Choosing The Right Cabin When Cruising With Children

Choosing the right family cabin can be tough! We all have dreams of being stood on our balcony cabin, glass of wine in hand looking out to sea, right?

Then we remember we have children! Now it depends on the nature of said little angels doesn’t it? Some will listen when you say “do not go on the balcony alone” others, you know, the climbers and adventure mad will rush out there at the first opportunity. Leaving you unable to have a shower or use the bathroom unless there is another adult manning the balcony doors.

Some of you are nodding your head in agreement climbers are scary little people! They can’t resist the thrill of the climb. And lets face it! The sea is deceptive; it looks like a pretty safe landing doesn’t it?

Choosing the right cabin for a family cruise depends on several factors, budget and the personalities of our children. 

But you can get the perfect family cabin to suit all of your needs; you just need to know what to looks for.

Inside cabins

I have a friend who will only cruise in an inside cabin. Why? Because her children are early risers! And she feels the darkness that inside cabins offers tricks her children into sleeping past 5am.

Of course you now have the added option of virtual cabins 

The Disney Magic Portholes cabins on many Disney ships offering real time views but with a difference. I am the biggest Disney fan and the thought of Mickey swimming past your porthole or Flo just hanging out for a while is enough to make me book a Magic Porthole cabin. What a wonderful option when travelling with children.

Inside Cabin on Disney Dream with Virtual Porthole

Royal Caribbean also offer  inside cabins with a difference with some ships offering Virtual Balconies, giving you the flexibly to enjoy those beautiful views and sunsets from the inside of the ship.

Virtual Balcony Royal Caribbean

Outside Cabins

These offer the perfect vantage for little people, with often large picture windows and ledges that are perfect for sitting on. Our boys have spent many hours sitting colouring or watching out for dolphins. This is a safe way for little ones to get as close to the sea as possible. Or even have an afternoon nap!

Many cruise lines also offer larger ocean view cabins such as the Royal Caribbeans large ocean view cabins that offer a bit of extra space and are situated at the forward of the ship.

Oceanview Cabin On Princess cruises

choosing an outside cabin

Balcony Cabins 

There are several kinds of balcony cabins, tradition balconies overlook the sea and are the perfect way to cruise. For us the perfect way to have easy of mind and enjoy and balcony is to book an aft tiered balcony. This means you will have a balcony below you rather than the sea. A balcony does not look like a soft landing does it? I am not ever sure our children would climb. The fear is all mine but booking an aft cabin makes me feel more relaxed. And with the added bonus of a little extra space, I will always choose an aft cabin given the choice. Several cruise lines offer this option including Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess.

Or for a different balcony experience Royal Caribbean offer Boardwalk Views cabins on a selection of their ships, offering hours of entertainment without even leaving your cabin.

Promenade Cabin on Royal Caribbean


For a little extra space a suite is perfect. If you have small children you may want to spend a little more time in your cabin so space is always welcome. The Wandermust Family recently wrote why they think suites are a great way for families to travel. And check out this incredible family suite, wow that is the way to travel in style with children.

Ultimate Family Suite Symphony of the Seas

There is a right cabin for everybody its all about finding what suits yours and you families needs. Happy cruising!


Sarah Christie

Sarah also writes over at Extraordinary Chaos Family Travel and Lifestyle Blog. An award winning blog with a luxury travel and family focus. She is married and has two boys aged 13 and 18, who all love cruising as a family.

There is nothing better than waking up every day in a new port with new and exciting things to explore. She aim’s to share how cruising with older children is the perfect choice for family travel. Her boys are sporty and love the activities, sport and dining options cruising has to offer.

Sarah has worked with brands such as Walt Disney World, Mark Warner, Ikos Resort, Center Parcs, Laura Ashley, Belling and Next.

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  1. Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Tony Edwards
    December 25, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    We’ve never done a Disney Cruise but the Magic Portholes sound like fun!

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