Exploring the Popular Nautical Bar on Royal Caribbean Schooner bar Menu and Lounge


Royal Caribbean’s Schooner bar is one of the most popular bars on its fleet of ships, but why? Let’s take a look at Royal Caribbean Schooner bar menu and the drinks they serve in the nautical bar. Schooners is a shipshape lounge bar on Royal Caribbean with entertainment by day and also well in to the night. 

Everything you Need to Know About the Nautical Bar, Schooner‘s on Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Schooner bar menu's
Royal Caribbean Schooner bar- Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

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The theme of Schooner bar on Royal caribbean is marine nautical. It is a cosy bar by day and has lively night time entertainment. The bar has port shaped windows with model ships and a ships wheel on display. Wooden bars and tables resemble a ships deck whilst pictures of anchors and knotted ropes bring the sailors marine theme together. It is also popular for singalong piano songs, quiz games and trivia in the afternoons.

There are plenty of tables with sofas in the bar so it’s a nice place to sit as a couple, large group or to to meet new friends. 

Entertainment in schooner bar 

 There is a piano in schooners and there is always a nightly pianist who will serenade you as you sail. You can expect many guests to sing along to old favourite tunes well in to the night. It can be a totally relaxing bar and is a firm favourite with many returning loyal Royal Caribbean guests.

During the day this is normally the spot where the cruise quizzes take place which are held by one of the Royal Caribbean entertainment team. 

Schooners Bar Royal Caribbean
Photo credit: Donna Vallance

Drinks that are served in Schooner bar 

Schooner bar drinks are wide and varied with a range of cocktails such as Regular Old fashioned and White Russian to something a little bit different. Why not try a Spiced or lavender Daiquiri?

The service in schooners is waiter service but you can also buy a drink at the bar. You can charge a drink to the room or you can use your drinks package as well.

Schooner bar is on all Royal Caribbean ships and can normally be found just above the promenade or near the theatre.

Royal Caribbean Schooner Bar Menus

The bar serves a wide range of Old Fashioned style drinks, Collins cocktail alternatives and Unique style cocktails.These are some of the drinks they serve in the Royal Caribbean Schooner Bar as of 2024;

  • Classic Old fashioned Cocktail $15
  • Johns Collins $15
  • Brandy Alexander $15

Take a look here at the Royal’s Schooner Bar Menu here:

Royal Caribbean Drinks Price 2023 Royal's Schooner Bar Menu here Old Fashioned
Photo credit: Sarah Christie
Royal's Schooner Bar Menu here Royal Caribbean.
Photo credit: Sarah Christie
How much are drinks on Royal Caribbean Rum on Schooner bar? Everything you need to Know.
Photo credit: Sarah Christie
Drinks on Royal Caribbean Ship schooner bar
Photo credit: Sarah Christie

You can head to schooners for a afternoon read and relax with a glass of wine. Later on in the day a lively after dinner drink while you find the perfect tipple on the Royal Caribbean Schooner Bar Menu.

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