Getting to Port – Simple Ways to Make Your Journey Safe and Straightforward


When you’re counting down until you step aboard your latest cruise ship, there’s probably little else on your mind! With itineraries to plan, activities to decide upon, kids clubs to look forward to, and restaurants to reserve it’s hardly surprising that you and the children have been counting down!

But before you get to the dock, see the ship in all her glory, and step aboard, you must ensure that your journey down to the port is safe and straightforward. The last thing you want is to arrive late and potentially miss the sailaway moment, leaving you and your family reeling and wondering what to do next! 

In this post, we’ll explore some simple ways you can make your journey to the port safe and straightforward, read on to find out more.

MSC Meraviglia in the port of Miami Msn
MSC Meraviglia in the port of Miami Photo Credit: MSC Cruises
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Make Sure You Have Insurance

Traveling to port via car means that you need to have insurance in place. You can’t drive legally without it. But before you travel, ask yourself when was the last time you renewed your insurance and is it giving you and your family the right amount of coverage? Thankfully, a quick car insurance comparison can give you the answers you need, providing you with an array of insurance options at a variety of different prices. 

There’s never been a better time to see if you could save on your car insurance, after all any savings you make could go towards spending onboard the ship, an extra on-shore activity, or a few more cocktails to enjoy in the show bar. Start by using a car insurance comparison site to check you have the right cover at the right price.

Take Regular Breaks

Getting to the port as quickly as possible makes perfect sense. Ultimately, the idea of missing the ship leaving the dock is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. But, it’s still incredibly important to take regular breaks when driving, especially if you’re traveling for over an hour. When we get tired behind the wheel, we become less alert, are more likely to make mistakes, and are at higher risk of becoming involved in an accident. 

Plan your route and make plenty of planned stops so you can stay alert behind the wheel. Set off in good time and take traffic and other factors into account. 

Image by Автошкола ТЕХНИКА from Pixabay

Keep The Kids Entertained

Whether the kids are excited, upset about traveling, or arguing between themselves on the backseat, traveling with plenty of ways to keep them distracted and entertained on the journey is key to keeping everyone happy and you less distracted. 

Ensure tablets and devices are charged and have plenty of downloaded content available. Plan some activities for them to try in the car, and pack pens, pencils, and paper so they can draw or color. There are plenty of ways to keep your children entertained – even a game of I Spy can pass the time whilst you’re stuck in traffic. 

Final Thoughts…

There’s no better feeling than being excited for your next cruise vacation, so make sure you get there in one piece by following the tips above. Keeping your drive to the port as stress-free as possible will help you enjoy your vacation even more. 

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