20096,6992190
Independence of the SeasFreedom Class20084,5601440
Liberty of the SeasFreedom Class20074,9601360
Freedom of the SeasFreedom Class20064,5531365
Jewel of the SeasRadiance Class20042,702852
Mariner of the SeasVoyager Class20034,0001200
Serenade of the SeasRadiance Class20032,476832
Navigator of the SeasVoyager Class20024,0001230
Brilliance of the SeasRadiance Class20022,543848
Adventure of the SeasVoyager Class20013,8071185
Radiance of the SeasRadiance Class20012,466894
Explorer of the SeasVoyager Class20004,2901185
Voyager of the SeasVoyager Class19994,0001200
Vision of the SeasVision Class19982,514742
Enchantment of the SeasVision Class19972,730852
Rhapsody of the SeasVision Class19972,416765
Grandeur of the Seas Vision Class19962,440760

What Is The Newest Royal Caribbean Ship?

Wonder of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s newest ship; Wonder is an Oasis Class ship holding 6988 passengers and 2300 crew members. A gross tonnage of 236,857, she will be Royal Caribbean’s biggest ship. Other new Royal Caribbean ships include, Icon of the Seas, the Royal Caribbean newest ship class, an Icon Class Ship, launches in 2023, followed by Oasis Class ship Utopia of the Seas in 2024.

Royal Caribbean Ships by Age Newest to Oldest

What Activities And Amenities Can I Expect On Royal Caribbean Ships?

Dining Options On Royal Caribbean Ships

Therefore this give you plenty of choice and the the opportunity to use the main dining room, buffet restaurant and many cafes snack bars that are free of charge. Plus there is also the option to upgrade your experience and choose one of the many speciality restaurants that come at an extra cost. Types of food you can expect to find on Royal Caribbean Ships…..

  • Sushi 
  • Pizza
  • A great selection of fresh fruit it available all day
  • ​Teppanyaki
  • Seafood
  • Steak
  • Fantasy Food ( Wonderland on certain ships)
  • Italian 
  • French
  • American (Playmakers ribs are the best)
  • Ice cream!

Royal Caribbean Offer A Choice Of Staterooms And Cabin

Again this is all budget dependent, but there is a vast choice of categories of cabins and staterooms on Royal Caribbean ships. Suites come with extra perks. Additionally, some ships have separate sun decks and lounges. However, you never feel like you have a budget option as all suites are of excellent quality and serviced by a cabin steward daily.

Royal Caribbean also have cruise rooms for families of 5 and 6. This article will help you find which ships have those cabins.

  • Interior
  • Interior with virtual balconies  (One some ships)
  • Promenade View Balconies
  • Balcony
  • Jnr Suite 
  • Grand Suite
  • 2 Bedroom Grand Suite
  • Owners Suite
  • 2 Bedroom Owners Suite
  • Loft Suites
  • Aqua Theatre Suite
  • Star class suite, these vary from, Panoramic Suites, Family Suites, Star Loft Suites and Royal Suites
Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships by Age Newest to Oldest

Lots of Family Friendly Activities

Royal Caribbean ships offer a wealth of activities for all; thus, getting bored on a Royal Caribbean Vessel is almost impossible. With activities for thrill seekers such as a FlowRider surf simulator, zip line, rock climbing wall, ice skating rinks, and mega slide, the ultimate abyss is on many Oasis Class ships—also two private Islands, Perfect Day and Labadee.

 Different Neighborhoods, such as The Boardwalk and Central Park, offer dining, swimming, theatre productions even a carousel on some ships for the little ones. Plus, it doesn’t stop there if you are cruising the Caribbean; Royal has their own private Islands, Labadee in Haiti and Cococay in the Bahamas, packed with exciting activities.

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have Water Slides Onboard?

Water slides are a huge pull to families, so if your family loves a water slide, these are the best Royal Caribbean ships to sail on.

What Is The Difference Between The Newest Royal Caribbean Ships And Old Royal Caribbean Ships?

The smaller ships have a smaller passenger capacity and fewer facilities that the family cruise market has come to know and love. However, smaller ships also mean more intimate and personal service. Smaller ships can also reach a wider variety of ports, whereas some larger ships can not gain access to specific destinations and or ports.

The larger ships offer a wider variety of dining options, sports facilities, and water slides. Families with babies are also more suited to larger Royal Caribbean ships, which provide splash pools for babies.

Royal Caribbean Ships By Size biggest to smallest

Which Is Royal Caribbean’s Biggest Ship?

Wonder Of The Seas and Oasis Class Ship is the biggest of the Royal Caribbean Ships, a whopping 236,857 tons and 1,188 feet long and holding 6,988 at total capacity. Symphony of the Seas follows this at 228,081, 1,188 feet long and a total capacity of 6,680 guests.

Who Are The Godparents Of All Of The Royal Caribbean Ships?

Researching the Godparents Of The Royal Caribbean Fleet of Ships was so much fun. The list is diverse, from animated characters, sports personalities, unsung heroes, actors, singers and board members. It’s all fascinating reading.

  • Wonder of the Seas, Mom Marie McCrea who was nominated by her daugher a a wonder mom.
  • Odyssey of the Seas, Erin Brown, The Bahamas’ first paratriathlete to compete in the Paralympic Games qualifiers.
  • Spectrum of the Seas, Model Angelbaby and Xiaoming Huang
  • Symphony of the Seas, Carlos and Alexa PenaVega and their 17-month-old son, Ocean.
  • Harmony of the Seas, Hero in Education, Brittany Affolter
  • Ovation of the Seas, Fan Bingbing
  • Anthem of the Seas, Travel Agent Emma Wilby
  • Quantum of the Seas, Actress Kristin Chenoweth
  • Allure of the Seas, Princess Fiona, from the Shrek films,
  • Oasis of the Seas, Shawn Johnson, Daisy Fuentes, Jane Seymour, Michelle Kwan, Gloria Estefan, Darra Torres and Keisha Knight Pulliam.
  • Independence of the Seas, Elizabeth Hill, was chosen for her outstanding contribution to her local community.
  • Liberty of the Seas, Donnalea Madeley, a Toronto-based travel agent.
  • Freedom of the Seas, Foster Mother Katherine Louise Calder.
  • Jewel of the Seas, Kathy Mellor, 2004 National Teacher of The year
  • Mariner of the Seas, American paralympic athlete Jean Driscoll.
  • Serenade of the Seas, Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Navigator of the Seas, Stefanie Graf.
  • Brilliance Of The Seas, Marilyn Ofer.
  • Adventure of the Seas, Tara Stackpole and Kevin Hannafin of the New York Fire Department along with Margaret McDonnell and Richard Lucas of the New York Police Department.
  • Radiance of the Seas, Margot L. Pritzker.
  • Explorer of the Seas, American athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee.
  • Voyager of the Seas, Former Figure Skater Katrina Witt.
  • Vision of the Seas, Helen Morin Stephan, Wife Of Previous Owner Of RCC Edwin Stephan.
  • Enchantment of the Seas, Colleen Fain, the wife of Royal Caribbean Ltd Chairman Richard Fain.
  • Rhapsody of the Seas, Bodil Wilhelmsen – the wife of Gjert Wilhelmsen (Previous principal stockholder in RCCL)
  • Grandeur of the Seas, Aviva Ofer, wife of Sammy Ofer and mother of Eyal Ofer, a member of Royal Caribbean’s Board of Directors.
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