Balcony Cabin On The AmaMagna, A Guided Tour


We recently shared our Ultimate Guide To The AmaMagna, a logical way to follow this us is with a tour of our balcony cabin on the AmaMagna. But before we do!

Family River Cruising is something we had never thought of until we discovered the AmaMagna. I have talked extensively about River Cruising with kids as concept on our previous post. (Link above) As if you are a family that loves to spend time together; then river cruising is a wonderful option. 

Balcony Cabin On The AmaMagna, A Guided Tour
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The AmaMagna has 98 cabins in total.

These range from outside, balcony, suites right up grand suites and owners suites. All of the staterooms on the AmaMagna have the latest technology. This allows you to control your cabin, in room multi media and stay in touch with home.

The definitions between the suites and lower grade cabin are; free mini bars, laundry, room service and butlers. However all of the technology is the same exceptional standard across all cabins.

Cabin tour on the AmaMagan

We stayed in Cabin 342 which was on the top deck at the back of the ship. Before we continue with all the facts about our balcony stateroom onboard AmaMagna; I will answer a few questions readers have asked.

Is Cabin 342 on the Violin Deck Of The AmaMagna noisy?

We had a few messages from people asking this question. However I can confirm that you could not hear the gym at all.

You could hear people walking down the staircase that came down from the pool deck. This was during the day and muted, so not a problem. We had one issue with vibrations coming from the engine during the night. However that was resolved within hours of reporting it never reoccurred. This lead us to believe it was nothing more than a teething problem as the ship is so new.

What facilities will I find in a Balcony Cabin on the AmaMagna?

All cabins have iMac’s with free wifi access. There is also an iPad which connects to the staterooms interactive wall pad. This controls the lighting, tv, temperature and sunshades on the balcony. (Only cabins on Violin Deck have sunshades.)

The multi media system gives you access to a music, movies, TV channels, maps, weather and ship information. Perfect for those evening you want to chill in the cabin and watch a movie! We planned to do this, but were too busy partying in the lounge to have time to watch a movie.

iMac in the cabin of the AmaMagna

The bathrooms have a double shower with a shower hose and rainforest shower. Toiletries and towels are refreshed daily also bathrobe and slippers are supplied.

Daily cruiser on the AmaMagna

There is a hairdryer, which is very powerful so no need to bring another along. And also 2 umbrellas just in case the weather is not kind.

Ironing is not allowed in the cabins but the AmaMagna has a full laundry room which is free to use.

There are European plug sockets and usb changing sockets next to the bed and also plug sockets on the desk area.

Also bottled water is replenished daily free of charge.

The Sunshade Over The Balcony

The sunshades on violin deck balcony cabin on the AmaMagna can cleverly open to allow the sun onto the balcony. This is a great option should the sun be high in the sky. However we never felt the need to open the shades, our spacious balcony was almost always in sunshine. Allowing us to enjoy river cruise life as we sailed the Danube.

View from the balcony on the AmaMagna

Cabin Storage in a Balcony Cabin On The Ama Magna

This is a huge deal isn’t it? And there is an abundance of storage in the balcony cabins on the AmaMagna.

The wardrobes have a half and full length hanging area. But also shelf space above and a place for shoes. You will also find a safe and fridge in the wardrobe.

The desk/vanity area has two cupboards with storage shelves. And also the bathroom has 3 large storage drawers for toiletries.

You are able to store suitcases under your bed, the bed base appears to be solid. However, this is a clever hatch that opens to allow you to slide your suitcases underneath.

Are There Family Cabins On The AmaMagna

There are 19 suites onboard with 3rd and 4th berth cabins. The extra berths are in the form of a double sofa bed suitable for children around 14 and younger. There are also 16 interconnecting cabins, for families travelling with older teens or as part of a multi generation group.

Final Thoughts On Our Cabin On The AmaMagna

Our cabin was bright, comfortable and spacious. The mattress and cabins were super comfy. The option of being able to work a little and having the desk space makes a difference. Especially when you have work or emails to catch up on.

And in terms of location? We loved our cabin, I would pick that location again. It was close to the gym and pool and not too near the main areas so was quiet.

Also check out Laura’s comprehensive tour below.

For advice on booking a River Cruise on the AmaMagna I can thoroughly recommend Maggie at Iglu Cruises.

Disclaimer, We were invited on the AmaMagna as guests on a press trip, but will return as customers!

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Cabin tour of a balcony cabin on the violin deck on the AmaMagna


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