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What Spain cruise ports are there to embark on a Cruiseship from? Do you want to Plan a cruise that includes stops in Spanish ports? Spain has some of the best ports in Europe is a stunning place to catch a cruise from and the sun will almost definitely be with you. Maybe you are having a holiday in Spain and want to bolt on a Spanish cruise? These ports of call in Spain most of the major cruise lines cruise out of.

Everything you need to know about Spanish ports of call

The Alhambra in Granada Spain
The Alhambra in Granada Spain, Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For all

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What ports are there in Spain to catch a Cruise ship from? Here is a list of all of the ports in Spain which except cruise ships. If you want to plan your time in port check out your ships itinerary and which Spanish port it stops in take a look at our individual ports guides for more help.

More and more cruise ships are sailing out of Spanish ports such as MSC and Royal Caribbean. Instead of picking your cruise ship why not pick your port instead? Sun yourself in the Costa Blanca and then take a short cruise out of Valencia to finish off your vacation. There are so many Mediterranean cruise excursions different places to go lets explore some.

So what ports are there in Spain?

Casino De Murcia Near Alicante Cruise port
Casino De Murcia Near Alicante Cruise port , Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For all

These are the ports that cruises often stop at in Spain;

  • Alicante
  • Almeria
  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Cartagena
  • Cadiz
  • Ceuta
  • Malaga
  • Valencia
  • Vigo
  • La Coruna

Alicante Cruise Port

Stunning Benidorm coast near Alicante
Stunning Benidorm coast near Alicante. Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For All

Alicante is in the Valencia region of Spain. It boasts being in one of the hottest climates the Costa Blanca! From here you can visit Murcia, Torrevieja and even Benidorm! If you have time a visit to the salt lakes is a must! The pink salt lakes even have flamingoes on at certain times of the year.

Cruises Dock at the ship pier location in Alicante which is the cruise terminal at the west of the marina. For larger ships you may need to take a shuttle bus in to port but once in port there is plenty to do by foot. 

Directly out of the terminal you can visit the Esplanada de Espana which is the park. The beach near the east side of the terminal is El Postiguet. There is a promenade with plenty of tapas restaurants, bars and shops too.

If it’s history you are after there is a castle called Castle Santa Barbara. This 13th century castle is on a hilltop  500 feet above Alicante. It is particularly good if you would like to see stunning coastline views. 

Cadiz Cruise port

Cadiz Cathedral Spain Cruise port
Cadiz Cathedral Spain ,Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For all

The ancient port city of Cadiz is in the region of Andalusia in Spain. Cadizs is quite close to Gibraltar and it’s warm temperatures make it a perfect port stop.

This beautiful fishing village town is buzzy with colourful tapas bars on all street corners. It is historic, interesting as well as charming.

There are plenty of things to in Cadiz such as exploring has the Roman amphitheatre which is free to visit. You can also climb Tori Tavira which is a tower at the highest point of the city. From here you can see incredible panoramic views. You can also see amazing views from the Cadiz cathedral tower too. Cadiz also has some beautiful beaches which have one many awards.

The cruise terminal is  Alfonso xiii pier. It is just a short walk up to the main square with plenty of shops from there. You can also find plenty of shops around the Calle Columela area. There is a maze of pedestrianised streets to explore. Also try Visiting the market Mercado Central where your find all the local fish produce.

Cartagena Cruise Port

Roman amphitheatre in Cartagena
Roman amphitheatre in Cartagena, Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

The stunning city of Cartagena is a Spanish cruise port is in the Region of Murcia. It is an important cruise destination in the Mediterranean. As Cartagena is quite close to Alicante from here you can visit the salt lakes in Torrevieja. The harbour bay is guarded by rocky cliffs of which each is topped by a fort. The city of Cartagena is also Spain’s main naval base and cargo shipping port.

Can you walk in to the city from Cartagena port? Yes you can. Cartagena cruise ship terminal is located in the port’s Marina area. The terminal is right next to the Yacht Club’s building you can walk in to town from here in just a few minutes. If you are in Cartagena you at want to visit the Roman amphitheatre,  Roman and Moorish remains and stroll along the waterfront promenade. There are also numerous Art Nouveau buildings to see and the Carthaginian castle, old city walls and a 13th century cathedral.

Ceuta a Spain cruise port

Ceuta Spain beach promenade
Spain cruise port, Ceuta beach and promenade. Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

The Spanish city of Ceuta is an enclave located on the north coast of Africa has so many things to do.It is known for its mix different cultures including Spanish, Moroccan and Portuguese. It’s a really easy port to visit and requires no taxis unless you want to go up the mountain. There are plenty of things you can do in Ceuta cruise port and you can walk around the city in just a few hours. While you are there you must visit these places of interest;

  • The Hercules Statue
  • Royal Walls of Ceuta
  • Walk along the harbour
  • Visit the Cathedral of St Mary
  • Explore the Museo de la Ciudad
  • Visit the Food Market in Ceuta Mercado Central
  • Take a day trip to Mount Hacho
  • The Casa de los Dragones
  • Explore the Parque Marítimo del Mediterráneo
  • Visit the Municipal Museum Of the Ravelin
  • See the remains of the 11th century Arab baths
  • Visit the little almond seller statue

Can you walk in to the city from Ceuta port? Yes you can walk into the city centre in just 10 minutes from the cruise port. The city is easy to get around and you can get a handy guide map in the port terminal.

