The Best Royal Caribbean Ships For Families 2023/24

When looking at the best Royal Caribbean cruise ships for families we have complied all our first hand knowledge along with Royal Caribbean hints and tips for family cruising. Sailing with kids on Royal Caribbean is packed with fun things to do such as family activities, adventure ocean club and sports such as ice skating. We consider Royal Caribbean one of the best cruise lines for kids so we have collected all of our Royal Caribbean content together here in one place. We have added some informative posts from a few friends too to help you choose the best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships for your family vacation.

We have collected all of our Royal Caribbean content together here in one place, and some informative posts from a few friends to help you choose the best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships for your family vacation.

The ultimate guide to Royal Caribbean For Families, including kids clubs, family activities, drinks packages and family cabins

Which Are The Best Royal Caribbean Ships For Families With Kids

Here you will find our reviews of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships to help you decide which are the best for your family cruise if you cruise with kids on Royal Caribbean. Of course, that really does depend on your family and how you like to spend you time, are you family sporty? Do you like a small ship feel or the bigger the better? It’s all here. Also, keep on scrolling for detailed posts on kids activities, baby clubs, drinks packages and more.

Royal Caribbean ships Adventure Ocean club and with Royal Babies & Tots Nursery will be the best for kids. Here is a list of the Royal Caribbean ships that incorporate the best facilities for families with children:

How Do You Decide Which Royal Caribbean Ship Is Best For Your Family?

Take an look at our Royal Caribbean posts to find the best cruises that are family-friendly:

  • Look at the facilities to suit the age of your children
  • Check out the kids and baby clubs, not all ships have nurseries
  • If you are traveling with a baby find a ship that has a baby splash pool
  • Decide what size of ship do you want to sail on?
  • Are waterslides important to you and you family?
  • And which ship has the best sports facilities?
  • Do you like speciality dining? Which ships have the options you would prefer?
  • If you are a theatre lover, which shows are showing on which ships?
Royal Caribbean Ships By Size biggest to smallest

What Are The Royal Caribbean Ships By Age And Passengers, Newest To Oldest 2023

Wonder of the Seas in Royals newest ship. We have created a printable guide and post with all the Royal Caribbean ships, newest to oldest with the age, passenger capacity and class or each Royal Caribbean Ship. Also if you like fact look at the below articles on each ships size and a few interesting facts too.

What Is Royal Caribbeans Biggest Ship?

Wonder Of The Seas is the biggest Royal Caribbean ship and currently the biggest cruise ship in the world. Check out our Royal Caribbean Cruise ship guide for more information on which ships are the biggest and indeed smallest ships in the Royal Caribbean Fleet.

Royal Caribbean carousel onboard Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Family Cruise Reviews And Guides

A look at Royal Caribbean Ship by Class.

Oasis Class Ship Reviews

Quantum Class Ships

Freedom Class Ship Reviews

Voyager Class Ship Posts

Crazy Golf on Independence of the seas.

Family Activities On Royal Caribbean Ships

Family activities are the key to keeping the whole family happy when cruising with kids, and Royal Caribbean is totally kid -friendly and has something to suit everyone. We have been building guides to these activities to help you decide which is the best of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships for your family when you are cruising with kids. These are the best family activities on Royal Caribbean for families with kids:

A 10 year old on the FlowRider on the Liberty of The Seas

Kids Clubs On Royal Caribbean

Your kids will have such a great time that they won’t want to see you, we found ourselves having to negotiate for family time. Additionally, when it was time for the kids to leave the club, they were begging for us to pay for the night session so they could stay in longer!

If you have any kids club questions you must check out our kids club guide! This gives you the ultimate lowdown on what to expect in a Royal Caribbean Kids Club. Including times and any extra costs for late night kids clubs on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.

Is Royal Caribbean A Good Cruise Line For Babies?

Royal Caribbean don’t only do Cruising with kids well, they also cater for babies. Check out our full Royal Caribbean Royal Tots babies guide and feel assured when you book that they really do have it all covered.

