Getting Around The Disney Springs Area On The Disney World Water Transportation


If you plan to stay onsite at Disney World in Orlando, then transport is a huge factor. The wonderful thing about staying on site is that you don’t need to drive, having all of your transport planned for you takes the stress out of your trip to Disney. This post looks at Getting Around Disney Springs On Walt Disney World Water Transportation. The water network, just like the Monorail network connects together to help you get between select Disney Resorts, Disney Parks and entertainment areas.

Which hotels and parks do the water bus boats connect
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Guide To Disney World Water Transportation

What Is The Disney Word Water Transportation System?

The Disney water transportation network is separated into 3 different networks. Water Launch, ( Water Taxis) these operate in the Magic Kingdom area. River Boats which connect Epcot and Hollywood Studios to the Boardwalk and hotels in the vicinity. Lastly Ferry Boats which connect Disney Springs to neighbouring resorts.

The boat stop at Saratoga Springs at Walt Disney World

Which Disney Parks Have Boat Transportation?

Getting Around The Disney Springs Area On The Walt Disney World Water Transportation System

Where Can You Catch The Boat From At Each Disney Resort Going To Disney Springs?

We are going to look at the Disney World Water Transportation connecting Disney Springs and connecting hotels. Having personally stayed at Saratoga Springs, we found the ferry transport invaluable for nipping across the the river to get to Disney Springs. Thus meaning we could head back to our Disney Vacation Resort to freshen up, before heading back out at night for dinner.

Water Buses At Walt Disney World

The Disney World Water Transportation Disney Springs Network Connects

  • Port Orleans Resort—French Quarter
  • Port Orleans Resort—Riverside
  • Old Key West Resort
  • Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
  • Saratoga Springs Tree Houses

Is The Disney River Boat Transport Free?

Yes, you can can use the river ferries for free, this is a great way to get from one end of Disney Springs to the other, and also for guests getting to the hotels or alternatively visiting hotels for the on site restaurants. It’s also a wonderful way of cooling down on a hot day, and feels like such a treat instead of a form of transport.

How Often Does The Disney World Water Transportation Around Disney Springs Run?

As a rule resort transportation runs from Disney Springs to the Disney Resorts every 20 minutes daily from 10:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. However check onsite as this may change depending on the season.

Where Are The Boat Stops At Each Resort On The Disney Springs Network

Stops On The Disney Springs Internal Boat Network

These Disney World Water Transportation runs around Disney Springs to allow you to hop between areas, and it’s so much fun. They are free to ride and great for getting about, and treating the kids to a free adventure.

The ferries run from the Market Place, (1 on the map) across to West Side, (2 on the map) across to The Landing (3 on the map) and back to 1. This route is run around every 15 minutes, however there are signs at the boat landing telling you when the next ferry is due. It takes around 20 minutes to get around the whole lake.

Disney Springs Ferry Map

The Ferry Stop At Disney’s Port Orleans Resort—Riverside

The yellow route boat too and from Disney Springs is behind the Riverside Mill Food Court at point D on the map. The boat ride to Disney Springs tales around 20 minutes from here. Should you want to get the boat to the French Quarter it will take you 5 minutes.

Catching The Boat At Disney’s Port Orleans Resort—French Quarter

Catch the yellow route boat from the jetty behind the Doubloon Lagoon pool, point D on the map. The boat to Disney Springs will take roughly 15 minutes from this point.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort Ferry Stops

You can catch the Green Route ferry from Old Key West To Disney Springs from Hospitality House, just behind Olivia’s Cafe (point B on the map) this will take less than 20 minutes.

Old Key West map getting the Disney World Water Transportation

Where To Get The Ferry At Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

To get the Blue Route ferry boat across to Disney Springs you need to walk through the main building and exit out past the Turf Club Bar and Grill ( C on the map) Now head down the ramp following the signs towards the lake. The boat across to Disney Springs takes 10 minutes from here.

Saratoga Springs Boat and busses To Disney

And Also Lastly, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Treehouse Resort

To get to the Blue Route ferry stop for Disney Springs you head towards the lake on the pathway between treehouses 7021 and 7022, the journey across the lake will take around 15 minutes.

Boats From Treehouse Villas At Saratoga Springs To Disney Springs

I hope our guide to Disney World Water Transportation around the Disney Springs area is helpful, I can’t tell you what a wonderful addition this was to our Disney Trip. Happy Disney Planning x

Getting Around The Disney Springs Area on The Water Ferry At Walt Disney World


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