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Amsterdam is not normally the first place you think of when it comes to a European family holiday but it has plenty for families and kids too. There are a host of attractions and things to do in Amsterdam with kids that are suitable for of all ages. In Amsterdam the whole family can enjoy quality time together at local parks and museums. Here are the top family friendly tourist attractions for families in Amsterdam.

20 Things to do in Amsterdam with kids what are the top attractions in Amsterdam for children?

Cruises that go to Amsterdam

If you are on a cruise across Europe or a river cruise that stops at Amsterdam you are in for a real treat! there are so many things to do in Amsterdam with kids you will want to go back time and time again! There are many cruises that stop near Amsterdam its a fabulous European port of call.

First Up How to Navigate Amsterdam on foot

Amsterdam is an easy city to navigate however all of the canals can look the same. The city of canals is in a horseshoe shape around the city. Each horse shaped canal street is named ending in “gracht” which mean Canal. The first street in the city closet to the main centre station and the inner most ring is Herengracht. From here they work there way out of the city in alphbetical order. This is particulary helpful when getting around the city.

There are also flour main squares in Amsterdam theDam which is in front of the Central Station and the Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein and Waterlooplein.

Take care with small children around the streets of Amsterdam. There are bikes everywhere and come from directions you least expect. Why not hire a bike to explore they have giant clog side cars for the kids!

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Popular things to do in Amsterdam with kids

A bike trip

There are lots of places to hire bikes in Amsterdam. They cater for all ages and small children too. Hire a bakfiets to escort the kids around Amsterdam you may even get the chance to hire one in the shape of a clog! What better way to see the Nederland’s than by bike?

Bike on the Amsterdam Canal Europe
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The Mouse Mansion Shop and Studio

This is a little favourite of mine its actually a shop but a great thing to do in Amsterdam with kids. The Mouse mansion is a shop with a difference, miniature houses for miniature mice. The Mouse Mansion is a creation by Karina Schaapman and was built as a set for her series of children’s books. The books are stories and adventures of best friends Sam en Julia. You can visit the shop and see all of Karinas creations as well buy your own miniatures to create. It well worth a trip to visit this amazing shop of miniatures.

The Mouse Mansion mini houses in Amsterdam
The Mouse Mansion Mini houses in Amsterdam

Visit the Tulips

If you visit Amsterdam in the spring you can take a tour of the world famous Dutch tulips. From Amsterdam you take a tour or a train out to Keukenhof to visit the fields of tulips.

Visit Vondelpark in Amsterdam with kids

Some of the best things to things to do in Amsterdam with kids are the parks. The city’s central park is Vondelpark which has a fantastic playground. As well as sandpits, paddling pools and a few cafés for pancakes or a drinks. In summertime they hold open-air theatres and entertainment in Amsterdam for children such as puppet shows and acrobatic shows.

Day trip to the windmills

The Windmills are pretty famous in Amsterdam and they are an important part of the Dutch culture. You can visit some of the windmills of which some some still function while others have been converted into museums. You can also experience chess tastings on some tours in the summer months. Some companies include bike tours through the area as well.

Clogs in Amsterdam photo

Amsterdam marionette theatre

Amazing marionette puppets can be seen at the The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre. The theatre performs plays using traditional wooden marionettes. Performances are usually in Dutch, but are fantastic for children of all ages and nationalities. You can also take a backstage tour for a behind the scenes look at the marionettes and costumes.

Visit the TunFun Speelpark in Amsterdam with kids

TunFun Speel park is a huge indoor park that is perfect for the rainy days in Amsterdam with the kids. Is a huge indoor underground fun park for children between 1 and 11 years old. It is located in a former traffic tunnel in the centre of Amsterdam. Let your children play and run wild while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee out of the rain.

Body worlds Amsterdam

Amsterdam has Body Worlds all about happiness this scientific exhibition is educational as well as thoroughly interesting. Explore the human boy like you have never seen it before.

Dutch Holland Kiss Amsterdam kissing statue Things to do in Amsterdam with kids

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam has its own Madame Tussaurds? Discover the famous Madame Tussaurds in Amsterdam and meet all your favourite heroes.

The Amsterdam dungeon 

Everybody loves the London Dungeon are you brave enough? the Amsterdam Dungeons are great and with real actors and spooky horror stories your kids will be in for a tricky treat.

Ripleys Believe it or not Amsterdam

Find the unusual in Ripleys believe it or not in Amsterdam. Are you in search of the unusual? you will find it here! This attraction of complete oddities is situated in Dam square.

Things to do in Amsterdam with kids, A pancake cruise

Only in Amsterdam could you find a cruise that comes with pancakes! Take a cruise around Amsterdam with children and eat to your hearts content. Kids will love this!

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Everyone loves animals so why not take the kids to visit the zoo. Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest zoos in Europe. 

For football fans the Johan Cruijff Arena Stadium tour 

For football fans they will love to visit the Johan cruijff arena stadium and do a tour. On this fantastic tour you will go behind the scenes at the home of the Ajax football team.

Miniature town of Madurodam

Head over to Madurodam and visit the miniature village of Madurodam in Amsterdam with children. It is a major tourist attraction in The Hague, Netherlands. The park features miniature 1:25 scale model replicas of the most famous places in the Nederlands. You will see mini Dutch houses and castles. canals and churches all in tiny form .There are also hands-on experiences whilst exploring the park.

Moco Museum 

If art is your thing then a visit to the Moco Museum will be right up your street. With special events and exhibitions such as Banksy it is right up your street.

Hop off and hop on bus tour

Another great things to do in Amsterdam with kids and an excellent way to see the city is a hop on hop off bus. This is always a good choice as you get to see lots of the city you can sit down and its even good when the weather is bad. They even do hop on hop of canal trips in Amsterdam too!

The Nemo science museum

If you are still looking for more things to do in Amsterdam with kids try the Name museum. The NEMO Science Museum is the science centre in Amsterdam, it is one of the best things to do with kids in Amsterdam Netherlands. It is located in the Amsterdam-Centrum borough not far from the main train station.

This is the perfect way to see that science is fun! The Nemo is the biggest science center in the Netherlands with over 5 floors of hands on science activities and experiments. There are sections on Science Throughout the Ages as well as Learning the Science of Journey through the Mind and what goes on in our brains. In Smart Technology you will learn how you can save energy by producing sustainable electricity and reducing out carbon footprint.

It takes about 2.5-hours visit to the NEMO Science Center.

Splash tours Amsterdam

Splashtours is a city tour and on our list of things to do in Amsterdam with kids. It is a tour on a unique amphibian bus which launches in to the water. This is a great experience and totally different way to see the city. Drive around the streets before launches in to the canal for a tour on the water. This is suitable for all ages, young and old alike!

Places to avoid in Amsterdam with kids

Although Amsterdam is a great place to visit with children I would highly recommend avoiding the De Wallen area which is the red Light district. Also some museums may not be as exciting for children such as Rembrandst house.

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Thank you for reading things to do in Amsterdam with kids I hope you enjoy your time there

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