Because cruising with a baby is no mean feat, however in our opinion being on a cruise ship felt so much easier when our children were babies than being on a land based holiday. It is really important to have a baby splash zone as babies are often not allowed in the Hot tubs or pools wearing swim diapers so take a look at our guide on which ships have them.

What To Wear

Do you love formal night? Our guide will help you get formal night right for the whole family. Also including lots of tips on choosing the best outfits, hiring suits and how many formal nights you will find on your cruise.

Dining And Drinks On Royal Caribbean

If you are planning a little in room dining check out our Royal Caribbean Room Service Guide.

Kida can get soft serve ice cream on deck and for late night treats Cafe promenade is open way past midnight serving hot chocolates, cookies and snacks all hours. Also if you fancy a slice of Pizza Sorrento’s is a late night treat too!

Bars On Board

Royal Caribbean ships are packed with themed and super cool bars. Each being wonderful for a different reason. Here are some of our favourite bars and a sneaky peek of the menus.

Royal Caribbean Bionic bar

Speciality Restaurants

As well as the main dining room, speciality dining is a real highlight of cruising. You have the option to take the children along, or make use of the wonderful kids clubs and enjoy a romantic dinner. Check out our guide breaking down free and speciality dining on all of the Royal Caribbean ships or check out out individual ship dining guides.

Also, there is something for everyone with each ship offering a wealth of speciality dining choices. Check out Donna’s review of Wonderland below to see how decadent and magical specialty dining can be. Additionally Laura’s post below on Izumi highlights the diversity of dining options. Don’t forget that you can also find soft serve ice cream on deck perfect for kids!

Drinks Packages On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

People have mixed feelings about buying drinks packages, however when you factor in soft drinks and speciality coffees there really are great savings to be made with a drinks package. We have created guides on alcoholic and non alcoholic packages and with a handy post packed with Royal Caribbean bar menus which is a great help when working out if a drinks package will work for you.

Suites On Royal Caribbean

Have you ever thought of treating yourself to suite and wondered whats included in suite class on Royal Caribbean? Check out the post below to find out and if you fancy a peek at the suites check out the links below.

Also check out the Key package which allows to book some extra perks without booking suite class.

Destinations You Can Visit

The world is your oyster, check out our destination guides to see some of the amazing ports we have visited. Royal Caribbean has many shore excursions perfect for children and famIliad to explore. Here are some of the best destinations to explore with kids that Royal Caribbean visit:

Perfect Day on CocoCay for families

Still Not Sure? Here Is Each Royal Caribbean Ship By Class

Icon Class

  • Icon Of The Seas, due 2023

Quantum Class Ships

  • Quantum Of The Seas
  • Anthem Of The Seas
  • Ovation Of The Seas
  • Spectrum Of The Seas
  • Odyssey Of The Seas

Oasis Class Ships

  • Utopia of the Seas, due 2024
  • Wonder Of The Seas
  • Oasis Of The Seas
  • Allure Of The Seas
  • Harmony Of The Seas
  • Symphony Of The Seas

Freedom Class Ships

  • Freedom Of The Seas
  • Liberty Of The Seas
  • Independence Of The Seas

Voyager Class Ships

  • The Navigator Of The Seas
  • Adventure Of The Seas
  • Voyager Of The Seas
  • Explorer Of The Seas
  • Mariner Of The Seas
Royal Caribbean Ships For Families

Radiance Class Ships

  • Serenade Of The Seas
  • Brilliance Of The Seas
  • Radiance Of The Seas
  • Jewel Of The Seas

Vision Class

  • Vision Of The Seas
  • Grandeur Of The Seas
  • Rhapsody Of The Seas
  • Enchantment Of The Seas

Still not sure about whether Royal Caribbean is right for your family? Check out the differences between Royal Caribbean and MSC

Whats In Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships for families, our guide to family cruises, kids clubs, food, drinks and activities


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