What Are The Carnival Cruise Ship Classes?


Today we will take a brief look at The Carnival Cruise Ship Classes. Carnival Cruise Line, one of the largest cruise companies globally, offers various classes of ships, each with unique features and amenities tailored to different preferences and budgets. The cruise line is popular amongst cruise fans and has a dedicated following.

What Are The Carnival Cruise Ship Classes?

  1. Excel Class Ships, LNG powered cruise ships launched 2021-  2023
  2. Vista Class Ships, launched  2016 – 2024
  3. Sunshine Class Ships, launched 2013 – 2021
  4. Dream Class Ships, launched 2009 – 2012
  5. Splendor Class Ship, launched in 2008
  6. Conquest Class Ships, launched 2002 – 2007
  7. Spirit Class Ships, launched 2001- 2004
  8. Fantasy Class Ships, launched 1991 – 1998
SportS deck on Mardi Gras
Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Line

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What Cruise Ships Are In Each Carnival Class?

  • Excel Class, Carnival Jubilee, Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration 
  • Vista Class, Carnival Vista, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Panorama, Carnival Venezia, Carnival Firenze
  • Sunshine Class, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Radiance
  • Dream Class, Carnival Dream, Carnival Magic, Carnival Breeze
  • Splendor Class, Carnival Splendor
  • Conquest Class, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Glory, Carnival Valor, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Freedom
  • Spirit Class, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Pride, Carnival Legend, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Luminosa
  • Fantasy Class, Carnival Elation, Carnival Paradise

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