Are You An Alter Ego Traveler? The Hot Travel Trend For 2024


As travelers say goodbye to a year of Set-Jetting, Alter Ego Travel looks to be the trend predicted to take hold in 2024. Taking the saying “living your best life” to a new level, the new focus will find customers booking meaningful vacations, from hobbies and self-improvement to sustainable tourism.

A recent report predicts that “In 2024, travelers will feel more alive by creating their own epic alter egos on vacation, with more than a third making up stories about their real life to people they meet on their travels. These alter ego enthusiasts love the thrill of embodying a 2.0 version of themselves. They go to great lengths to reimagine their best self, with more than three in five enjoying the anonymity of travel and the chance to recreate themselves.”

The port of Portofino in Italy as seen from a boat
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Wanderlust Unleashed, A Blueprint for Travelers to Live Their Best Lives

Themed adventures include Star Clipper yoga retreats, NCL’s music-themed sailings and Oceania’s new culinary cruises to work alongside chefs to hone cooking skills; these adventures offer opportunities for travellers to restore whilst being immersed in self-discovery and well-being. 

The report says, “When things are falling apart back home amid global instability and an ever-hectic world, disheveled travelers are booking one-track trips rooted in self-improvement to bring themselves back to the life they truly want again.”

Frank A. Del Rio, President of Oceania Cruises, commented, “Since our launch 20 years ago, we have put food at the heart of everything we do, so hosting our first-ever Culinary Masters’ Cruise is a natural evolution. This special sailing gives us a chance to show our immense pride in being the only cruise line to have two of its chefs inducted into the prestigious echelons of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France and the opportunity to share their wisdom, creative talent and culinary connections with our guests.

Cabana Deck,Credit Princess Cruises
Cabana Deck,Credit Princess Cruises

Jet-Set Smart, Unleashing Money-Saving Hacks for ‘A La Carte’ Luxuries

Travelers are looking to bag the best cruise suites, looking for a more upscale vacation, using AI to secure the best deals. 

“Fueled by the cost of living crisis alongside the mainstream stealth wealth trends of 2023, travelers in 2024 will employ money-saving hacks to cut costs, yet level up vacations with ‘à la carte’ luxuries, scoring a rush from traveling like the rich – even if just for a moment in time.”

“Travel engages all senses and with social media on the rise, people expect more from their adventures. Travellers want the best views, street food and the wow factor; companies that can give that package all in one will win in 2024.” Says Donna Vallance, writer and editor at Like Love Do.

Preserving Paradise, The Essence of Conservation Tourism

Responsible tourism is high on the agenda for many, with more and more wanting to give something back, share skills and make new, meaningful worldwide connections. 

The report also states that in exchange for contributing to conservation efforts, sustainable itineraries will give travelers exclusive access to the places they are helping preserve most mindfully and responsibly. A large number are interested in sustainable travel apps where they can unlock rewards, such as experiences with locals in off-the-beaten-path areas or visiting remote locations that tourists otherwise have limited access to.

Photo Credit: Karen Beddow.

Karen Beddow, editor of Mini Travellers, comments, “Whilst on a trip to Rwanda to see the Silverback Gorillas, there are plenty of opportunities to preserve paradise and give back to nearby communities. Take time to stay an extra few days and spend money on other 

activities outside the hotel. Do support the porters who want to carry your kit; they are persuaded to do this instead of making money from activity that once included poaching. And take a moment to buy gifts from the locals on their pop-up stalls rather than from your hotel gift shop. A little money in the right place can make a huge difference.”

Embrace Your Alter Ego: The Future of Travel is Now!

Whether it’s living a life of luxury cruising the world, visiting Gorillas in Rwanda, exploring cities of culture or daily yoga on European waterways, this is the time to embrace travel and make it meaningful.

Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at, comments: 

“Our 2024 travel predictions reflect the idea that travel is not a means to escape life but a catalyst to live our best lives. From thrilling adventures in a new destination to feeling the pulse of a new culture and every experience in between, travel allows us to become the best version of ourselves.


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