Guide To The New P&O Drinks Packages 2024 With Menus


Are you sailing with P & O soon? Are the new upgraded P & O Drinks Packages in 2024 good value? We have looked at all the differences and can share the changes with the new P&O drinks packages.

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P&O Cruises Have Recently Changed Their Drink Packages

The great news is that P&O Cruises have changed their drinks packages for adults and kids. But you can have that now for those who wanted a bit more from the package! At an extra cost, but when you drill it down, is having a more extensive wine or double measures vital to you? You now have the option to upgrade the package.

What Are The Differences With The New P&O Drinks Packages?

A new tier has been introduced above the classic package called the Deluxe Drinks Package, which has a higher price point but offers a vast selection of drinks, wines, spirits and cocktails. Notably, you can order more extensive wines and double measures of spirits.

Yes, there has been a slight price rise. However, you can minimise this by booking your package in advance rather than booking onboard.

How much are P & O Drinks Packages?

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How Much Are P&O Drinks Packages?

We have broken this post down into 4 main parts.

  • Deluxe Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £49.45 | On-board price: £54.95 (per person, per day)
  • Classic Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £40.45 | On-board price: £44.95 (per person, per day)
  • Alcohol- Free Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £22.45 | On-board price: £24.95 (per person, per day)
  • Refresh Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £9.85 | On-board price: £10.95 (per person, per day)

Each package offers exceptional value, as well as a wide variety of choice. So put you feet up and enjoy choosing the right package for your next cruise.

The P&O Deluxe Drinks Package

How Much Do The P&O Deluxe Drinks Packages Cost?

Deluxe Drinks Package, £49.45 | On-board price: £54.95 (per person, per day)

Whats Included In The Deluxe Drinks Package

  • Everything from the Classic drinks package
  • Beers and ciders
  • Craft beers, St Austell Brewery Tribute, Okell’s IPA
  • Extended range of cocktails, Aperol Spritz, Sunset Cooler
  • Extended range of 250ml wines, Côtes de Provence Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot
  • Prosecco 125ml
  • Extended range of 50ml spirits, Grey Goose, Salcombe Gin, The Tidal Rum, Johnnie Walker
  • Perfect Serves, Grey Goose Vodka, Salcombe ‘Start Point’, The Tidal Rum
  • Extended range of soft drinks
  • Full range of Costa Coffee and teapigs™ (Small and medium)
  • Complimentary Refresh package for children aged 16 years and under

The P&O Classic Drinks Package

How Much Do The Classic P&O Drinks Packages Cost?

P&O Classic Drinks Package costs £40.45 | On-board price: £44.95 (per person, per day). Notably, all adults staying in the same cabin must purchase the package.

P&O Drinks Prices
P&O Drinks & Cocktail Prices

Whats Included In The P&O Classic Drinks Package?

A selection of the the following drinks, these are examples and what we know so far

  • Everything from the Refresh and Alcohol-free drinks packages
  • Beers and ciders
  • Selected cocktails, Piña Colada, Mai Tai
  • Selected 175ml wines
  • Prosecco 125ml
  • Selected 25ml spirits
  • Selected Small Costa Coffee’s and teapigs
  • Complimentary Refresh package for children aged 16 years and under

Classic and Deluxe Drinks Packages entitle guests to a 20% discount on drinks not included in their package or ordered above the 15-drink limit. Drinks that qualify for the 20% discount are shown in the 20% Discount Offer table. Discount is applied against the total menu price.

Free P&O Cruises Drinks Packages For Kids

If you book the P&O Deluxe or Classic cruise drinks package the refresh package is free of charge if you are travelling with children under 16 years and under.

What’s Not Included In The P&O Drinks Package?

  • All Signature whiskies, cognac and rums
  • Bottles of wine, Champagne or spirits
  • Selected glasses of fine wine
  • Large bottled water
  • Freakshakes
  • Seven Wonders cocktails / Seven Treasures cocktails in Amber and Emerald Bar
  • Exclusive Cocktails in Anderson’s Bar
  • Drinks sold in shops on board
  • Wine, beer and spirit flights or buckets of beer
  • Drinks provided via self-service or vending machines
  • Room service orders
  • In-cabin water orders
  • Mini-bar items
  • The Retreat menu items
  • For guests under the age of 18, non-alcoholic beers, wines, spirits and Red Bull are not available
  • Use at special events such as P&O Cruises cocktail parties, wedding receptions or similar pre-booked private events.
P&O Drinks Prices And Menus 2022

P&O Non Alcoholic Drinks Packages

How Much Are The Alcohol Free P & O Drinks Packages.

