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We have taken our kids to Walt Disney World many times and it was one of our favourite places to visit. We are also very lucky to be Disney Vacation Club Members and have visited Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii, as well as Disney’s Vero Beach Resort on the Florida coast. But we had never taken a trip on Disney Cruise Line.


This summer we were able to tick a trip on Disney Cruise Line off of our bucket list.

As we sailed on the Disney Magic to Norway for 7 nights. We have cruised previously, but only for a weekend. So a week’s cruise was a new experience for all of us. We were all excited to set sail and see what cruising Disney with teens was like!

Disney Magic For Teenagers

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Accommodation On Disney Cruise Line

We had an outside cabin. This meant we had a large porthole window but no verandah. But had been slightly concerned about feeling cramped, however we needn’t have worried.

Our cabin was spacious and came with plenty of places to store all of the makeup and trainers that teenagers insist on travelling with. 

The beds consisted of a bunk bed that was lowered each night by our Room Host and a sofa that was converted into a bed. Both kids said that they were comfy and that there was enough room. They were also very happy with the fact that they didn’t have to share a bed – a definite bonus!

There was also a curtain separating the kids sleeping area from ours. Thus giving the cabin a spacious feeling.

Entertainment On Disney Cruise Line

Vibe Teens Club

Our teens were 16 (a few weeks off of 17) and 14 at the time of our sailing and were able to use Vibe. A club for 14-17 year olds only, situated in one of the funnels.

Various activities took place throughout the day and late into the night, meaning the kids could drop in and out of if they wish. Sign in was not necessary for Vibe, thus they could come and go as they pleased. The kids enjoyed this, as they didn’t feel restricted.

Teen club area on Disney Magic


Our kids are big basketball fans and were delighted to find a court onboard the ship that was free to use. They would often pop up there during the day and have a game with whoever happened to be on court at the time. Our eldest also made use of the gym and the running track a few times throughout the week.

Activities For Families

There were activities scheduled every day that the kids were able to join in with. These were separate to Vibe and available for all guests.

The animation class was a firm favourite, here they learnt to draw various Disney characters. They also enjoyed watching the latest Disney films in the large cinema.

The kids enjoyed using the pool, but felt it was a little small. (The Disney Magic is the smallest of the Disney ships so the pool isn’t very big). They both loved the water slide, although our son also tried the Aquaduck slide but said once was enough.

The pool deck on Disney Magic

Freedom For Teens On The Disney Cruise Line

It was the freedom that made this trip such a success for our teenagers, and for us. They were able to come and go as they pleased during the day. One of our requirements being that they let us know where they were. Also that they were ready on time for dinner each night. 

They were able to use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app to text us for free while we were sailing, which made keeping in touch very easy. Disney also provided a Wave phone in each cabin that allowed parents and children to message each other. We thought this was a great idea. 

Food On The Disney Magic

Teenagers seem to be constantly eating (well ours do!) so the fact that food was available almost 24 hours was a great bonus. The kids were able to go off with friends they made onboard and have lunch from one of the many food outlets. There was so much food to choose from, but their favourites were the pizzeria and the burger bar.


We rotated between three dining rooms during the week. All of them were 3 courses, fine dining and the kids were happy to try new things most nights. However, on one particular night neither of them could find anything they liked the look of, but it wasn’t a problem for them to order from the kids menu instead. 


Felt the most formal but not too stuffy for the kids to enjoy it. 

Rapunzel’s Royal Table

This was a 2-night show with dinner. The first night celebrated Rapunzel’s birthday, the second night we lit floating lanterns.

Flynn Rider was very funny and came back to chat to the kids several times and take silly photos with them. Both shows were amusing, but it felt like it was lacking a little something compared to the dinner shows in Disney World.

Animator’s Palate

Was definitely the favourite for all of us. We ate there three times and had ‘shows’ on two of those nights. The first show used music from Fantasmic, a show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it had us reminiscing about our last trip there. It was a really lovely show with a special guest too.

The second show involved all the diners drawing a character, which was then brought to life on the screens around the restaurant later in the evening. It was fun to see everyone looking for their animation on the screens and hearing the cheers as they saw their one.

The servers made our dinners special. They took the time to build a relationship with us, especially with the kids. One night they laid out some crayons to form a pattern and then asked the kids to turn it into something else using a set number of moves. The kids loved this and so each night the servers would come up with new puzzles for them. 

Disney cruise for teenagers

Rules For Teenagers When Cruising

We put a few rules in place before we left for our cruise just so we had the basics covered. These were:

  • They were not permitted to disembark from the ship without us (Disney ask you to confirm this at the point of online check-in).
  • Friends were not allowed into our cabin and they were not allowed to go into a friend’s cabin.
  • They had to comply with any instructions given to them by a Cast Member.

The cruise was fantastic and we all enjoyed it very much. Disney, as you would expect, knows exactly to how make sure all of their guests have a great time.

They cater so well for teenagers and offer plenty to keep them amused. I had been nervous that a 7 day cruise would be too much for us. But none of us wanted to get off on our return to Dover.

The kids loved every minute of the cruise and are already nagging us about booking another one!

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Taking Teens On A Disney Cruise


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