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We wanted to share a little more about the Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion for Families. If like me you have that nagging fear about giving your teenagers a little freedom on a cruise?

Princess Cruises have announced that all of its ships will now be Ocean Medallion-activated. This is such a great feature for all cruisers, but a particularly great concept for making family cruising that little bit easier. With cutting edge technology that will work in unison with your wifi and Princess drinks packages.

Ocean Medallion and Ocean Compass
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The Ocean Medallion For Families, Why Is It Important?

What Is Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion?

Ocean Medallion is replacing the traditional cruise key card and is the same size as a £2 coin. It’s fully-automated having no visible technology, such as an on-off switch or charging function. You are able to use the Ocean Medallion alongside your mobile phone to enjoy a more enhanced and seamless cruise experience. It comes in the colour of your captains circle loyalty level, thus if you are a gold member you Ocean Medallion will be gold.

Do I Need To Use My Mobile Phone With Ocean Medallion?

No, if you are a traveller who likes to leave your mobile phone in the safe then you simply use your Ocean Medallion as you would a traditional key card. Thus giving you freedom to choose.

Princess Ocean Medallion (1)

The Features Of The Ocean Medallion Include:

Ocean Medallion Allows Easy Cruise Planning And Check In

The app allows you to photograph and upload your passport, add a photo, health declarations and all of your payment details to make you ocean ready, thus creating a streamlined embarkation and disembarkation process, giving quicker and easier access to the ship. You’re even able to choose a boarding time making cruise day a more seamless affair.

The ability to easily pre book onboard activities and dining, amend bookings and locate your cabin once allocated.

How to use the princess medallion app

The Princess Ocean Medallion Onboard Experience.

Keyless stateroom access, your cabin door opens as you approach the cabin, your cabin steward also knows when you are in the cabin.

Enhanced interaction with crew members and other guests. E.g. staff can see guest’s individual food and beverage preferences and offer a more personalised service.

On demand beverage delivery, whereby guests will be able to order drinks and have them delivered directly throughout the ship and to their stateroom and sun loungers. This is a game changer if you have kids that don’t want to leave the pool.

Ocean Compass, which provides interactive directions throughout the ship and allows guests to easily locate friends, family and their children. How many times have you let the kids nip for a game of football and had to trek back and forth checking on them? The Ocean Medallion allows you to track older kids and teens. Thus meaning so you know where they at all times. (You can turn the location tracking off if this is something you are not happy with.)

Easy payment for merchandise, drinks, shore excursions and other onboard services.

Access for guests to their real-time itinerary via portals throughout the ship. Along with events and activities taking place during their cruise.

Interactive games that can be played on portals across the ship.

‘Movies Under The Stars’ screen, including trivia challenges and a ship-wide digital scavenger hunt.

PrincessMedallion and keeping up with kids onboard

Why Is The Ocean Medallion Great News For Families?

As our kids have grown up there has been such a fine balance between letting them have a little freedom and always knowing where they are. I love my children, but am also aware of them not infringing on other people’s peace and relaxation.

You want your children to enjoy cruise ship facilities, have fun but also stay safe. We have rules, we like to know where the boys are going and why. They are not allowed to roam freely, family time is important. The Ocean Medallion gives that peace of mind that you know where they are at all times.

Medallion Net Offers WiFi Coverage As You Sail.

Hailed to be one of the fastest a sea, Medallion Net allows to to surf the internet, stream Netflix and browse the internet for an all inclusive daily price, which you can book independently or as part of a drinks and gratuities package.

PrincessMedallion and keeping track of loved ones onboard

What Accessories Are Available For The Ocean Medallion?

Once on line check in is complete, your Ocean Medallion will be posted to your home if sailing from the US, UK passengers will receive theirs at the port.   This makes check in smoother and more efficient. The Ocean Medallion comes in a plastic wallet which you can attach to a lanyard. Alternatively you can wear it on a wristband, necklace or on a belt clip. The Ocean Medallion Accessories are available to order in the Ocean Medallion App. These were the prices for our sailing.

  • Sports band in a choice of black, blue, pink or purple for $10
  • Sports Clip in a choice of black, blue, pink or purple $7
  • Sustainable wrist strap in grey, black and blue $17
  • Sustainable clip in black, blue and grey $15
  • Pendant Necklace in Silver or Gold $30
  • Card Inserts For Plastic Medallion Holders $5 (In a variety of options)
What colours does the ocean medallion sports band come in
What colours does the ocean medallion sports Clip come in
How much is the Princess Ocean Medallion wrist strap
How much is the Princess Ocean Medallion Clip_
How much is the Ocean Medallion necklace
Cruise Lanyard Inserts for Princess Cruises

I hope that helps and keep an eye out for updates onboard as I am sailing in Regal Princess very soon.

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  1. Great blog! Any idea where to get medallion bracelets like the pink leather one in the picture? Thank you!

  2. This app is not at all friendly to families! I’ve spent hours trying to get my kids in the app to no avail. So frustrating.

    • Ah no there has been so many glitches with the App lately which just isn’t good enough, I had a great experience mostly on my last cruise apart from ordering drinks which was a waste of time, however spoke to so many people and the opinion was mixed! It might be worth you ringing Princess and seeing if they can help.


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