The P & O non alcoholic drinks package costs £22.45 | On-board price: £24.95 (per person, per day)

Whats Included In The Non Alcoholic Drinks Package?

If alcohol’s not your thing, this package includes

  • Non-alcoholic beers, ciders, cocktails, wines and spirits
  • Unlimited draught soft drinks
  • Mixers
  • Selected juices and mocktails.
  • Teas
  • Selected Costa Coffee (Small) & teapigs
  • Small bottles of water
How Much Is The Children’s Drinks Package? P & O Drinks packages

Refresh Drinks Package

How Much Is The Refresh Drinks Package?

The P & O Cruises children’s drinks package is excellent at £9.85 | On-board price: £10.95 (per person, per day). You can pay for your children’s package with any onboard credit. However, each child in the same cabin must purchase the drinks package.

Furthermore, when travelling with children 16 and under, the children’s package is free of charge with a purchase of the Ultimate Drinks Package.

Whats Included Refresh Drinks Package?

The refresh package includes

  • Unlimited draught soft drinks, such as lemonade and cola
  • A selection of juices, fruit squash/cordial by the glass
Whats included in the drinks package for P&O Cruises Including premier drinks package, non alcoholic drinks package, kids drink package and coffee drinks package  Drinks menus with drinks prices

P & O Drinks Packages Commonly Asked Questions.

Are There Any Restrictions On The P & O Drinks Packages.

Yes, there is a limit of 15 alcoholic drinks every 24 hours (6 am to 6 am). Additionally, only one drink may be ordered, and you must have a 15-minute gap between drinks.

You can also only provide beverages to other guests included in your package.

Can You Use The Drinks Packages In The Restaurants?

You can order from your package in all food and beverage venues and other areas, such as public spaces that offer beverage service.

How Much Are Drinks On P&O?

P&O Spirits, Cognac And Cocktail Prices 2024

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label, £4.45, £6.85
  • Bell’s, £4.25, £6.70
  • Glenfiddich, £4.45
  • Jameson Irish, £4.25, £6.70
  • Glenmorangie, £4.45, £6.95
  • Jack Daniel’s, £4.35, £6.85
  • Baileys, £4.05, £6.55
  • Disaronno, £4.05, £6.55
  • Barcardi, £4.25, £6.70
  • Captain Morgans, £4.25, £4.70
  • Grey Goose Vodka, £4.45, £6.95
  • Smirnoff, £4.25, £6.70
  • Bombay Saphire, £4.35, £6.85
  • Salcombe Gin, £4.60, £7.10
  • Whitley Neill, £4.45, £6.95

P&O Wine And Champagne Prices

  • Pinot Grigio, Italy, large £8.95, small £6.85
  • Sauvignon Blanc, large £9.50, small, £7.15
  • Chardonnay, large £7.75, small £6.25
  • Zinfandel Rose, large £8.05, small £6.25
  • Rioja, large £8.05, small £6.25
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, large £7.50, small £5.95
  • Taittinger Rose Champagne, £9.25 glass
  • Prosecco, £6.45 glass

Beer And Cider Prices

  • Corona, pint £4.85
  • Fosters, £4.95
  • Stella Artois, pint £5.00
  • Budweiser, 330ml bottle £4.85
  • Old Speckled Hen, 500ml £5.05
  • Guinness draught can 440 ml can £5.05
  • Doom Bar, £5.05
  • Aspall Cyder, £5.30
  • Thatchers Gold, £5.30
  • Strongbow Cider, £4.85
  • Rekorderling Fruit Cider, £5.30

Soft Drinks, Tea And Coffee Prices On P&O

  • Pepsi or Diet Pepsi Regular £2.60, Large £3.30
  • J20 £3.00
  • San Pellegrino Lemon £2.55
  • Spring still or sparkling 500ml £2.00
  • Additionally, a wide section of Mocktails, £3.75
  • Cappuccino, £3.05 large £3.35
  • Cafe Latte, £3.05, large £3.35
  • Hot Chocolate , £3.10, large £3.40
  • Americano, £2.60, large £2.90
  • Speciality Tea, £2.30

P&O Drinks Packages Calculator

Are P&O drinks packages worth the money? Check out our P&O drinks package cost calculator below. This will help you decide if the drinks package is good value for the drinks you consume in a day. But remember to add tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Click the boxes to choose your drinks, we can’t do multiples, but you will get a good idea from this. But remember, if it’s over £6.95, it won’t be included in the package price.

