Keeping Your Child Safe In The Pool On A Cruise


Pool safety is such an important subject. As parents we work hard and want to enjoy our family cruise. However Keeping Your Child Safe In the Pool On A Cruise is such an important topic.

There are lots of rules on cruise ships, mostly related to maritime law. Babies must be a certain age to cruise, also many cruise ships do not allow toddlers in the pool if they are not toilet trained. For this reason it is better to research which cruise ships have splash areas for toddlers. For more info visit our TIPS FOR CRUISING WITH A BABY POST.

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Keeping Your Child Safe In The Pool On A Cruise, Basic Water Safety

Teach Your Children To Swim As Soon as Possible

Start swimming lessons as soon as you can. Simple things like baby swim lessons help with water confidence, our boys were attending baby swim lessons from 10 weeks old. This is really helpful, as by the time babies become toddlers they are confident in the water. Thus making swim lessons more enjoyable and productive.

If you have a fear of water, then it’s more important than ever to get your little ones water confident and competent.

The Perfect Storm slides on Harmony of the Seas as it will look on Symphony of the Seas
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Not All Cruise Ship Pools Have Life Guards All The Time

The responsibility of safety in the water lies with us as parents. It’s important to always know where children are and watch them. Even if our children are competent swimmers, accidents happen.

Cruise Ship Pools Can Get Busy

Cruise ship pools can be busy places and kids move quickly. Yes, I know this is obvious, but always have one eye on your children. The main way of keeping your child safe in the pool on a cruise is to be within easy reach. You may need to get to them quickly.

Are Hot Tubs Safe For Children On Cruise Ships?

Children under the age of 5 shouldn’t go in hot tubs. Why? Because their little bodies can not regulate their temperature the same as we can. Hot tubs are usually set to 104˚ which is too hot for small children.

Older children should also be limited to the time they spend in a hot tub. Additionally, ensure they drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

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Keeping Your Child Safe In The Pool On A Cruise, What To Teach You Child?

Teach Children What To Do If They Fall Or Are Pushed Into A Pool

As soon as our boys were confident in the water their swimming teacher had them practicing what to do if they fell in or were pushed into a pool. She taught them to stay calm and swim the side immediately. Thus it became instinctive for them to concentrate on getting to the side of the pool rather than panicking.

Encourage Children To Stay Away From Pool Drains

There have been many accidents where children’s hair has become tangled in fans or drains in a pool. Educate children to keep away from potential hazards. This is not about putting the fear of god into our children. But ensuring they have a healthy respect for the dangers associated with water.

Make Children Aware Of The Dangers Of Running Near A Pool

Whilst running in itself is not dangerous, slipping and banging your head near or in a pool is.

Keeping kids safe on the kids pool

Keeping Your Child Safe In The Pool On A Cruise, What Can You Do To Be Ready For Emergencies?

Take A Infant First Aid Course

I took a first aid course after one of our boys choked as a baby. It terrified me that I panicked and could not think straight enough to be able to help him. Also ensure you familiarise yourself with the correct procedures to follow in an emergency. These simple steps can be life saving. Knowing what to do in an emergency gives you the confidence to act.

Keeping Your Child Safe in the Pool On A Cruise, Pool Safety Equipment For Cruising

Invest In Non Slip Swim Shoes

Swim shoes are a must for those cruising with children. No matter the age footwear not only protects your child from picking up infections from the floor. But also surfaces can get hot and burn little feet.

Finally swim shoes have grip which protects from the risk of slipping and falling. Kids can’t help but break out into a run every now and then. It’s in their genetics!

You Can’t Always Buy Arm Bands And Goggles In The Cruise Gift Ship

How many times have you taken arm bands on holiday and they have popped? This has happened to us and it took us days to find another pair.

Always take a spare pair of armbands, and also take alternative buoyancy aids. Life vests are fantastic, as are these amazing Zoggs Jet Pack backpacks. They supercool, but also act as a kickboard and backfloat combined, offering added buoyancy when learning to swim. As little swimmers gain confidence you can remove a float to build on skill and buoyancy.

Water toys and safety for a cruise ship pool

Use Good Quality Goggles

We have almost ALWAYS used Zoggs swimming googles, I find we can rely on the quality, they last, have anti fog capabilities and offer uv protection. As well as goggles offering protection from water entering the eyes. They also protect children’s eyes from pool chemicals and bacteria.

Zoggs also offer a various sizes of goggles, including baby goggles, toddler goggles and goggles for older children. Getting the right size of swim goggles is important for maximum protection.

What Pool Toys Can I Use On A Cruise?

We used solid swim sticks that floated to the bottom for diving games. when the boys were small. However were stopped from using these on a cruise ship, in hindsight they are hard objects and hurt if they hit you.

For safe alternatives check out Zoggs collection of soft dive balls and toys. Which are soft but weighted enough to still sink, although it is still important to use them under adult supervision.

Keeping Your Child Safe In The Pool On A Cruise, In Conclusion

In my opinion a love of the world and travel is one of the best gifts you can give your family. Safety should be second nature than ravage you with fear.

We hope this guide has created a common sense approach to water safety that most parents will instinctively follow. But parenting is about learning as you go along, life be be so much easier if our little angels came with the ultimate fail proof guide. If you think we have missed anything out please do let us know.

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Keeping Your Child Safe In The Pool On A Cruise


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