Exploring Cape Greko National Forest Park, Cyprus


If you are heading off to Ayia Napa Cyprus this year you may want to explore Cape Greko National Forest Park in Cyprus. This gorgeous area is the perfect place for nature lovers, hikers, families and romantic couples alike. The Cape Greko National Forest Park covers an area of 385 hectares of unspoilt coastline . It is laced with sandy coves, calm waters and majestic sea caves.

Whether you find yourself on a cruise to the island or are staying for longer escaping to the rugged coastline will be relaxing and beautiful. The area is easily accessible by car or bus and is a perfect escape from a crowded beach or hotel. The beauty of Cape Greko is just waiting for you to come and explore. What are you waiting for? Here are some top tips for uncovering this Cape Greko National Forest Park.

Top tips for uncovering Cape Greko National Forest Park.

Cape Greko National Forest Park A coupe sitting on a bench overlooking the water
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Cape Greko National Forest Park, Cyprus is far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Ayia Napa area. With stunning rock formations, amazing sea caves, and walking and cycling trails it is the perfect place to escape. Here is what you can do at Cape Greko National Forest Park in Cyprus.

Go hiking and wander the nature trails of Cape Greko National Forest Park

The tranquil, rugged headland is located at the southern end of Famagusta Bay, in between the popular Ayia Napa and Protaras regions. Once a thick juniper forest, the area was deforested throughout the early 1900’s to fuel steam-powered mills in Paralimni. Although Cape Greko has never fully recovered, there are still over 400 species of plants to be found along the nine nature trails, including orchids, narcissus, juniper, and pines.

Try the Kavos Trail for a hike where you’re likely to spot marine fossils. This trail reaches a stunning vantage point with amazing views. Although a relatively short trail of around 45 minutes, there are difficult paths and steep inclines so it is not for the faint of heart or suitable for small children.  

A more family friendly walk is the Konnos Trail. This is a circular route of just under 5km and includes plenty of opportunities to spot lizards, foxes, butterflies and a wide variety of birds as you wander along. You will also pass the ruins of Aphrodite’s temple as well as the Bridge of lovers. The famous ‘bridge of lovers’ is a natural rock formation where legend says your dreams come true.

Be Brave and visit the sea caves

There are many mystical sea caves, known as ‘palaces’, to be found along the shoreline of Cape Greko. Some reach up to 80 metres deep into the cliffs. At low tide, you can delve into them to explore the magnificent natural structures and swim in the crystal clear waters within.

For families with young children, or those who are less inclined to climb the steep and slippery descent through the rocks to the bays there are far safer ways. Instead enjoy the caves via one of the many boat tours that set sail daily from the surrounding ports.

Dive into the underwater wonderland

Cape Greko is a popular snorkelling and diving spot, and it is easy to see why. With such clean, azure waters and an abundance of rich and well-populated marine life to be found beneath the surface, it’s hard not to be enchanted. The warm, calm ocean is filled with Turtles, octopus, rays and a huge variety of tropical fish. You will even see anemones and sponges that are frequently spotted as well as the rare Cypriot sea snake which is endemic to the island.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you may want to have a go at cliff diving into the deep patches of sea between the rocks. But remember to choose where you jump wisely! Some areas are legally protected from cliff diving due to crumbling rocks. It’s is always a good idea to follow the locals or ask around to find a safe spot. Remember this is for your own safety and always check your travel insurance!

Go for a Cycle along the trails

If you love cycling then exploring Cape Greko National Forest Park by bike is the perfect pursuit. Take your bicycle on a jaunt out and enjoy the views. Ride through the various designated cycling trails throughout the park.

Visit the Ayii Anargyri Chapel

The Ayii Anargyri Chapel is a pretty whitewashed chapel that sits in pride of place on the rocks. You can even choose to get married there! Take a walk around the chapel and over the rocks and even visit the underground cave that used to be a shelter for local fishermen. The chapel is said to have holy water running from the cliffs.

However you decide to enjoy this blissful coastline, be sure to stop frequently to admire the stunning views. Sunset can be a particularly special time to sit on one of the many benches along Cape Greko and just admire the wonder and beauty of this small island.


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