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What Are The Biggest Cruise Ships In The World in 2022?

Have you ever asked yourself what the Biggest Cruise Ships In The World Are? I know it could be perceived as a geeky question, but it’s an important one. Incredibly year on year this answer to this changes. However we are in 2022 and and all of our research is up to date and looking at the latest cruise ship information.

Why do you need to know this? Because one size doesn’t suit all. Whilst some of love the dazzle of the larger ships with all the facilities and bustle. Yet, some love more intimate ships with less passengers, or a higher passenger to crew ratio.

We have done the research, and have got all of the information direct from the cruise lines to ensure its as accurate as can be. I am not sure if you are aware, but passenger numbers can change yearly as and when cruise lines add or remove cabins from ships, yes they actually do that!

So grab a coffee and let our guide help you to decide which is the best cruise ship for you and your cruise vacation.

What are the biggest cruise ships in the world

What You Will Find On This Page

What Are The Biggest Cruise Ships In The World In 2022?

How Big Is A Cruise Ship?

Cruise ships are HUGE, off course they come in all shapes and sizes, however the first time you set foot on a cruise ship blows your mind a bit. The current largest cruise ship in the world has 18 decks, 24 guest elevators, weighs 236,857 gross ton and is 1,188 ft long. Cruise ships are floating cities, however it’s important to remember they are very well designed so super easy to navigate.

Our advice is spend the first day getting your bearings, and no matter how old your family or travel companions are have a meeting place should anyone ever get lost.

Royal Caribbean cruises for babies including Royal Tots And Nursery Prices

The Race For The Largest Passengers Ships In The World

The race for the largest passengers ships in the world has always fascinated me, but there really is only one horse in the race, the cruise line with all the biggest ships in the world is Royal Caribbean. Notably, Costa, P&O, NCL and Aida are all following behind offering some of the biggest passenger ships.

However, as much as we are huge advocates for Royal and book many cruises with them. We are also aware some cruisers prefer smaller but still new and innovative and there are plenty new smaller ships to enjoy too.

What are the largest cruise ships in the world
Wonder Of The Seas, The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World

Which Is The World Biggest Cruise Ship 2022?

The biggest cruise ship in the World is Wonder of the Seas, who has just launched, and the reviews are amazing. Wonder of the Seas is HUGE, at 236,857 GT, which also makes Wonder Of The Seas the heaviest passengers cruise ship in the world. Additionally she holds 6998 passengers, this again is a world beating number.

Royal Caribbean has also created one of the best dedicated suite areas at sea, thus creating a ship within a ship feel. Plus Wonder of the Seas has something to suit everyone, from dining bars, family activities and pools.

Plunge Pool On Suite Deck On wonder Of The Seas

The 27 Biggest Cruise Ships In The World At A Glance

Here are the largest passenger cruise ships as a glance, but if you want to know more check out our chart with all the facts and figures further down.

  • Wonder Of The Seas
  • Symphony of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Allure Of The Seas
  • Costa Smeralda
  • Costa Toscana
  • P&O Arvia
  • P&O Iona
  • Aida Nova
  • Aida Cosmo
  • MSC Grandiosa
  • MSC Virtuosa
  • Carnival Celebration
  • Carnival Mardi Gras
  • MSC Bellissima
  • Meraviglia
  • MSC Seashore
  • Spectrum of the Seas
  • NCL Encore
  • Anthem Of The Seas
  • Ovation Of The Seas
  • Quantum Of The Seas
  • Norwegian Bliss
  • Norwegian Joy
  • Odyssey of the Seas
  • Norwegian Escape
Slides And Pool Areas Added To The Oasis Of The Seas

Largest Cruise Ships By Cruise Line

AIDA Cruises Biggest Passenger Cruise Ships

AIDS is a German brand that sit under the Carnival umbrella, the biggest ships are Aida Nova at 183,858 Gross Ton and Aida Cosma at 183,200GT.

