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Avalon Waterways Ships By Size And Age

Today I want to share a little about the Avalon Waterways Ships, I have spent a little time researching ships ages, size and passenger capacities of the fleet. As I figured this would be a great resource when planning your next river cruise. Ship age is something I like to consider when booking.

We have just enjoyed the best River Cruise on Avalon Waterways, Avalon Envision. Which most definitely confirmed our love for River Cruising, it’s a completely different experience to Ocean Cruising. Both have their merits, and will both feature heavily in my future travel plans. However in a nutshell, River Cruising is a completely different, more intimate experience.

One that takes you to new villages, towns and cities every day. Many that enable you to just walk off into town and explore. Anyhow in my bid to find out more about Avalon Waterways, which is a brand we have grown to love for all it offers explorers, sports, food and city lovers, I have done a little research on Avalon Ships.

Avalon Waterways ships by age and size

How Many River Cruise Ships Do Avalon Waterways Own?

Avalon Waterways own 19 river cruise ships, 14 of these are sailing European Rivers, 2 in Asia, 2 in South America and 1 on the Nile. The beauty of River Cruising with Avalon Waterways is that River Cruise Ships get you closer to to towns, villages and even cities such a Budapest, Vienna and Paris. Some in walking distance and that feels really special, plus making it so easy to visit otherwise difficult to get to places.

Avalon Waterway Ships By Age

Ships By Age At A Glance

This is just a quick peek at the Avalon Fleet by age, there is a full table further down the page however this is a quick overview. Why is age important when booking a cruise? Well it’s not to everyone, but some cruisers like to know the ship they are booking for their next river cruise, has all the latest innovations and features. What I will say is the standard is very high on Avalon Waterway Ships. What you will notice here is the fleet is a very young fleet. Also that the ships are all very stylish.

  • View, 2020
  • Envision, 2018
  • Saigon, 2018
  • Passion, 2016
  • Imagery ll, 2016
  • Tapestry ll, 2015
  • Tranquility ll, 2015
  • Ganges Voyager, 2015
  • Delphin lll
  • Poetry ll, 2014
  • Impression, 2014
  • Illumination, 2014
  • Expression, 2013
  • Artistry ll, 2013
  • Visionary, 2012
  • Vista, 2012
  • Panorama, 2011
  • MS Farah, 2011
  • Treasure Of Galapagos, 2009
Covered outside lounge, Avalon Waterways Ships By Size and Age
Avalon Envision Outside lounge
Lounge area with comfy sofas on Avalon Envision, Avalon Waterways Ships
Lounge on Avalon Envision

Avalon Waterways Ships By Age, Size, Passengers And Crew?

You will notice from the table below that Avalon Waterways work to a format. The ships are in groups and have the same footprints, this is great, as the design is similar across the fleet, only the colour palettes are different.

This means you know what to expect from your cruise and ship. However if newer ships are your thing then this table will help you decided which ship is best for you. Although you have to check out the MS Farah which looks totally unique, this ship was built in 2011 but really makes my want to go on a Nile River Cruise.

Avalon River Cruises By Size and Age
ShipAgeCabinsSuitesCrewLength Sailing
View2020166747443 FtEurope
Envision201816 6747443 FtEurope
Saigon20181824195 FtAsia
Passion2016166747443 FtEurope
Imagery ll2016125237361 FtEurope
Tapestry ll2015125237361 FtEurope
Tranquility ll2015125237361 FtEurope
Ganges Voyager201523535185 FtAsia
Delphin lll201591924183 FtS/America
Poetry ll2014125237361 FtEurope
Impression2014166747443 FtEurope
Illumination2014166747443 FtEurope
Expression 2013166747443 FtEurope
Artistry ll2013125237361 FtEurope
Visionary2012125237361 FtEurope
Vista2012166747443 FtEurope
Panorama 2011166747443 FrEurope
MS Farah201156285236 FtNile
Treasure Of Galapagos20098110102 FtS/America

What’s Included On An Avalon River Cruise?

  • Full Board, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Complimentary wine, beer, or soft drinks with lunch and dinner
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Cookies and snacks all day
  • Specialty coffees, espresso drinks and flavored and infused water available throughout the day
  • Welcome & farewell drinks
  • Vegetarian options at every meal, as well as vegan and allergy-free selections
  • Happy hour every evening including featured drink specials
  • Complimentary Continental breakfast, room service
  • Use of sports equipment, and bikes
  • Port tours, (There are some paid options, but mostly included)
  • WIFI
  • Earphones for port trips with a lanyard
  • A selection of books and board games to laon.

And there you have it, all the the Avalon Cruise Ships by age, size and passenger numbers. I hope that information is useful and helps you to book your next River Cruise. Also check out our Avalon Anvision Photo Tour and Review if you are tempted to book.

View of the Danube from Deck

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