6 top tips for travelling with young children


Travelling with a family is an amazing experience, but as so many of us know too well, it can also be pretty tiring, and stressful unless you get the right balance. Not to mention, travelling with young children can be challenging. We’re here with some top tips for travelling to help you make the most of your trip, and above all, have a great time!

Plan, plan, plan 

I can’t stress enough how important planning is when it comes to taking a young family away with you. From getting those bags packed to making sure you leave enough time at the airport, to having a proper itinerary when you’re away, pre-planning is essential.

Before you go, create a sort of mini pack to keep everything (documentation, passports, anything to keep them entertained), which you can access quickly and easily on the go.  When you get to the port or airport, and even more importantly, the plane itself, make sure you have enough books, toys, snacks, and mobile devices to keep everyone quiet and happy. 

Medical insurance

Ah yes, one thing to never get caught out with when traveling with the little ones is medical insurance. Make sure you have everything in hand before you go, as the last thing you want is an accident abroad, which you then have to fork out substantial amounts of money for. As per TUI’s top travel tips, the cost of hospital stays abroad is eye-wateringly expensive (£8k per day in the USA, and £6k a day in Switzerland!).  If anyone has an existing medical condition, ensure you have the means of communicating in the language to where you’re travelling, as well as any medical paperwork. 

tips for travelling and packing on your trip

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Pack sensibly 

And lightly, too. Don’t take more than you need, as you’ll only have to lug it around with you whilst you’re there or in transit.Make sure you have all the essentials, but strategic packing with clothes and shoes is highly recommended. Flip flops and sandals take up less room than trainers, so make the most of the good weather if you’re heading somewhere hot! 

Leave enough time

 Is there anything worse than running through an airport, with the kids in tow, rushing to make it to the gate in time? Get the little ones ready earlier than needed, and make sure you leave at least 30-45 mins leeway for traffic, pit stops, and other delays.  Plus, if you get to the airport in good time, you’ll be able to sneak in a quick sit down and drink too, if you’re lucky enough! 


 Depending on your destination, look at pre-booking tourist attractions and days out to save both time and money. Avoid the queues and save enough cash for an ice cream or two whilst you’re there – bonus! 

Make it exciting 

Last but not least, get young children excited about the trip. Talk about it in the weeks leading up to your departure date, show them pictures, ask them about what they want to do whilst there. It’ll mean they’re even more of a breeze to get on a plane, or in a car when the time comes, and it’ll keep their minds occupied, too. 

tips for travelling with children

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