How To Make Disney Cruise Door Decorations

We haven’t cruised with Disney Cruise line yet, however we are part of lots of lovely Disney Cruise communities, have some fab guest posts about Disney cruising and are Disney mad ourselves. So when a reader contacted us asking how to make Disney Cruise Door Decorations we got a little giddy.

You see Donna and I are also mad crafters. So after losing hours on Pinterest looking at all the amazing ways you can decorate a Disney Cruise stateroom door, I decided it was time to bring a little Extraordinary Chaos over to Cruising With Kids and do a DIY Disney Cruise Door Decorations  tutorial with my trusty Cricut Maker.

If you are a lover of craft, pop over and have a peek at what I get up to in my other life.

Mickey Cruise Magnets

But if you have not been on a Disney Cruise before you will be wondering what all this Stateroom Door Decoration malarky is?

Well let me tell you, I need to go on a Disney Cruise just for the doors. In my other life I have a bit of a door obsession. But before we get started, scan the pincode below with your Pinterest camera or click on the link to see some Disney Cruise Door Decorations Ideas.

Pincode for Disney Cruise Door Magnet Ideas

What are Disney Cruise Door Decorations ?

Decorating your stateroom door is part of Disney Cruise Life, cruisers revel in decorating their doors in with their favourite Disney Characters, movies or family names.

Can you use Magnets on all Disney Stateroom Doors?

No, concierge staterooms on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy have wooden doors. Using glue, tape or any adhesive, including removable gel adhesives is prohibited as it will damage the door.

Free Disney Door Magnet templates

How to make Disney Cruise Door Magnets with the Cricut Maker.

If like me you are a crafter you will know you can cut a multitude of materials with the Cricut Maker and one of those is Magnetic Print And Cut Paper! I discovered this after a year of loving my Cricut Maker, but print and cut has revolutionised how I craft.

So here goes, step by step, how to make Magical Disney Cruise Door Decorations?

In Cricut Design Space start by selecting 3 circles.

Resize the circles to create a Mickey shape, it takes a bit of perfecting but use your eye and you will get there eventually.

Once you are happy with your shape, right click select all and weld the shape together to create a Mouse template.

How to create Mickey Door Magnets for Disney Cruise

Right click and duplicate until you have several black Mouse shapes.

For Mickey, slice a circle in half and colour this red. Then select a new circle, resize and shape to a small oval and colour it yellow for buttons and duplicate.

 Mickey Door Magnets

Once you are happy with Mickey right click and flatten.

For Minnie and the pirate bandana, choose your bow or bandana shape in design space. If you can’t find one, choose an image of a pirate, ungroup and delete unwanted images.

Colour the bow/ bandana to the correct shade of red.

 Minnie Door Magnets with Cricut Maker

Now select a circle for the polka dots. Resize colour the circle white and keep duplicating over the bow/ bandana until you are happy. I find it better to resize every now and them to create a variety of sizes.

Once you are happy right click and weld the dots to the bow/bandana.

Now position over your Minnie/Mickey shape and flatten.

To create the AHOY, search in design space, also search for Mickey, simply overlay, recolour and then flatten.

Door Magnets for Disney Cruise With Cricut Maker

Lastly you can add your name or create mini name discs. Or you can personalise with a white marker once cut out.

Once you are happy with the size of your images you can send to print and cut on magnetic paper.

If you have Cricut Design Space access, check out the project here.

Check Out Our Step By Step Vlog Below.

If you don’t have a Cricut Maker check out our free PDF Disney Door Magnets

Click here for the PDF printable versions 1 and 2, just make sure you print onto magnetic paper and good luck cutting out!

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How To Make Disney Cruise Door Magnets With Cricut Maker

Free Disney Door Magnet templates

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