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MSC Grandiosa and Edgar Degas Exhibition on a Cruise Ship

Did you know you will be able to see the iconic Artist Degas art at sea on the MSC Grandiose art experience.  This brand new ship will will host the world’s first fine art experience on board a cruise ship. The art and dining experience will be called “Degas Danse Dessin” and aims to bring guests closer to the world of fine art and impressionism. This spellbinding exhibition will take you on a tour of original french Impressionist art and will be one of a kind.

Edgar Degas fine art drawing onboard the MSC Grandiose

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Edgar Degas

Being a big art enthusiast I was amazed to find the level of MSC has gone to to bring real fine art on a ship. Degas is a favourite French impressionist artist famous for his paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings. These can be found in museums and galleries all over the world. He is especially known for the subject of dance and ballet and almost half of his works depict dancers. Degas is regarded as one of the founders of the impressionist art movement.

Edgar Degas fine art sculpture in the Tate modern
Edgar Degas fine art sculpture in the Tate modern “Little Dancer aged 14”

Where can I see the Edgas Degas art on the Grandiosa?

The MSC Grandiosa will have 26 original Edgar Degas drawings on display in the L’Atelier Bistrot.

The drawings will be housed in a purpose-built installation within the Bistro in the heart of the ship. The Danse Dessin series presents studies of movement and dance and they have been previously exhibited in major international galleries and museums.

Degas’ work encapsulates the soul of romantic Paris with ballet and movement being the main focus. This will also fit in within the setting of the new French Bistro on board MSC Grandiose. Alongside the drawings there will be an immersive experience for guests which will include five videos detailing the life and work of Degas’

MSC Grandiosa, Alongside the drawings will be an immersive experience for guests which will include five videos detailing the life and work of Degas’
Alongside the drawings will be an immersive experience for guests which will include five videos detailing the life and work of Degas’

What will the MSC Grandiosa decks names be?

As well as the MSC Grandiosa art the theme will be continued throughout the ship with decks named after famous artists. The decks names on the MSC Grandiosa will be;

  • Deck 5 Caravaggio
  • Deck 6 Leonardo da Vinci
  • Deck 7 Michelangelo
  • Deck 8 Monet
  • Deck 9 Van Gogh
  • Deck 10 Mirò
  • Deck 11 Dalì
  • Deck 12 Raffaello
  • Deck 13 Goya
  • Deck 14 Magritte
  • Deck 15 Cezanne
  • Deck 16 Velàzquez
  • Deck 18 Gauguin
  • Deck 19 Degas

MSC Grandiosa at sea image

MSC are continually striving to elevate the guest experiences.

The MSC Company aim to elevate the guest experience with each new ship, bringing new and unique elements that cannot be experienced anywhere else at sea. This new experience brings together the world of fine art and also technology to create a one off experience exclusively for guests. You will find no other way  better way to experience fine art at sea.

The introduction and presentation of the renowned works is part of a collaboration between MSC Cruises and THE AIMES. These experts create multi-sensory, interactive experiences, employing innovative and technology to engage people with art and culture. The exhibition has been curated by art historian, critic and also with the member of exhibition producers THE AIMES, Marcello Smarrelli.

Thank you for reading MSC Grandiosa Art with Edgar Degas. The MSC Grandiosa will be launching in November and we will paying her a visit. More information to follow soon.

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