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Holidays are a part of the year every family looks forward to the most. Who wouldn’t love spending a few days going from place to place with no responsibilities other than staying safe and having fun? That’s exactly why cruising is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to getaway.

Every cruise company assures their passengers of the ship safety, but just like any other holiday, it’s worth spending a little time learning what you should and should not do to get the best out of your cruising experience. Here are our top tips Cruise Safety.

Top tips for keeping everyone safe on a cruise

Cruise ship on sea Cruise Safety priorities and tips

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1. Go easy on the booze

While this might seem like an obvious piece of advice, it’s way too easy to let yourself drink more than you should, especially when you’re away from work, school or any other responsibility. It’s even easier if you’re on a cruise where drinks are all-inclusive.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking a little to lighten the mood, but you should always do it responsibly. Alcohol is the biggest contributing factor in personal safety incidents on cruises, so everyone needs to be aware of their limit.

Even something as small as not being fully conscious of things going on around you could spoil not only your holiday, but also other people’s experience.

2. Use your safe

Cruise ships provide passengers with a safe in every cabin for a reason. To avoid losing your valuables during your trip, make sure you put them in the safe before heading out onto the deck just to be sure.

Though small, the safe in your cabin should have enough room to fit small items like jewellery, cash and gadgets. Truthfully, it’s best to leave the valuables that you can’t afford to lose at home. After all, most of them are completely unnecessary when your’e enjoying a cruise.

3. Don’t skip the muster drill

Muster drills are the most essential safety precaution on any cruise ship. This is where you learn how to don a life jacket, what the alarms mean, and how they sound.

You also learn where your muster station is, which is highly important in an emergency. Make sure not to only attend drills, but to pay close attention during them. Even if you’ve heard the instructions a dozen times, it never hurts to re-memorise all of the  procedures.

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4. Be aware even when you’re on land

Most cruisers who become crime victims are targeted not while on-board, but while they’re ashore. It’s very easy for locals to rob your wallet if you put it in an unsafe place, like the back pocket of a backpack.

Make sure you put your cash, camera, and other valuables inside your bag and hold it to the front of you while walking in crowded areas. Buses, subways, and busy streets are the most common places where tourists lose their belongings, so make sure you hold onto your bags tightly in these areas.

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