How Many Passengers Do The Largest AIDA Cruise Ships Hold?

The largest AIDA cruise ships hold; Aida Nova holds 6,654 passengers and 1646 crew. And Aida Cosma Holds 6,600 passengers and 1646 crew.

AIDA Cruises Biggest Passenger Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Lines Biggest Ships

The biggest Carnival Cruise Ships are Carnival Mardi Gras and Celebration. At 344.4m in length with a gross tonnage of 180,000, Mardi Gras and Celebration are almost 2.5 times heavier than Carnival Ecstacy and Sensation which the smallest ships in the Carnival Fleet and carry over double the amount of passengers. Carnival Cruise Line also have Carnival Jubilee due in 2023, she will be the same size as Carnival Celebration.

How Many Passengers Do The Largest Carnival Cruise Ships Hold ?

Carnival Mardi Gras holds 5282 passengers and 1735 crew and Carnival Celebration holds 5374 passengers and 1735 crew.

Carnival cruise ships by age,Carnival Cruise Lines Biggest Ships

Which Is The Largest Celebrity Cruise Ship?

The current biggest Celebrity Cruise Ships are Celebrity Apex Beyond at 129,500 and 140,600 tons. However compared the the newer ships in sister fleet Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas which holds 6,988 passengers 236,857 gross tons the ships are more intimate by today’s standards.

How Many Passengers Do The Biggest Celebrity Cruise Ships Hold ?

Celebrity Beyond holds 3260 passengers and 1400 crew, whilst Edge holds 2910 passengers and 1320 crew.

Celebrity Edge size and passengers numbers, picture Celebrity Edge at sea, with the Magic Carpet down,Which Is The Largest Celebrity Cruise Ship?

Cunard’s Biggest Cruise Ship Is?

Cunard’s biggest cruise ships is The Queen Mary 2, who is 148,528 gross tons and 1,132 feet long.

How Many Passengers Does Cunard’s Largest Ship Hold?

The QM2 holds 2,691 passengers and has a crew of 1,250.

Cunard's Biggest Cruise Ship Is?

Costa Cruise Lines Biggest Ship?

Costa’s biggest cruise ships are Smeralda at 185,010 gross tons and 1105ft long followed by Costa Toscana the newest cruise ship which is 180,000 and a length of 1,105ft.

How Many Passengers Does Costa Cruise Lines Largest Ships Hold?

Costa Smeralda holds 6,554 passengers and 1,646 crew, whilst Costa Toscana holds 6,600 passengers and 1,678.

Costa Cruise Lines Biggest Cruise Ship Is?

Which Is Disney Cruise Lines Biggest Ship?

Disney Wish, Disney’s newest ship will be the biggest ship in the Disney Cruise Fleet at 144,000 GT and 1,119 ft, however Fantasy and Dream are not far behind.

How Many Passengers Does Disney Cruise Lines Largest Ship Hold?

Disney Wish which launches this year holds 4000 passengers and 1555 crew.

Disney Cruise Ships By Age and Size,Which Is Disney Cruise Lines Biggest Ship?

What Are Holland And America’s Biggest Ship?

The biggest Holland And America Cruise Ship is MS Rotterdam at 99,935, and 984 ft long.

How Many Passengers Does Holland And America’s Largest Ship Hold?

MS Rotterdam Holds 4,173 passengers and 1053 crew.

Holland And America's Biggest Cruise Ships

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Biggest Ships?

Norwegian Encore is Norwegian Cruise Line Biggest Cruise Ship as of 2019 at a whopping 169,116 tons. This is closely followed by her sister Norwegian Bliss at 168,028 tons. The newer ships Prima and Viva are smaller and hold less guests, this was a conscious effort by NCL to maintain an intimate service on their ships, Prima holds 3215 guests with 1388 crew and a passenger to crew ratio 2.3.

How Many Passengers Do Norwegian Cruise Lines Biggest Ships Hold?

