Guide To Wonder Of The Seas, The Second Biggest Cruise Ship In The World


Join us on this virtual voyage of discovery as we delve into the extraordinary wonder that is the Wonder of the Seas. From its awe-inspiring size to its awesome amenities and outstanding crew members. And its unrivalled luxury, entertainment, and exploration offerings, this remarkable ship embodies a modern-day cruising experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or embarking on your maiden voyage, the Wonder of the Seas promises to deliver an unforgettable adventure that will leave you in awe of the vastness and majesty of our oceans.

This guide will tell you What’s On Wonder Of The Seas, Royal Caribbean’s second newest ship. We have done all the research and scoured the deck plans, which we know so far. However, the more we find out, we will continue updating this post.

As much as you want to dive in a enjoy your cruise experience, it’s always great to have the facts to help you choose your cruise, dining options and Royal Caribbean drinks packages. Or is it just me who wants to be prepared and likes to know what to expect?

Whats On Wonder Of The Seas Royal Caribbeans Newest Ship (1)
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

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A Few Facts About Wonder Of The Seas, The Second Biggest Cruise Ship In The World

Wonder Of The Seas launched in March 2022; it’s an Oasis Class Ship with 6,988 passengers at total capacity with 2,687 cabins and a crew of 2300.

She is 1,188 feet long, 210 feet wide, and weighs 236,857 gross tons. You will find 18 decks, 16 guest decks, two suite decks, two service/crew decks and 24 guest elevators. I know all the geeky information, but fascinating; check out our guide for all Royal Caribbean Ships By Size.

What’s On Wonder Of The Seas

Wonder Of The Seas Is Split Into 8 Neighborhoods

  1. Suite Neighbourhood
  2. Central Park
  3. Boardwalk
  4. Pool and Sports Zone
  5. Royal Promenade
  6. Entertainment Place
  7. Youth Zone
  8. Vitality Spa and Fitness.

New Suite Neighborhood

The first-ever suite neighbourhood offing two floors of suite accommodation, a suite lounge, suite sun deck with the first-ever Royal Caribbean suite plunge pool and coastal kitchen; decks 17 and 18 are exclusively dedicated to suite guests.

Plunge Pool On Suite Deck Neighbourhood
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean
Suite Areas On Wonder Of The Seas Royal Caribbeans Newest Ship
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Central Park

This neighbourhood often features a tranquil, open-air space with lush greenery, cascading gardens, and serene pathways. It’s a place where passengers can enjoy a peaceful stroll, dine at specialty restaurants, or relax with a drink at a bar.


Inspired by the nostalgic seaside piers, the Boardwalk neighbourhood typically offers a lively and energetic atmosphere. It may include a carousel, arcade games, food venues, shops, and live entertainment suitable for all ages.

Royal Promenade

This bustling neighbourhood is like the heart of the ship, featuring a vibrant and lively space lined with shops, cafes, bars, and sometimes even an entertainment venue. It’s a hub for socialising, shopping, and enjoying various activities.

Pool and Sports Zone

Dedicated to epic thrills, outdoor activities and includes swimming pools, water slides, sports courts, and recreational areas. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sun, stay active, and enjoy water-based fun.

Entertainment Place

Offering a variety of entertainment venues, such as theatres, lounges, and nightclubs. Passengers can enjoy Broadway-style shows in the Royal Theater, live music performances, comedy acts, and more.

Youth Zone

Designed specifically for younger passengers, the Youth Zone neighbourhood offers age-appropriate activities, clubs, and play areas. It’s a safe and engaging space for children and teenagers to have fun and make new friends.

Vitality Spa and Fitness Center

Focuses on health, wellness, and relaxation. It often includes a spa, fitness centre, and other facilities where passengers can enjoy rejuvenating treatments, exercise, or unwind.

The thing we love about Royal Caribbean is their ability to channel crowds, so you never or rarely get bottlenecks. There is so much going on over the ship that people are spread out. Only a few cruise lines achieve this as Royal does.

Guide To Wonder Of The Seas
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Activities Onboard Wonder Of The Seas

To give you an idea of the vast array of activities available, check out the list; however, bear in mind it doesn’t end there. Every day your Crown and Anchor News Letter will be filled with activities, demonstrations and lectures. It is impossible to get bored, and you always come away having learnt something new, no matter how obscure it may be.

