Free Printable Flamingo Cruise Door Magnet


Todays cruise magnet is a bright and cheeky free printable flamingo cruise door magnet. This is a great magnet for Flamingo lovers, and despite the urban myths and gossip mongering. Flamingos aren’t just for sending secret messages, anyone can love a Flamingo.

Free Printable Flamingo Cruise Door Decorations to cut on Magnetic paper for cruise door magnets

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Free Flamingo Magnet Printable Cruise Door Decorations

What you Will Need To Make These Cruise Door Decorations

To Cut These Flamingo Cruise Door Magnets Out By Hand

Scroll down for the link and download; you can print these Cruise Flamingo files on magnetic printable paper and cut them out by hand or use print and cut with a Cricut or Silhouette machine.

Alternatively print onto card and laminate, then cut out by hand, you will need to attach magnets to the back with this method.

Full set of cruise door printables to print at home

If You Want To Use These Free Flamingo Cruise Door Decorations For Cricut Or Silhouette?

Click here or the image below to get your free downloadable Pineapple Cruise Door files and follow these instructions to add to Cricut Design Space. If you’re printing off and cutting out by hand you will need the JPEG version.

Get you free Flamingo Cruise Door Decorations

Cutting Your Flamingo Cruise Door Magnet On A Cricut

When you send your Pink Flamingo Cruise Door files to your Cricut to cut, ensure you use your brayer to roll the paper, vinyl or card to adhere to the mat. Movement will affect the cut. 

If your cutting mat looses its stickiness this will affect the quality of cut. Also make sure your mat is in good condition.

Additionally, set the material and cut pressure correctly to match whatever materials you’re cutting to guarantee a clean cut. If you have any problems cutting, check the mat, pressure and material settings; generally, this is where the problem will lie.

Free Flamingo Cruise Door Printable

Tips for Silhouette print and cut

For tips on how to use a Silhouette cameo take a look at this post on beginners tips for Silhouette Cameo.

10 Facts About Flamingos

  1. Flamingos are known for their vibrant pink or reddish feathers, which come from the pigments in the food they eat, such as algae, shrimp, and crustaceans.
  2. Flamingos are highly social birds and are often found in large flocks that can consist of thousands of individuals. These flocks serve various purposes, including protection from predators and better foraging opportunities.
  3. One iconic behavior of flamingos is their habit of standing on one leg. While scientists are not entirely sure why they do this, it’s believed that it helps them conserve body heat.
  4. Flamingos are filter feeders, using their unique beaks to filter tiny organisms and algae from the water. They typically feed by wading through shallow water and using their beaks upside down.
  5. Flamingos often breed in large colonies, sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands. These colonies provide protection from predators and help ensure successful reproduction.
  6. Flamingos have elaborate mating rituals that involve synchronized displays of group dancing, head-flagging, and wing salutes. These displays help strengthen pair bonds and establish dominance within the flock.
  7. Flamingos typically lay a single egg, which is incubated by both parents. They often build mud nests to protect the egg from flooding and predators.
  8. Both male and female flamingos take turns incubating the egg and caring for the chick after it hatches. The chick is fed a special “crop milk” produced by the parents until it’s old enough to feed on its own.
  9. Flamingos are found in various habitats, including salt flats, lagoons, and shallow coastal areas. They are most commonly associated with warm, tropical regions but can also be found in more temperate climates.
  10. There are six species of flamingos, with the Greater Flamingo being the most widespread and well-known. Other species include the Lesser Flamingo, Chilean Flamingo, Andean Flamingo, James’s Flamingo, and Caribbean Flamingo. Each species has its own unique characteristics and habitat preferences.

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