Kids Cruise Activities And Quizzes To Do At Home Or When Travelling


We have been trying to work out how we can help at this challenging time, of course we can’t cruise, many can’t go out. However we are a worldwide community and as such we need to support each other and fill those hours. Coincidentally have been planning to create Kids Activities And Quizzes To Do At Home Or When Travelling for a while now to go with our cruise colouring pages. Take a look at our free printable quizzes for children.

Coronavirus has sort of forced the issue, we need to keep those kiddies busy and happy. It’s better for us parents if the kids are mentally stimulated isn’t it? We’re also preparing and planning on our other blogs, ensuring our readers a prepared at home with store cupboard essentials and easy family recipes including cake. Also check out the craft section on my blog here.

Answers Here

Cruise Word-searches for kids

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Kids Activities And Quizzes To Do At Home.

We plan to add a few activities to this list every day to keep you going during the and indeed times of isolation. Thus also keep our cruise mad kids busy and mentally active. These quizzes are free printable crosswords and word searches.

We have been wracking our brains to try and break our quizzes down even more and will be bringing all you favourite characters and cruise lines to you in the next days and weeks. We will also be bringing you a reminder of all of your favourite cruise lines and also one of our favourite Disney Movies such as The Lion King, keep bobbing back for more.

You can find all of the answers Here

Printable Cruise Word-Searches For Kids to do

Activities For Kids To Try At Home- Cross Words

Cruise crosswords and stay at home activities for kids

Also check out our free printable cruise colouring pages.

Dolphin Colouring page
Kids Cruise Activities And Quizzes To Do At Home Or When Travelling


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