Are MSC Cruises Drink Packages Worth It?


This MSC Cruises Drink Package Guide provides an overview of the available plans and their pricing, assisting you in making an informed decision on whether to purchase the MSC Drinks package for your upcoming cruise.

Discover the most up-to-date MSC cruise drink packages on offer. The drink packages are accessible across all MSC cruise ships. Whether you’re aboard the cutting-edge MSC Virtuosa, the breathtaking MSC Seaside, or the elegant MSC Fantasia, you’ll have access to the ideal all-inclusive beverage package for your voyage.

Are MSC Cruises Drink Packages Worth It?

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Are MSC Cruises Drink Packages Worth It? Is it financially worthwhile to opt for MSC Cruises’ drink packages? You can make this determination by assessing the daily expenses associated with these packages and comparing them to the prices of individual drinks available on the MSC menus. MSC offers a selection of four distinct adult beverage packages and a dedicated one designed for children.

What Drinks are Included Free on MSC?

Teas all in a wooden box Tea choices on MSC Cruises
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Your cruise fare typically covers certain beverages. These drink options are accessible around the clock at the cruise ship buffet area or are served during your meals in the main dining restaurants. Nonetheless, additional charges apply for soft drinks, alternative coffee drinks, and any alcoholic beverages. These drinks are free on MSC and you do not need an MSC Drinks package;

  • non-bottled iced water
  • iced tea
  • lemonade
  • freshly brewed coffee
  • tea
  • morning juice
  • Hot chocolate

The Five Different Drinks Packages Offered by MSC Cruises

MSC Drink packages choices List on a banner in bar showing the prices of each package in euros
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  • The Easy package 
  • The Easy Plus Package
  • The Premium Extra Package
  • MSC Cruise Alcohol-Free Package for adults
  • MSC Non alcoholic Minors package kids

The MSC Cruises Easy package

Cocktails on MSC Cruises On the table with slice of orange
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What does the MSC Easy Drink Package offer? It represents MSC Cruises’ most budget-friendly beverage package. With this choice, patrons can enjoy a restricted number of alcoholic beverages, encompassing house wines served by the glass, draft beer, a variety of artisan cocktails, mixed drinks, and non-alcoholic cocktails. Additionally, there’s a dedicated section on the bar menus designed for guests who opt for this package.

 Hot drinks include, expresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, tea, coffee and chocolate delights. You use this package in all onboard bars including the self- service buffet and restaurants. This package excludes the specialty restaurants.

MSC Cruises Easy Plus Package Drinks.

Hot Chocolate MSC cruises Drinks With a teddy bear face on top in foam
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The Easy Plus Package encompasses all beverages priced at or below $10. This comprehensive selection covers both frozen and classic cocktails, well spirits, various liquors and cordials, specific wines served by the glass, an extensive array of draft and bottled beers, along with non-alcoholic cocktails. This package incorporates soft drinks, bottled water, coffee-based beverages, hot chocolate, and hot teas.

Premium Extra Package for MSC

MSC Cocktail drink on the bar with sunglasses And yacht club card
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The Premium Extra Package stands out as the most comprehensive among MSC cruise drink packages. This package extends its coverage to all beverages valued at $16 or less, encompassing a diverse array of frozen and traditional cocktails, premium brand spirits, a wide selection of liquors. In addition, patrons can savor wines and champagnes served by the glass or benefit from a substantial 25% discount on bottles of wine and champagne.

MSC Cruise Alcohol-Free Package for Adults

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The MSC Cruise Adult Non-Alcoholic Package offers a refreshing option for adults seeking a delightful array of alcohol-free beverages, such as alcohol-free cocktails, soft drinks, energy drinks, bottled mineral water, flavored water, and fruit juices. The package also includes an extensive selection of coffee beverages, indulgent hot chocolate options, organic tea, and delectable soft ice cream.

Non Alcoholic Minors Package for Kids on MSC Cruises

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The MSC Non-Alcoholic Minors Package tailored for children offers kids the delightful freedom to relish a selection of alcohol-free treats, including alcohol-free cocktails, soft drinks, energy beverages, bottled mineral water, flavored water, and fruit juices. This comprehensive package also encompasses a diverse assortment of coffee drinks, delightful hot chocolate options, organic tea, and scrumptious soft ice cream.

This package is exclusively available to children between the ages of 3 and 17, provided they are part of a group or family that has purchased an adult package.

How Much are MSC Drink Prices in 2023?

Kirin Japanese beer one MSC
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  • Bottled Water – 1.90
  • Espresso-Based Beverages-
  • Soft Drinks from- £3
  • Signature cocktails which are Between £14 to £16
  • Contemporary classic cocktails £10
  • Tropical treasures cocktails £10
  • Frozen cocktails £10
  • Mocktails that are alcohol free £7
  • Beer- £8
  • Wine and sparkling wines from – £5

What’s Not Included in an MSC Drink Package?

MSC Drinks package Two coffees onthe bar on an MSC cruise
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These following items are excluded from the MSC drink packages:

  • souvenir glasses
  • ice cream menu
  • minibar
  • room service
  • signature venues such as Venchi 1878 establishments, Lavazza Coffee Shop, Jean Philippe Chocolate, Coffee, Crepes & Gelato

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Yacht Club is a luxury area and is a ship within a ship on MSC cruise lines. Being in Yacht club is a complete onboard experience with lots of extras to make your cruise that bit more luxurious. From a dedicated pool deck area, to its own deluxe restaurants, buffets and MSC drinks menus thrown in it makes MSC Yacht club a worthwhile experience.

MSC Cruise Ships by Age and Size

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MSC have 21 ships in operation and the New MSC Euribia as of June 2023. This post looks at MSC Cruise Ships By Age and sizeMSC from Newest To Oldest and MSC ships size, weight, passenger and crew numbers’s. It is always good to know these facts about your favourite cruise line when booking a cruise for 2024.


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