Barcelona Cruise Port Things to do

Barcelona Instagram Photo
Barcelona, Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

The Spanish port of Barcelona is one of the busiest cruise ports and a must if you are visiting Spain. There is so much to do and see in Barcelona from eating Tapas in the Gothic area to exploring the mosaics and gorgeous views from Park Güell. You can easily spend days in Barcelona with its stunning cathedrals, museums and gallery’s.

Can you walk ashore from cruise ships in Barcelona to old city centre?

You can walk ashore from the Barcelona big ship terminals located at A, B, C, D. This would take about 30 to 40 minutes. Cruise lines will instead offer a shuttle bus. You can easily walk ashore from the smaller ship terminals M, N, and S. Check which dock your cruise is stopping at as it may be easier to catch a taxi in to the city. There are also shuttle buses that stop at the Christopher Columbus statue and square.

Most cruise ships dock at Moll Adossat cruise dock and from there you can walk in to the old part of Barcelona this will take approximately 30 minutes.


Tot on Simel Beach Vigo - Vigo Port Guide
Simel Sands beach Vigo. Photo Credit: Cruising With Kids

Where do ships dock in Vigo port? Large cruise ships dock at Muelle de Transatlanticos right in the heart of the city of Vigo. Vigo is Spain’s bustling port that is welcomes cruise ships. It has a shopping centre directly opposite the terminal building and it is a 10 minute to walk in to town from here. It is also Spain’s busiest fishing port and a hive of activity.

There is plenty to do in the port of Vigo when you get off of your ship with lots of history and culture to explore. The closest beach is Samil Sands just a few miles away. You can also take a ferry over to the The Cíes Islands which are the Vigo estuary’s greatest treasure. This amazing national marine park and one of the country’s most beautiful places with beaches it is known as the the islands of the gods.


Valencia Market hall cruise port in spain
Valencia Central Market. Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

The stunning city of Valencia in Spain and very popular with cruise ships. Valencia has a mix of old and new architecture from medieval castles and towers to modernist and art deco architecture. You will also find a mixture of shops, museums and things to do. The historic Central Market of Valencia is another one of the top attractions in the city. It is amazing to see the buzz round the market stalls and the mixture of foods and goods on offer. Another Greta place to visit is the the old Turia river bed. This river bed was rerouted in the 1950s, and is now a huge park that envelopes the city.

Where is the port in Valencia? The port city of Valencia lies on Spain’s southeastern coast. You walk to the port via the Turia river bed. The distance from the port is 7 km so a taxi may be a better idea. A taxi will cost about 10 euros.

Almeria cruise port

Granada Alhambra palaces
Granada Alhambra palaces. Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For All

The Almeria town is surrounded by a range of mountains with a stunning long coastline of long sandy beaches and steep cliffs. One of the most beautiful places you can visit from here is the historic Granada. The Costa de Almería has amazing beaches and tourist resorts to the west and relatively untouched natural areas and coves to the east.

Where do cruise ships dock in Almeria? Cruise ships dock at the Almeria cruise terminal. The cruise dock of Almeria is about a 15 minute walk from the city centre. To walk to the town you can follow a blue line on the ground. Almeria has lots of shops cafes and tapas restaurants and is very easy to explore on foot. Places to visit in Almeria include; Acazaba castle, The central Market, The cathedral or head on the the stunning city of Granada.


Stunning views of Malaga and the Roman amphitheatre from the Malaga Alcazaba.
Stunning views of Malaga and the Roman amphitheatre from the Malaga Alcazaba. Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

Malaga is the stunning port of the Costa del Sol in Andalusia and has so many things to do. Malaga has many beautiful beaches, bars, cafes as well as cultural and historic places to visit. A must visit is the Alcazaba which is an is an ancient Moorish fortress that overlooks the city. From here you will have amazing views over Roman ruins and the rooftops of the city.

Where do ships dock in Malaga? From the eastern dock ( pier 1 ) you can get a shuttle business to town. The Port Authority of Malaga offers a bus from the cruise terminal to Plaza de la Marina in the center of the city. Buses run every 15-20 minutes and costs about € 5 per person. At the end of Malaga port is the main promenade with amazing views of the harbor and the cathedral. This walkway leads to the beach of la Malagueta. If you dock at Pier 2 you can easily walk in to the town and explore.


Visiting Bilbao on A Port Day
Guggenheim contemporary art museum. Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Bilbao is located on the eastern edge of Spain’s northern border. It’s is in the beautiful blue water of the Bay of Biscay. It is also just a couple hours away from France’s southern border. This part of Spain is known as the heart of Basque Country. Bilbao has so much to offer tourists. You must try the Spanish speciality tapas of pintxos, which are small pieces of bread, topped with a multitude of different ingredients you will find them in every bar.

The most visited place in Bilbao is the impressive Guggenheim contemporary art museum. The weather is milder Bilbao even in the summer months. The city’s location to the Bay of Biscay helps it to avoid the heat that often sweeps through the rest of Spain.

Where is the port of Billbao? The port of Bilbao is near the town of Getxo you will need to take a shuttle bus, the metro, or you can also take a taxi to reach the city.

Spain travel helpful tips.

San Sebastion Spain
San Sebastion Spain. Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For all

The language is Spanish but you will get by in most places with English. The currency is Euros. 

The Emergency number for Spain is 112. Service is given in Spanish, and also in English, French and German in some tourist areas.

Which cruise lines stop in Spain Cruise ports?

Symphony of the Seas view of the 10 story Abysss msn
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For All

There are a variety of different cruises that stop in Spain, Check out our guide to different cruise lines for families here too.

Ultimate guide on cruising for all Spain cruise ports


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