Norwegian Encore Rooms And Family Cabins, Which Are Best?


With the very exciting Norwegian Encores inaugural sailing looming, we thought it would be a great idea to look at the Norwegian Encore Rooms and family cabins that this ultimate family friendly cruise ship offers. As NCL have covered all bases for all families on any budget.

Finding The Right Rooms For Families On Norwegian Encore.

Searching for family cabins can be a minefield. To begin with there are so many things to consider; Firstly do you want to be in room in a quieter area of the ship. Or is it a priority to be centrally located near lifts so that little legs don’t get tired?

(If you have small children and are taking a buggy check out our Cruise Stroller Guide.)

Booking a family cruise takes an awful lot of thought. So we have been scouring the deck plans of Norwegian Encore and have done some of the work for you. Resulting in this little list of the best Norwegian Encore family cabins to accomodate families.

Suites For Families On Norwegian Encore

The Haven Suites For The Ultimate Luxury Experience

The Haven suites of Norwegian Encore offer a host of cabins that accomodate families. From the deluxe owner’s suite with a huge balcony, offering for the ultimate experience, which sleeps 6.

Or the courtyard penthouse suites that also offer luxury, but at a slightly lower price tag. The Haven suites are all located between decks 9 and 18.

Haven Suites Onboard The Norwegian Encore
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Haven suites also offer upgraded suite amenities, separate bar and dining options, butler service and a stunning private sun deck.

Mini Suites Offer Families A Little More Space Than Traditional

Being 249 sq.ft. and located between decks 8 and 15, mini suites offer an enhanced decor with larger bathrooms and double showers. The larger mini suites are located on decks 8 and 10 with selected cabins going up to 439 sq.ft. Booking a mini suite is a great way of adding a few extra comforts to your cabin.

Some of the smaller mini suite living areas are not as large as I would have expected, however they have everything you could possibly need and have large bathrooms with double walk in showers which are bigger than the average cruise bathroom.

Mini Suites On NCLs Latest Ship

The Best Family Balcony Rooms On Norwegian Encore

For families who love a balcony there is lots of choice on Norwegian Encore. And as the cabins offer up to 331 sq.ft of space some are larger than mini suites. Balcony cabins make great family accommodation.

You can find the larger balcony cabins, two of which can accomodate families 4 with 331 sq.ft of space, on deck 8.

Alternatively if you prefer an aft facing balcony, these are the largest balcony cabins. And will fit families of 3 and can be found on decks 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

The best cruise staterooms

Additionally for larger families you can also choose interconnecting balcony cabins on decks 8, 9, 11 and 13.

Norwegian Encore Family Rooms, Oceanview Cabins For Families Of 5

One of the many wonderful things about sailing with NCL is that they consider families of 5, if you want one cabin for your family, then these outside cabins will accomodate your family.

From our experience of sailing with younger children, outside cabins are the way forward. Our boys used to love looking out of the windows and enjoying that ocean view. However most importantly it felt more secure in the fact that they had no access to any outside areas.

Baths in Family Cabins

Outside family cabins can be found on decks 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Generally cabins that can accommodate families of 5 are located on deck 5. These cabins are spacious and vary between 240 and 372 sq.ft.

Also check out cabin 9700 outside cabin on deck 9, it accommodates 4 and looks the largest of all the outside cabins.

Outside Accessible Cabins For Families Of 4

These cabins are huge and can be located on deck 5.

With the addition of an accessible wet room they are perfect for families need extra space, especially those who need accessible cabins to accomodate a wheel chair.

Family cabins on NCL Encore
Family Cabin On NCL ENCORE

Inside Cabins For Families On Norwegian Encore

For affordable family cruising you will find Norwegian Encore family cabins that can accomodate up to 4 people. And also interconnecting inside cabins for larger families wanting to spread over multiple cabins.

You can find inside cabins on decks 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. These cabins are approx 135 sq.ft.

Inside Family Cabins on NCLs newest ship

And For Multigenerational Cruising And Bringing Along Relatives Who Are Solo Cruisers

When you want to bring along grandparents who require a solo cabin, the studio staterooms offer affordable inside accommodation in a separate complex within the ship. Thus offering a private lounge area for studio cabins and keycard access to the studio complex.

Studio solo accommodation on the Norwegian Encore

Studio cabins come with no single supplement, offering a huge saving to solo cruisers in your party.

In Conclusion There Are Rooms Onboard Norwegian Encore To Suit All Members Of The Family, And Budgets.

Above all NCL have really thought about what families need to make their family cruise holiday special. And with families, one size does not fit all!

I hope this guide helps and as soon as we have completed our cruise we will update this post with images and room tours. If you are not sure which cabin grade is best for your family check out our CABIN GUIDE.

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Family Cabins On Norwegian Encore


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