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Today we are sharing a few facts about the Slides and Water Slides On Harmony of the Seas. Because that’s important to kids right? I remember when my boys were little they were always asking when they would be tall enough to go on the rock climbing wall or surfing, it was a big deal to them. Thus its info that’s better to know and be able to manage those expectations?

But before that lets have a little peek at what else you can find on the Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Seas. Because if you are thinking of booking your next cruise and looking for family activities to do onboard. Then the Harmony Of The Seas is packed with family friendly things to do within its 7 neighbourhoods.

Offering highlights such as Splashaway Bay, a zip line, 2 flow riders, and the Ultimate Abyss. See more facts about the Harmony Of The Seas and whats onboard if you are cruising with kids on Royal Caribbean on the fact sheet below. It makes you want to run off and book doesn’t it?

The Harmony Of The Seas For Families
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Guide To Slides On Harmony Of The Seas

I say slides, as Harmony of the Seas not only has incredible water slides, but also a thrilling 10 story high slide called the Ultimate Abyss. Meaning you can ride slides in and out of the pool which has to be the best news for cruising kids.

Everything you need to know about splash away bay, pools and slides on Harmony of the seas including weight and height restrictions copy

But First Of All Lets Look At The Water Slides On Harmony Of The Seas

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have Water Slides Onboard?

Best water slides on cruises

Which Are The Water Slides On Harmony Of The Seas?

Harmony of the Seas has 3 large water slides on-board, as well as smaller slides on Splashaway Bay. The Perfect Storm Waterslides Are Made Up Of Typhoon, Cyclone and Supercell.

Typhoon And Cyclone

This three story high Perfect Storm water slide duo is made up of two high-speed slides, Typhoon and Cyclone. These crazy slide are intertwined in one exhilarating hair raising ride.

Thus meaning you can challenge friends and family to join in the race to the bottom and ultimate victory. Made of a combination of twist, turns and translucent sections so you can see your opponent whizzing past as you check out the views of sea and horizon.

The Supercell

The Supercell is the craziest fun addition to The Perfect Storm, the ride starts off as a typical water slide but is full of surprises such as translucent panels which offer the most amazing views of the sea.

With psychedelic pulsing lights which seem to push you faster all building up to the Supercell, a huge bowl which swirls you around and around in a tightening spiral before finally letting you slide out though to the exit.

What Height Do You Have To Be To Go On The Typhoon, Cyclone And Supercell Water Slides On Harmony Of The Seas?

  • Height Restrictions: 48″ or 4ft minimum
  • Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs. maximum

Splashaway Bay On The Harmony Of The Seas

There are also water slides on Harmony of the Seas for smaller children. Splashaway bay has a host of slides, spray cannons and fountains to keep little cruisers happy for hours. With a special separated baby splash area for babies in diapers.

How Tall Do You Need To Be For The Slides On Splashaway Bay?

  • Height Restrictions: 42″ 3.5ft minimum
  • Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs. maximum
  • Complimentary swim vests are available for children between the ages of 4 and 12. Swim vests can be loaned up and returned from near the towel stations.
Water Slides On Harmony of the Seas.

Harmony Of The Seas Also Has A Dry Slide

The Ultimate Abyss Is A Crazy 10 Story High Twin Racer Slide.

The great thing about this is that its not a water slide. Because kids can’t be in the pool ALL the time can they?

What a wonderful way to entice them out to get ready for dinner, the promise of the pre dinner ride on the the Ultimate Abyss is tempting for kids of any age?

Where you can step into the mouth of a scary giant purple angler fish to ride the tallest white knuckle slide at sea, which is 150 feet above sea level. With flashing lights and speakers inside this promises to be one crazy fun experience. Check out the video for an idea of what to expect.

How Tall Do You Need To Be To Ride The Ultimate Abyss?

  • The Minimum height is 44″, 3.6 feet tall
  • Maximum weight – 136 kg
Everything you need to know about slides on Harmony of the seas including weight and height restrictions

So thats what you need to know about all the Slides On Harmony of the Seas. That and of course that if you choose to cruise on the Harmony then you just have to ride them all!


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