Why Princess Cruises Medallion Activated Ships are Great for Families?

If like me you have that nagging fear about giving your teenagers a little freedom on a cruise?

Princess Cruises have announced that three more of its ships, Royal Princess, Crown Princess and Sky Princess are to be fully Princess Medallion-activated, meaning a total of five ships in the fleet will feature the award-winning technology.

The Medallion will be available on the Crown Princess in July, as she sails the British Isles from Southampton and the Royal Princess from April, as she departs for her maiden Alaska season.

Sky Princess, which joins the fleet in October, will be Medallion-ready when she embarks on her maiden season in the Mediterranean before heading to the Caribbean. This means all of Princess’ Caribbean-based ships will have full Medallion services from this Autumn.

Ocean Medallion and Ocean Compass

PrincessMedallion and keeping up with kids onboard

The Medallion is the same size as a 10p piece, is fully-automated and has no visible technology, such as an on-off switch or charging function. The features include:

A streamlined embarkation and disembarkation process, giving quicker and easier access to the ship

Keyless stateroom access

Enhanced interaction with crew members and other guests, e.g. staff can see guest’s individual food and beverage preferences and offer a more personalised service

On demand beverage delivery, whereby guests will be able to order drinks and have them delivered directly throughout the ship and to their stateroom

OceanCompass, which provides interactive directions throughout the ship and allows guests to easily locate friends, family and their children

Easy payment for merchandise, drinks, shore excursions and other onboard services

Access for guests to their real-time itinerary via portals throughout the ship, along with events and activities taking place during their cruise

Interactive games that can be played on portals across the vessel and the top deck

‘Movies Under The Stars’ screen, including trivia challenges and a ship-wide digital scavenger hunt

Why is the Ocean Medallion great news for families?

As our kids have grown up there has been such a fine balance between letting them have a little freedom and always knowing where they are. I love my children, but am also aware of them not infringing on other people’s peace and relaxation.

You want your children to enjoy cruise ship facilities, have fun but also stay safe. We have rules, we like to know where the boys are going and why. They are not allowed to roam freely, family time is important. The Ocean Medallion gives that peace of mind that you know where they are at all times. And there is no confusion about activity times. I can’t wait to try it out.

PrincessMedallion and keeping track of loved ones onboard

Tony Roberts, vice president Princess Cruises UK and Europe, said:

“Having recently travelled on Caribbean Princess I can say first-hand that guests are finding their holidays enhanced with Princess Medallion as a new and memorable experience. This will include everyone who sails with us to the Caribbean this autumn and winter.

Starting in April, we will continue the expansion to a total of five Princess Medallion ships expected this year, as we continue on our path to fleet-wide activation. We look forward to bringing the experience to new groups for the first time, such as those sailing to destinations in Alaska and Mexico.”

Three new Royal-class ships are currently on order with the next new ship, Sky Princess, under construction scheduled for delivery in October 2019. Princess recently announced two new ships, which will be the largest ships in the Princess fleet, accommodating approximately 4,300 guests with expected delivery in 2023 and 2025. Princess now has five ships arriving over the next six years between 2019 & 2025.


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Sarah Christie

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