Cruising With Kids Can Make Your Holiday A Breeze


Many people don’t think about cruising with kids, but it’s definitely worth considering:

All the facilities you need to keep you and the little ones entertained are all in one place, for a start. But travelling with kids can always be stressful, even when you’re on a cruise. A whole host of little problems and stresses can take its toll on even the most chilled-out of parents. Follow our tips to make sure that your next family cruise is as cool as the ocean breeze.

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Plan ahead

We’re not saying don’t take your young ones on a southern European cruise in the middle of August. Just think very carefully about it and pick your destination with the temperature in mind.

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Make sure your cruise accommodation with the right facilities for you. Bored kids often means harassed and stressed out parents. Most cruise liners now offer facilities such as a kid’s club that will ensure your little ones make new friends and are kept well entertained throughout the trip – leaving you to have that well-deserved ‘me’ time.

If you’re pregnant, you also need to think about where you are in your trimester. Is it the best time to travel? Choosing an active itinerary or a hot climate at the wrong time won’t bring the relaxing or enjoyable break that you need.

Pack smart

Cruises don’t have as many strict luggage requirements, but it’s always best to do your research first just to be safe. Always carefully check your allowance, preferably before you book your cruise but certainly before you arrive. Arriving with your suitcases, buggy, travel cot and kitchen sink in tow to find that you’re only allowed to board with one bag each won’t get your holiday off to a calm start – and will potentially add a significant cost to your break. Choosing lighter luggage options and compact equipment that is easy to fold and store will also make it a lot easier for everyone to carry their luggage around with them.

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Fly right

You may have to fly for part of your cruise itinerary – many routes fly you back home from the final destination, for example. But no-one really wants to be sitting in an airport waiting for their flight at 2am, not least young children. Many cheap flights tend to be at unsociable times of the day, so be sure that your family can cope. Paying that bit extra for a mid-morning or afternoon flight may make your trip a lot more comfortable and stress-free.

Get insured

Adequate travel insurance is essential these days. In the event of a delay, cancellation or any other range of issues that may crop up, travel insurance can help ease the pain by providing compensation such as hotel accommodation. This sure beats trying to catch some shut eye on the floor, especially if you’re pregnant or surrounded by tired, grumpy kids. A good policy will also cover any special health considerations you need to take into account due to your pregnancy.

Remember: you’re going on holiday to relax and spend quality time with the family. Make life easier for yourself to ensure everyone enjoys the break and returns home refreshed – and happy! Click HERE for our family cruise hub.

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