MSC Yacht Club What’s Included?


Yacht club is the luxury area and is a ship within a ship on MSC cruise lines. Being on Yacht club is a complete onboard experience with lots of extras to make you cruise that bit more luxurious. From a dedicated pool deck area, to its own deluxe restaurants, buffets and MSC drinks menus thrown in it makes Yacht club a worthwhile experience. The cruise line has developed a premium ship within a ship concept that they describe as an onboard sanctuary that provides an all-inclusive experience. So what is included on MSC Yacht club and is it worth it?

What is MSC Yacht club and what’s included in MSC Yacht Club? Everything you need to know about MSC Yacht club and is MSC Yacht club worth it?

Yacht Club the ship within a Ship concept

The Yacht Club is generally high up in the front of the ship. You will enter the yacht club with your cruise card through big sliding glass doors to a totally separate area. Here you will find all of the Yacht Club cabins interior and exterior cabins, Guest Services, Concierge desk, the Top Sail Lounge, pool area and bar. The lounge and bar offer snacks all day, afternoon tea and live music in the evenings.

The MSC Yacht Club Restaurant serves dining breakfast, Lunch and dinner with a dedicated menu and kitchen. In the Yacht clubn area you will also find an and a large deck with a pool, hot tubs, bar, sunglasses cleaning station and a grill serving breakfast and lunch. You can stay in Yacht club lounge for as much time as you wish, in fact you do not need to leave. This luxury suite class has everything from breakfast, lunch, dinners and even afternoon tea.

Your towels are supplied by the pool and you can have as many drinks as you wish. A butler service is provided as well as concierge and priority boarding on the ship. In fact Yacht club on MSC is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation and it is almost perfect!

MSC Yacht club what’s included?

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What are the benefits of travelling with Yacht club.

There are a range of benefits to booking Yacht club here are a few points on what Yacht club has to offer.

This is what is included in the MSC Yacht club benefits;

  • Concierge service 
  • Priority boarding 
  • Butler service 
  • Top sail lounge 
  • Own yacht club private restaurant 
  • Dedicated pool area 
  • Drink packages included
  • Private island 
  • First off the ship 
  • Priority lifts 
  • Priority excursion booking
  • Choice of pillows
  • Robes and slippers
  • Acess to the Aurea Spa
  • 24 hour room service

Concierge service

There is a concierge service for all guests. Nothing is too much, always ask at the concierge desk if there is anything you need such a theatre seats or restaurant bookings.

Priority boarding

With Priority boarding you get to board the ship quickly and and in comfort. There is normally a given a specific time but you can turn up a bit earlier or later with no problem. You will also be greeted with refreshments when you arrive and your own seating area. You will be escorted to yacht club and your cabins will be ready for you on arrival.

Refreshments at the priority check in for MSC Yacht club guests
Refreshments at the priority check in for MSC Yacht club guests

Priority Lifts

Use your key card to access priority lifts whistles on aboard. Your lift will go straight to your desired floor.

Butler service on MSC Yacht club

you also get your own butler service on MSC Yacht club. They can help you with anything you wish including escorting you and your family to the restaurant for dinner.

MSC Yacht club Top Sail lounge

If you are travelling in MSC Yacht club you can have entry in to the Top Sail lounge. The top sail lounge serves drinks and snacks including afternoon tea and breakfasts with impressive view over the front of the ship.

Snacks in the Top sail lounge msc Yacht club
Yacht club pre dinner snacks in the Top Sail lounge

Yacht Club private restaurant

You also have access free time dining at the private dedicated restaurant during your vacation. You will receive All-inclusive lunches and dinners in the private MSC Yacht Club restaurant. This seated restaurant offers three course meals and drinks where nothing is too much trouble 

Yacht Club Cabins and MSC Yacht Club Interior Suites

Yacht club has different types of luxury cabins and even suites with no Balcony! MSC Cruises has inside cabins in their Yacht Club section with no balcony but they are just as luxurious. The interior cabin option has tons of unique benefits at a lower cost than a traditional suite balcony suite so it is a good option to experience the luxury without the extra price. Almost all of the cabins have a generous bed with queen or single beds option as well as a Pullman sofa and a bath and shower in the bathroom.

The dedicated pool area on MSC Yacht club is called the One pool.

The One pool has luxurious sun beds by the pool with hot tubs. You have fresh towels to use as you wish with a waiter service. There is also a large open bar an outdoor restaurant for breakfast and lunch along with a buffet.

