10 Reasons you should add a beach holiday to your Greek Cruise


Greece has to be one of my favourite places to visit; I think my love of the islands comes from my first ever trip to Greece many, many years ago. I remember being totally bowled over by the pretty streets. Rows of white houses with blue shutters and window boxes bursting with colour. And of course all that blue! I don’t think there is anywhere in the world quite so blue as Greece.

I remember wandering down the pretty streets in awe of all the beauty around me, marvelling at pretty squares you just seem to stumble upon. Not knowing where to look first.

And then came Mamma Mia I saw the show first and it was love at first sight. What’s not to love about ABBA music combined with the beauty of Greece and a wonderful love story?

A family cruise around the Greek Islands is of course a wonderful way to see this beautiful country. However have you ever thought of a cruise and stay holiday, checking out some great beach holiday offers in Greece staying on to explore a little deeper?

Here are 10 suggestions of things to do in Greece and why is the perfect place to stay after your cruise for a family holiday.

Explore the architecture

This has to be one of the prettiest places in the world, all those cobbled streets lined with olive tress. Pretty white arches covered in pink flowers against the beautiful blue backdrop. There is nothing better than wandering streets looking for that perfect photo. And you will always find it in Greece.

Visiting-KardamenaGreek Villages, cruise and stay Greek Holiday

Greek Villages, cruise and stay Greek Holiday

This is something you do not always get the time to do on a day in port, and the streets can be busy. But wandering on a sunny afternoon when all the tourists have left give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the peace, stop in a taverna for a glass of wine and just take in the beautiful architecture.

Meet the locals

The Greek people are the most beautiful warm people, spend time talking to them listening to their stories, they make the best hosts. Our driver on our last tour of Greece talked extensively about the Greek way of life, their attitudes to the world and money.

It was such an interesting conversation and one I will always keep with me. I remember listening to him and thinking, “why do I get so stressed about being busy, having a full diary”. And since that day I have grounded myself when I feel the pressure of a busy life and remember to enjoy each moment and not to see it as part of a jigsaw of busyness that needs slotting into place. Life moments are to be enjoyed and savoured.

Try out authentic Greek Food

Visit local taverna’s and try out real Greek cuisine. Plan a night or two in a local village, where you will find buzzing with activity, pretty lights lining the streets twinkling against the night sky as Greek music play’s in the back ground.

Enjoy the laid back vibe

If there is one thing the Greeks are good at it relaxing, they are not lazy people, far from it. However they have the most wonderful yen type attitude to life, an attitude we could all do with adopting. Spend a day just chilling taking in the sun, sound of the waves and the Greek way of life.

Learn to sail or windsurf

Sailing and windsurfing are popular sports on the Islands the last time we were in Greece our boys both had lessons and were naturals. It was wonderful seeing them command a new skill. I on the other hand did have a sailing lesson but lets just say if the boat was meant to be upside down I was fabulous! However, on smoother seas I may have had a little more confidence so it is something I will try again.

Learning-To-windsurf on a cruise and stay Greek Holiday

Canoeing on the beach days, cruise and stay Greek Holiday

Get some chill time or try out water sports whilst the kids have their own adventures

There are many other water sports on offer that take a little less instruction but still give you the opportunity to enjoy the sea such a kayaking and stand up paddle boarding which are great for families wanting to spend a little time together but also perfect for grabbing a little chill time.

Try out yoga on the beach

Yoga is the ultimate way to relax and get back in tune with your mind and body. But there is something special about doing a morning yoga session on the beach. Take your yoga gear and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing in the background as you work on your breathing technique really is the ultimate way to relax.

Explore Greece by mountain bike

If you are not the relaxing kind, hire a bike grab your camera and get out and explore the island. Many of the islands are pretty hilly, you need a certain amount of stamina to explore by bike but it’s worth it when you get to a summit point to take in the views.

If biking is not your thing, get a driver to give you a private tour

I did this last year on mainland Greece and it was a wonderful experience. Not only getting to see outside the tourist areas. But also having the knowledge of a local who is able to take you to those oh so Instagram worthy spots, such us churches at the top of winding fields and fields bursting full of sunflowers.

Sunflower-field-in-Halkidiki cruise and stay Greek Holiday

Sit and enjoy the Greek sunsets

There is nothing more magical that sitting on the beach and watching the sun rise or set. And its something that is easy to miss when you get wrapped up in a holiday routine. Check your phone for the sunrise/set times and plan it. Make yourself take the time to take a camera and sit with your family and enjoy that golden glow as the sky turns to pink and orange and the night draws in.

Kos-at-Sunset, Crjuise and stay after a Greek Cruise

Take some time to reconnect with your family

If you are anything like our family then life is BUSY. The calendar is always full; there is always somewhere to be or an appointment to make. Sometimes you just need to stop, reconnect and spend time together.

Yes you all live under the same roof but actually analyse the time you all spend doing family things together. It’s not as much as you thought is it? So take that Greek vibe and run with it. Chill out with the family, get the balance right between and action packed holiday and actually doing what you set out to achieve and making the most of family time before they all grow up. Savour the family meals and Greek sunsets and treasure those moments forever.

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Reasons you should add a beach holiday to your Greek Cruise, family activities in Greece


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