Guest Post Guidelines

Are you a blogger who loves family cruises? We’d be thrilled if you’d share your experiences here on Cruising With Kids.

Why guest post with us?

Cruising With Kids is a growing website in the as yet untapped blogging niche of family cruising for UK readers. Our editors have a large following on their own family travel and lifestyle blogs, and are using this the maximise exposure for this new site.

Guest posts are not only promoted on Cruising With Kids’ social media channels but also on the editors’ profiles, with a potential reach of more than 80,000 accounts. We want to share your brilliant blogs with this audience of travel hungry readers!

Guidelines for guest posts

If you’d like to see your travels featured here then we’ve got a few simple guidelines for guest posts. This will make sure your content is perfect for Cruising With Kids and you don’t waste your time sending us something that isn’t quite right.


We accept posts that include tips for cruising families, port destination guides, cruise reviews and excursions that are ideal for doing with kids.

If you’ve been on a press trip or received a complimentary experience we are happy to host these with a disclosure at the end. However, we can’t accept sponsored content where you have just been paid to write a post or insert a link. We are looking for tried and tested experiences to share with our readers!

Send us your idea in the first instance and we can let you know whether it’s going to work on Cruising With Kids. Email:

New and old

We accept new guest posts and can feature posts published on your own blog already to broaden the range of advice, cruise lines and destinations available to our readers. We’ll always link back to your website so people can read more about your travels.

If you’d like us to feature an old post then please send us a new introductory paragraph or two (to keep Google happy), a good quality landscape image and a link to the original article.

What to send

  • New posts should be no less than 400 words long. There’s no maximum word count.
  • Send us at least three good quality, landscape images to go with your post with file names that make it clear what the images are.
  • Break up your post text with headers to make it easy to read.
  • Provide up to two links to your blog or a relevant blog post.

And finally…

We reserve the right to edit copy to ensure punctuation and grammar are correct, although it would be great if you could double check these things before you send us your posts.

These guidelines are for fellow bloggers. If you are a brand PR or SEO agent looking to work with us please check out our PR & Media page.


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