Breathtaking Trails to Hike in Norway


With such vast natural beauty waiting to be explored, Norway is the perfect place to strap on your hiking boots and head out into the wilderness. Hiking is something of a custom in this part of the world, which will come as no surprise when you browse the catalogue of jaw-dropping paths that embellish the mountains, valleys and meadows. Discover Breathtaking Trails to Hike in Norway in this guide.

Whether you’re an experienced walker looking for your next stiff test, or someone who simply enjoys exploring a new place on foot at a slightly more leisurely pace, you’ll find the perfect track to suit your preferences here.

Most iconic – Trolltunga

Plastered across travel brochures and Instagram feeds alike, Trolltunga (troll’s tongue) is one of the most iconic sites of natural beauty in the Nordic world. However, hiking there is no mean feat. This demanding trek takes you 1,180m above sea level, and usually lasts around 10-12 hours.

Most walkers will set off from Skjeggedal – in the summer months, you’ll have the option to walk unaccompanied, but in the off season between October and May, you’ll be required to hike with a local guide. Before embarking on this unforgettable voyage, ensure you have the necessary safety equipment and comfort items to help you on your way.

Trolltunga, Ringedalsvannet
Image by Trond Giæver Myhre from Pixabay
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A walk in the park – Mardalsfossen

For the more laidback globetrotters among you, Mardalsfossen is a far less taxing hike, but no less breathtaking than the others on this list. This 45-minute walk will lead you right up to the highest waterfall in Northern Europe, with a free fall of 655 metres. As a small word of warning, expect to get wet! Be sure to bring a waterproof jacket with you to make the hike back slightly less uncomfortable.

This perfectly peaceful hike provides an opportunity to invigorate your senses. Allow the crashing waters of Mardalsfossen to provide the soundtrack for your walk as you breathe in the clean, crisp air and soak up the views of the lush greenery that surrounds you. Although the path can get crowded in the peak season, it’s a walk that’s well worth adding to your itinerary, and is suitable for travelling families.

Eikesdalvatnet, Lake, Nature
Image by Trond Giæver Myhre from Pixabay

Not for the faint-hearted – Galdhøpiggen

If the altitude doesn’t take your breath away, the views from the summit of Norway’s tallest mountain certainly will. There are lots of different routes to the top of Galdhøpiggen, but the most popular and accessible trek begins at the Juvasshytta tourist station. As you’ll be crossing a glacier en route, you’re required to walk with a certified guide, and every hiker will need to attach themselves to a long rope with a harness for safety purposes.

In total, the round trip will take around five to seven hours, covering 12km of snowy ground. In the high season, there are daily guided tours operating from the Juvasshytta cabin, with around 25,000 visitors completing the hike each summer.

Walk the walk

Norway is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe, and heading on a hiking adventure is perhaps the best way to truly appreciate the country’s natural beauty. Before setting off on any trek, ensure that you’re comfortable with the distance and elevation on the route, and equip yourself with the right clothes and hiking gear needed for your trip. Then, all that’s left to do is enjoy the holiday of a lifetime navigating Scandinavia’s special scenery.


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