Norwegian Encore holds 3998 passengers and 1735 crew which is a passenger ratio of 2.3 passengers per crew member.

Great cruise ships for babies,  Norwegian Encore,Norwegian Cruise Line's Biggest Ships?

What Are MSC Cruises Biggest Passenger Ships?

MSC cruise line biggest ships are Grandiosa and Virtuosa, both ships weight 184,700 gross ton an are 1087ft long.

How Many Passengers Do MSC Cruises Biggest Passenger Ships Hold?

Grandiosa and Virtuosa both hold 6334 passengers and a crew of 1704.

MSC Grandiosa at sea,MSC Cruise Line's Biggest Ships?

P&O’s Biggest Ships Are?

Iona and Arvia are the biggest and newest ships of the P&O fleet. Both ships are 344m long, has 15 guest decks and weighs 184,700 tons.

How Many Passengers Do P&O Biggest Ships Hold

Iona and Arvia both hold 5200 guests, have a crew of 1800.

P&O Iona,P&O's Biggest Ships Are?

Which Are The Biggest Princess Cruise Ships?

The biggest Princess Cruise ships are Discovery, Enchanted and Sky Princes who are all 1083 feet long, although Enchanted weighs more at a huge 145,000 tons.

How Many Passengers Do Princess Cruise Lines Biggest Ships Hold?

Discovery, Enchanted and Sky Princess all hold 3660 passengers and have a crew of 1346 that’s 2.6 crew members per passenger.

Which Is The Biggest Princess Cruise Ships?

Royal Caribbean’s Biggest Ships ?

As of 2022 Wonder Of The Seas is the biggest of the Royal Caribbean Ships being a whopping 236,857 tons and and 1,188 feet long and hold 6,988 at full capacity. She also has 2300 crew members, which is a ratio of 3 passenger to each crew member. Wonder of the Seas has been designed with the Asian market in mind, however has been re deployed to the Caribbean and then Europe for the 2022 season. This is closely followed by Symphony of the Seas at 228,081, 1,188 feet long.

How Many Passengers Do The Biggest Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Hold ?

Wonder of the Seas is able to hold 6998 passengers and 2300 crew at full capacity. Whilst Symphony of the Seas holds 6,680 guests and has 2200 crew.

Guide To Wonder Of The Seas

The 27 Biggest Cruise Ships In The World

This table details all of the biggest cruise ships in the world. We stopped at just under 165,00 gross tons as we figured that we pretty much had the biggest ships represented and covered here. The chart and seeing it in writing, brought some surprises for me, in my mind I had NCL nearer the top.

It’s also great to see which cruise lines are more generous with their passenger crew ratios.

Cruise LineShipYearPassengersCrewGros
Royal CaribbeanWonder of the Seas202269982300236,8571188ft
Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas20186,680 2200228,081 1188ft
Royal CaribbeanHarmony of the Seas20166,687 2210226,963 1,188ft
Royal CaribbeanOasis20096,7712109226,838 1,187
Royal CaribbeanAllure of the Seas20106,7802210225,2821,187ft
CostaSmeralda & Toscana20196,5541646185,0101105ft
AidaNova20186,6541646183,8581,106 ft
AidaCosma20216,6001646183,2001,106 ft
MSCGrandiosa201963341704181,541 1087ft
CarnivalMardi Gras202152821735180,8001130ft
MSC Bellissima &
Royal CaribbeanSpectrum of the Seas20195,622 1551169,379 1,139ft
NCLNCL Encore201939981735169,1161094ft
Royal CaribbeanAnthem
4,905 1500168,666 1,141ft
NCLNCL Bliss201840041716168,0281094ft
NCLJoy201938041821167,7251094 ft
Royal CaribbeanOdyssey of the Seas20215,5101633167,704 1,138ft
NCLEscape201542661733164,9981069 ft

Ultimate List of the Biggest Cruise Ships in the World

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