  • Flowrider
  • Laser Tag
  • 2 Rock Climbing Walls
  • Zip Wire
  • Sport Court
  • Studio B Ice Rink
  • The Perfect Storm Water Slides
  • Ultimate Abyss
  • Puzzle Break Centre
  • Wonder Playscape Area
  • Wonder Dunes Miniature Golf
  • Carousel
Whats On Wonder Of The Seas, Royal Caribbeans Newest Ship
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Kids Clubs

For an in-depth guide to the kid’s clubs, check out our Royal Caribbean Kids Club Guide. But please remember that you will be begging the kids to spend time with you. Fortunately, the Zoom wifi and app is an excellent way to track older kids or teens if they have self-sign out from kids’ clubs.

  • Adventure Ocean Babies 6- 36 months
  • Aquanauts 3-5 years
  • Explorers 6-8 years
  • Voyagers  9-11 years
  • Youngers Teens 12-14 years
  • Older Teens 15-17 years

If you’re a family who likes to spend quality time together, Splashaway Bay promises hours of water fun, whilst the Wonder PlayScape is a dry underwater-themed play area with tunnels and slides for little ones to let off a little steam. Additionally, for older kids and teens, the sports court and FlowRider and Puzzle Room will keep them entertained for hours.

Wonder Playscape Kids Play Area
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Pools On Wonder Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean has created a glorious Caribbean vibe on the pool deck with a beach pool and Lime and Coconut Caribbean Bar. However, this is close to the Perfect Storm and Splashaway Bar. For a slightly quieter vibe, you can head to the main pools. Or for tranquillity, the Solarium Whirlpools are the perfect place.

Pool Deck On Whats On Wonder Of The Seas
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Dining And Drinks On Wonder Of The Seas

Bars OnBoard

The Wonder of the Seas has 19 bars, which include the suite lounge, diamond lounge and pool bars. Thus giving you so many choices at all times of day and night, especially if you fancy stopping for cocktails and a spot of people-watching.

If you check your Crown and Anchor, there’s always something going on around the ship. Whether it’s a pop quiz, general knowledge quiz or pre-dinner cocktail music, you will always find something to suit your mood.

  1. Schooner Bar, Piano Bar
  2. Trellis Bar
  3. Playmakers Sports Bar And Arcade
  4. The Lime And Coconut Pool Bar
  5. Boleros, Latin Themed Bar
  6. Diamond Club, For Diamond Members
  7. Rising Tide Bar, Rises Between Decks
  8. Solarium Bar, Adults Only Pool Bar
  9. Suite Lounge, For Suite Guests
  10. Bionic Bar, Served By Robotic Bar Tenders
  11. English Pub, The Cask And Clipper
  12. Pool Bar
  13. Wipe Our Bar, Up On The Surf Deck
  14. The Vue Bar
  15. The Attic
  16. Casino Royal Bar
  17. Comedy Club
  18. Music Hall
  19. Cantina Fresca
Vue Bar On Royal Caribbean's Newest Ship
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

How Many Restaurants Are There On Wonder of The Seas?

You will find 21 delicious dining options on Wonder of the Seas, 11 included in the price of your Royal Caribbean Cruise and ten that have extra charges or count as speciality dining.

On top of this, you can opt for in-room dining, grab a coffee from Starbucks or sweets from Sugar Beach Candy Store (All at an extra cost)

The Royal Caribbean Dining Packages Available

There are several choices for speciality dining packages; here is a guide of what you can expect to pay, but also check out our in-depth dining package guide.

  • Unlimited Dining Package, £200.00 per adult (Roughly $250)
  • The 3 Night Dining Package, £81.62 per adult (Around $110)
  • Chops Plus 1 Dining Package, £61.83 per adult (Roughly $85.00)
  • Taste Of Royal Lunch, £44.50 per adult ( Around $54.95)

You have two options for Children aged 6-12. Children are complementary from the age of 0-5. The dining plan costs half the adult price. However, you don’t need to book the package for kids; you can pay as you go; this way, children 6-12 pay $12.99 per child to dine and must order from the kid’s menu.

