P&O Cruise Ships By Age, And Size, Newest To Oldest 2023


If you’re a planning a cruise with P&O Cruise Line you might be wondering which cruise ship to book for your next cruise? Thus we have researched P&O Cruise Ships By Age and Size, Newest To Oldest and also included a few interesting facts for P&O fans. Some because we are geeks and love a bit of history.

Notably it’s also great to know not only the P&O Cruise Ships by age to help you decided if you want to stay on a newer P&O Ship, or indeed older. We have also included passengers numbers and P&O ship renovation dates. Because some ships may be older, however this doesn’t mean they haven’t been upgraded recently, thus will have a small ship feel with all the latest innovations.

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P&O Ships Newest To Oldest
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How Many Cruise Ships Do P&O Have?

P&O have 7 cruise ships in service the newest being Arvia who launched in 2022. P&O are a brand who celebrate all things British and as such have a huge British audience and following of cruisers who will only ever cruise with P&O. This also shows in the choice of godparent for each ship.

P&O Iona the newest ship in 2021

P&O Cruise Ships By Age, Newest To Oldest

The P&O fleet is quite a young and small fleet compared to a lot of other cruise lines. However this also means there is continuous investment.

  • Arvia, 2022, 5200 guests
  • Iona, 2021, 5200 guests
  • Britannia , 2015 , 3647 guests
  • Azura, 2009, 3100 guests
  • Ventura, 2007, 3078 guests
  • Arcadia, 2004, 2094 guests
  • Aurora , 2000, 1874 passengers
Which ships have been renovated
P&O Britannia

P&O Cruise Ships By Age, Passenger And Crew Numbers And Size 2023

Arvia202252001800Yes344m184,700 tons
Iona 202152001800Yes344m184,700 tons
Britannia2015201936471350Yes330m143,000 tons
Azura2009202031001250Yes290m115,055 tons
Ventura2007201830781205Yes291.4m116,017 tons
Arcadia200420172094866No289.90m83,781 tons
Aurora200020191874860No270.0m76,152 tons

Which P&O Ships Are Adult Only?

Although cruising is pretty quiet on the child front out of term time, some people want an absolute guarantee their cruise is going to be child free. The following ships are the child free ships in the P&O fleet.

  • Arcadia
  • Aurora

Which Is The Biggest P&O Ship?

Iona and Arvia are the biggest and newest ships of the P&O fleet. Offering innovative features such as the SkyDome, three-tier glass Grand Atrium or the brand-new Conservatory Mini-suite cabins, and a full cinema. Iona and Arvia holds 5200 guests, has 1800 crew, is 344m long, has 15 guest decks and weighs 184,700 tons.

Which Is The Smallest P&O Ships?

The smallest P&O ship in the fleet is Aurora, this child free ship which was renovated in 2019 is a more intimate ship holding only 1874 passengers, has 860 crew, weighs 76,152 tons and a length of 270.0m. This is tiny in comparison to her newest sister Arvia who is over double the weight at 184,700 tons.

Studio Ocean Studios cinema on Iona.jpg.image.1480.1110.high

Which P&O Ships Have Had A Refit?

As you can see P&O Cruise Line have invested a lot to keep their ships up to date and modern, hence why P&O have a loyal following. They know the standard and quality they expect from their cruise and when the last ship to be renovated was 2017 its pretty reassuring.

  • Britannia, refurbished 2019
  • Azura, refurbished 2020
  • Ventura, refurbished 2018
  • Arcadia, refurbished 2017
  • Aurora, refurbished 2019
P&O Ships renovation Dates

Have P&O Sold Any Cruise Ships?

Yes, P&O sold Oceania in 2020, Oceana was built in 2000 and holds 2016 passengers onboard. P&O’s oldest ship was sold to the Greek ferry operator Seajets and renamed The Queen of the Oceans.

Who Are The Godmothers For Each P&O Ship

The christening of a cruise ship is a big deal, it’s considered to be good luck to both the ship and her crew to break a bottle of champagne over the bow of a new vessel before taking her maiden voyage. Clearly it’s also a great pr exercise, but also a part of maritime history for ships to have a sponsor (Godmother).

Traditionally The Navy used a silver goblet filled with wine, however as this became more expensive, the goblet was swapped for a bottle of wine, which later became replaced with champagne as we know it today.

  • Arvia, TBA
  • Iona, Dame Irene Hays
  • Britannia, Her Majesty The Queen
  • Azura, Dame Darcey Bussell 
  • Ventura, Dame Helen Mirren
  • Arcadia, Dame Kelly Holmes
  • Aurora, HRH The Princess Royal

We hope those facts have been of use, or at very least interesting and if you did enjoy it check out our Princess ships by age post.

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