Cruise Ports Guides

If you are planning a cruise use our cruise ports guides to help you explore major ports around the world for families a couples. Also find out how to get into the city from where your ship docks for the perfect shore excursions and whats in port when cruising with kids or as a couple.

The Town Square in Puerto Plata, Cruise ports  Guides

What Do We Cover In Our Port Guides?

If you are looking for inspiration for the next time you stop at one the the following countries around the world on your cruise vacation ? Then check out guides to what to do in the following ports.

Guide to Naples Cruise Port, Cruise ports guide

What Do We Look When We Research Cruise Ports?

  • Tips For Getting To Attractions And Into Town From Your Cruise Ship: We look at whats in port and how to there. Including what attractions are walking distance and which ones you need to get a taxi too.
  • The Weather: We research the average weather for you to help you plan what to pack.
  • History: Many ports are located in historic cities or towns. If you’re interested in history, you can visit museums, historical sites, and other attractions.
  • Culture: Cruising offers wonderful opportunities to experience different cultures. Such as visiting local markets, restaurants, and shops. Plus also attend cultural events, such as festivals and concerts.
  • Nature: Many ports are located in stunning natural settings. Where cruisers can go swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and more. Plus also take part in boat tours or visit nature preserves.
  • Shopping: Ports are great places to shop for souvenirs and local goods. Where you can find everything from clothes and jewellery to food and drinks.
  • Food: You wont find better opportunities to try out local cuisine in new countries, try out local dishes and get a real flavour for a city or town.
  • Entertainment: Find a variety of entertainment options, such as live music, dancing, and shows.
  • Family Friendly Activities: We looks for family friendly activities so if you are cruising with kids. then there will be hints an tips for family activities.

Cruise Ports In Greece

Visit Little Venice, Cruise Ports Guides

What is there to do in port in Greece. What is there to see, what is the weather and currency.

In The Caribbean

Visit the Pitons in St Lucia, Cruise Ports Guides

Let explore the ports of the Caribbean. Spend a day at Royal Caribbeans Private Island Perfect Day at Coco Cay. Explore beautiful islands such as St Lucia and see what’s in port.

USA Cruise Ports

Guide, What To Do In Miami Cruise Port

Cruising into a USA Port check out our cruise port guides for the USA.


The little Princess statue on the Danube river in Budapest.

Whether is River Cruise or Scandinavia check out these stunning European Cruise port guides.

In The UK

Regent street London taxi photo

Are you Sailing into Southampton or doing a United Kingdom Cruise? Check out whats wonderful about cruising the UK.

Cruise Ports In Europe


Toulon Port France

Cruise guide for French Cruise Ports. Exploring the Normandy region of Cherbourg right down to the South Of France.


Italy is known as the most romantic place in the world. Explore our guides to Italy’s ports of call to plan your Italian Cruise.


Cruise port guides, the stunning waterfall in Hellesylt

Find out everything you need to know about cruising Norway’s stunning ports with kids and teens.


Let’s explore Spain‘s amazing ports of call from mainland cities to its beautiful Spanish Islands.


Explore the mainland of Madeira when you next cruise with kids. These are the best family shore excursions.


Take a Journey on a river cruise through the Netherlands with kids. Find all your shore excursions here.


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