The One Sun deck and Hot Tub on MSC Divina
The One Sun deck and Hot Tub on MSC Divina

Sunglasses cleaning station by the pool

You can even take advantage of a sunglasses cleaning station by the pool. The One pool has showers an endless supply of towels and even a sunglasses cleaning station.

What Drink packages are included in MSC Yacht club?

You do not need to worry about your drinks bill as in MSC yacht club as drinks are already included. Unlimited drinks in all MSC Yacht Club venues or from your mini-bar! You also get drinks in nay bar on the ship by using your yacht club cabin card.

If you want a mimosa for breakfast or a cocktail by the pool your wish is your command. You can also gets drinks anywhere on the ship by just showing your cabin key card. You can see our examples of drinks menus on MSC here as well as MSC Virtuosa menus.

First off of the ship 

Not only do you get priority boarding but you can also get priority exits off of the ship too! Your will be escorted to the exit using a priority lift so you can return on your travels home 

Priority excursion booking 

If you need to book an excursion let the concierge do it for you at the concierge desk. You also do not need to meet at the usual meeting place before your excursion. You will meet in the MSC top sail lounge abs be taken to your coach for your excursion off of the ship. 

Choice of pillows. 

You get a choice of pillows for your comfort in your cabin just ask your Butler.

Luxury amenities in cabin

You not only get toiletries in your cabin when travelling within Yacht club you will also have a towelling gown and slippers

Access to the Aurea Spa

As you travel in Yacht club you get complimentary access to the Thermal Suite in the MSC Aurea Spa.

24 Hour room service

You have 24-hour room service with free delivery in Yacht Club

What MSC Ships have Yacht Club?

What MSC ships have Yacht club? These are the MSC ships that have a Yacht Club section onboard:

Commonly asked questions about Yacht Club on MSC

Are Mini Bar contents are included for Yacht Club guests?

 Mini Bar contents are included for YC guests, even though they are not typically part of the Premium package. What is included in the Yahcht club mini bar?

Other drinks and snacks from the Top Sail lounge are available and provided on a complimentary basis by MSC butlers.

Do they have a cheese trolly in the Yacht club restaurant?

There is also normally a cheese trolley by the YC restaurant. There is a choice of cheeses daily of mediterranean choice with honey and grapes. However at the moment this is being plated in the galley for health and safety reasons.

MSC Yacht Club cheese and Honey plate after dinner
MSC Yacht Club cheese and Honey plate after dinner

What wine is available in the Yacht club restaurant?

The wines are preselected each night in the Yacht club restaurant but there is also a wine list. This includes wines by the glass and also bottles available with a discount. This also includes port and dessert wines. If you desire you can also have a grappa or a limoncello to finish.

What do you get at the One Pool on MSC Yacht Club?

You have access to The One Sun deck and Hot Tub in Yacht club. This is exclusive entry in to these areas such as The One Sun Deck and Top Sail Lounge. You get so much more by the pool in Yacht club. Waiters occasionally bring round drinks, Fruit salads and ice cream from time to time too!

Butler serving Ice cream on MSC Yacht Club One Pool on Bellissima

Whats included inside your Yacht club suite?

All suites are Lavishly fitted suites with ergonomic mattresses, fine sheets, pillow menu, marble bathroom, LCD TV and mini-bar. You will receive Relaxation amenities in each suite, including bathrobe and slippers. You all receive Complimentary MSC toiletries in Yacht Club rooms. This includes body wash, body Lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

Complimentary MSC toiletries in Yacht Club rooms
Complimentary MSC toiletries in Yacht Club cabin

Do MSC Have a pillow menu?

There are 4 or 5 different choices of pillow listed on a card they have on the nightstand. Just ask the butler and he will get your choice. Soft and hard including memory foam.

MSC choices for pillows in Yacht club

Christmas onboard MSC in Yacht Club

Do they decorate the ship and Yacht club on MSC? Yes they do! They have Christmas trees throughout the Top Sail lounge and at the concierge desk. They also put Christmas wreaths on the doors of the cabins in yacht Club.

 They have Christmas trees throughout the Top Sail lounge and at the concierge desk. They also put Christmas wreaths on the doors of the cabins in yacht Club.
MSC Yacht Club at Christmas  wreath on door
MSC Yacht Club at Christmas

Can I get a Mimosa/Bucks Fizz with breakfast in the yacht club restaurant?

Of course! you can have 24hr flowing Prosecco if you wished, and you can opt to mix it with whatever you like at whatever time you like.


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