Bar menu and Pina Colada Symphony of the Seas royal Caribbean
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance, Cruising For All

Restaurants On Wonder Of The Seas

Free Dining Options

Main Dining Room (There are three dining rooms, on decks 3, 4 and on deck 5)

The main dining room offers a wonderful choice of meals, open every evening on a sea day for lunch and breakfast. With themed nights from around the world, the menu never gets dull.

Boardwalk Dog House

For hot dog choices of dreams, from traditional to chicken to German Thuringer or a pork Bratwurst.

Cafe Promenade

The Café Promenade is open around the clock for quick snacks, fresh sandwiches, pastries, fruit, cakes and coffee. There is always something delicious for a tasty snack.

El Loco Fresh

Mexican fast food for eat-in or take-out offers tacos, burritos, and tacos, also open for breakfast.

Park Cafe

A Deli-themed snack bar to grab a quick soup, salad or sandwich and of course, there is always cake and sweet treats.

Solarium Bistro

The Solarium Bistro offers fresh ingredients and Mediterranean flavours for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


For delicious pizza with a choice of toppings.


The Windjammer is Royal Caribbean’s famous buffet restaurant, offering more choices than you can imagine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Watch out for the desserts; they are divine.

Vitality Cafe

For healthy snacks such as speciality wraps, fresh fruits, yoghurt, and smoothies.

wonderland drinks on Royal Caribbean
Photo Credit: Donna Valance Cruising for All

Speciality Dining Available On Wonder Of The Seas

150 Central Park

150 Central Park has a carefully curated menu spotlighting locally sourced ingredients harvested at the peak of their season.

The Mason Jar 

Influenced by the charm of the South, offering a menu that showcases beloved culinary delights such as chicken and waffles, crispy fried chicken, and indulgent mac and cheese.

Chops Grille

A steakhouse offers a delicious choice of steak, lobster and alternative mains.

Coastal Kitchen Restaurant 

The Coastal Kitchen is reserved for suite and jnr Suite Guests and offers a varied á la carte menu.

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen is a trattoria serving delicious Italian classics.

Hooked Seafood

The seafood restaurant of dreams offering lobster, fresh fish fillets, crabs and shrimp, to name a few, is a must for seafood lovers.

Izumi Sushi

Offering an excellent selection of sushi and Asian dishes.

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is a wonderful 1950s-themed American Diner, offering delicious burgers and shakes with a twist and a song.

Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade

Playmakers sports bar is a themed bar offering tasty snack dishes.


Wonderland is a magical-themed venue offering food that not only inspires your taste buds but your mind; this is an experience to try.

The Aqua Theatre at The aft of the ship
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean.

Shows And Entertainment On Wonder Of The Seas


In this expansive 750-seater theatre, immerse yourself in a mesmerising world of aquatic performances. Witness the enchanting AquaVenture show, a captivating display of synchronised swimmers, acrobats, and divers showcasing their skills in a stunning water spectacle.

Studio B Skating Shows

Lace up your skates and venture into Studio B, a dynamic ice skating rink that sets the stage for many thrilling ice shows. Among them, experience the enchantment of “365: The Seasons on Ice,” a spellbinding performance that weaves together the beauty of ice skating, music, and dance, capturing the essence of the changing seasons.


Prepare to synchronise your senses with a truly extraordinary show that perfectly harmonises virtual and live performances. Introducing “Voices: An Intimate Performance on a Grand Scale,” a groundbreaking production that combines world-class singers and dancers in a mesmerising spectacle.

The Music Hall

Let the rhythm move you in The Music Hall, a vibrant night spot dedicated to showcasing the power of music. This lively venue is a haven for music enthusiasts seeking unforgettable live performances, from soul-stirring jazz concerts to nostalgic tribute shows.

Our Thoughts On Wonder Of The Seas

Wonder Of The Seas is larger-than-life and exciting! Royal Caribbean have looked at what works on Symphony of the Seas and tweaked it. Thus making the world’s largest cruise ship innovative and exciting.

To get more of an idea on the feel of Wonder Of The Seas check out our Symphony of the Seas posts.

Whats On Wonder Of The Seas, Royal Caribbeans Newest Ship (2)
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean Cruises


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