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The P&O Drinks Packages
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P&O Drinks Menus

Check out the selection of P&O bar menus. These give you an idea of drinks, cocktails and mocktail prices which is particularly useful when working out if the cost of the drinks package is worth it.

I would like to find out. More about cruising with P&O, check out Claire’s post here about her Caribbean Sailing.

Deck menus P&O Cruises new menus 2023:24
Ultimate guide for P & O Drinks packages Cruises Including Drinks menus with drinks prices

Frequently Asked Questions For The P&O Drinks Package

What is a P&O drinks package?

A P&O drinks package is a pre-paid bundle of drinks that can be purchased before your cruise or onboard the ship. It allows you to enjoy unlimited drinks within a certain range of beverages, such as soft drinks, spirits, wine, beer, and cocktails, for a fixed price.

How many P&O drinks packages are there?

Deluxe Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £49.45 | On-board price: £54.95 (per person, per day)
Classic Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £40.45 | On-board price: £44.95 (per person, per day)
Alcohol- Free Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £22.45 | On-board price: £24.95 (per person, per day)
Refresh Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £9.85 | On-board price: £10.95 (per person, per day)

Can I buy a P&O drinks package onboard the ship?

Yes, you can purchase any of the drinks packages onboard the ship, but it’s cheaper to purchase them before your cruise.

Can I share my P&O drinks package with other passengers?

No, P&O’s drinks packages are strictly for personal use only and cannot be shared with other passengers.

Are gratuities included in the P&O drinks packages?

No this is added the the cost of your drinks package as an extra.

Are There Any Restrictions On The P & O Drinks Packages.

Yes, there is a limit of 15 alcoholic drinks every 24-hours (6am to 6am) Additionally, only one drink may be ordered at a time and you must have a 15 minute gap between drinks

What Is The Legal Drinking Age on P&O Ships

That depends on the port you are sailing out of and reflects the drinking age of that port. Ie the UK is 18, the US is 21.

Do Kids Get The Drinks Package Free?

If you are travelling with children under the age of 18 then you will get a free refresh drinks package with every adult alcohol package you purchase.

Can You Use The Drinks Packages In The Restaurants?

Yes you can use your P&O drinks package in all the dining venues.

Does Everyone In The Cabin Have To Purchase A Drinks Package?

Yes if there are 2 adults they must both purchase a package, unless there is a medical reason.

What Happens If I Want A Drink Thats Not in My Package?

Then you must pay for that drink but do get a 20% discount on drinks excluded from the package if you have the Classic or Deluxe Package.


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  1. Could you tell me do you buy the drink package when you board the ship, also is the price of 39.95 plus tax

    • I find you usually get a better deal before the cruise Lyn, sometimes port tax is added onboard depending where you are sailing from.

  2. Is southern comfort included in the drinks package,also Prosecco or cava.

    • Prosecco is but not pink, i am sure Southern Comfort will be if they have it as Disarano and Baileys is which is a similar price point.

  3. Hi looking at price for Pinot Grigio £7.00. Would I be charged for that in full. When other wines are £6.95 which are included in drinks package

    • Yes, its rubbish you cant pay the extra, however they did do a Pinot in the drinks package when I was on in July, there was a good choice of wine

  4. Hi, Do you have the 2023 bar prices? we are traveling on Iona in July and are considering the ultimate drinks package. Also if you have a G&T is that counted as two drinks?

  5. Can you buy an alcoholic drink package and a non alcoholic I drink bug my husband dies not

    • I think you can if you have medical reason, but I would contact them to ask the question.

  6. Is this list all drinks that are availability on the drinks package as I’m a brandy drinker and non on this list

    • I have just updated and added on a lot more drinks to the list

  7. Hi
    I know a gin +tonic is classed as 1 drink and who doesn’t like a good gnt. However I also like a Grey Goose and oj. Is that classed as a cocktail ( screwdriver) or two drinks as they seem to be a bit precious about “selected juices “. I’d hate to fork out £40 x 14 and find one of my fav drinks tips over the £6.95.

    • ooh no idea as not a vodka drinker sorry, but totally get you !

  8. Hi there….we too are travelling on the Iona in July 2023. How soon can copy of the new drinks menu be posted showing exactly what is included in the ultimate drinks package ?


    • Sorry Phillip I am not sure, you would probably be best contacting customer service. Have a great cruise


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