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Ultimate Guide To P&O Drinks Packages 2021/2022

Are you sailing with P&O soon and wondering if the P&O Drinks Packages in 2021/2022 are good value? Fortunately one of our amazing readers has just retuned from 2 weeks sunning herself in the Caribbean on Azura. The great thing about our lovely readers is that they are a sharing bunch. So we sent her on a mission to find out;

Do P&O Cruises Have Drink Packages?

The great news is, yes, P&O Cruises do offer a good selection of drinks packages. Thus we sent the gorgeous Kelly on the mission of finding out all about said drinks packages to share with you lovely lot.

How much are P & O Drinks Packages?

What Do P & O Drinks Packages Include?

We have broken this post down into 4 main parts

£39.95pp per day

  • The ultimate drinks package, £39.95 pp per day
  • Non-Alcoholic drinks package, £19.95 pp per day
  • Children’s drinks package £7.95 pp per day
  • The hot drinks package, £10.95 pp per day

Each package offers exceptional value, as well as a wide variety of choice. So put you feet up and enjoy choosing the right package for your next cruise.

The P&O Ultimate Drinks Package

How Much Do The Ultimate P & O Drinks Packages Cost?

P&O like Princess offer 1 alcoholic cruise package called the Ultimate Drinks Package at a cost of £39.95pp per day. Notably all adults staying in the same cabin must purchase the package.

Whats Included?

A selection of beers, wine by the glass, spirits and cocktails up to the value of £6.95. Also, unlimited draught soft drinks, mocktails, and small bottled water. Along with coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Free P&O Cruises Drinks Packages For Kids

If you book the P&O ultimate cruise package the children’s package is free of charge if you are travelling with children under the age of 17.

Ultimate guide for P & O Drinks packages Cruises Including Drinks menus with drinks prices

What’s Not Included In The P&O Drinks Package?

The ultimate drinks package doesn’t include; double measures of spirit, bottles of wine, large bottles of water, canned and bottled premium soft drinks, juices and smoothies.

Additionally drinks from room service the mini bar of self service machines, as well as special promotional drinks such as wine tasting, buckets of beer and buy one get one free offers are all excluded from the drinks package.

P&O Non Alcoholic Drinks Packages

How Much Are The Non Alcoholic P & O Drinks Packages.

The P & O non alcoholic drinks package costs £19.95pp per day.

Whats Included In The Non Alcoholic Drinks Package?

If alcohol’s not your thing, this package includes unlimited draught soft drinks, selected juices and mocktails. Also teas, coffee and hot chocolate and small bottles of water. Giving you a varied and indeed unlimited supply of non alcoholic drinks to enjoy.

Whats Not Included?

The non alcoholic drinks package doesn’t include; large coffees and hot chocolate, large bottles of water, canned and bottled premium soft drinks, juices and smoothies. Alongside drinks from room service, the mini bars and self service vending machines.

How Much Is The Children’s Drinks Package? P & O Drinks packages

The Children’s Drinks Package

How Much Is The Children’s Drinks Package?

The P & O Cruises children’s drinks package is great value at £7.95pp per day. You can pay for your children’s package with any on board credit you may have. Although each child in the same cabin must purchase the drinks package.

Furthermore, when travelling with children 16 and under, the children’s package is included free of charge with a purchase of the Ultimate Drinks Package.

Whats Included Children’s Drinks Package?

The children’s package includes unlimited draught soft drinks, such as lemonade and cola, a selection of juices, fruit squash/cordial by the glass and small hot chocolates.

Whats included in the drinks package for P&O Cruises Including premier drinks package, non alcoholic drinks package, kids drink package and coffee drinks package  Drinks menus with drinks prices

Hot Drinks Package.

How Much Does The Hot Drinks Package Cost?

The hot drinks package costs £10.95pp per day

Whats included In The Hot Drinks Package?

If hot drinks are your thing? Then the hot drinks package is for you, offering unlimited primo sized Costa coffee, teapigs™ tea and hot chocolate.

Whats Not Included?

However the hot drinks package does not include large coffees and hot chocolates, drinks from room service and the mini bar, and onboard promotions and event.

P & O Drinks Packages Commonly Asked Questions.

Are There Any Restrictions On The P & O Drinks Packages.

Yes, there is a limit of 15 alcoholic drinks every 24-hours (6am to 6am) Additionally, only one drink may be ordered at a time.

You are also not able to provide beverages to other guests not included in your package.

Can You Use The Drinks Packages In The Restaurants?

Yes, you can order from your package in all food and beverage venues and other areas such as public spaces that offer beverage service.

How Much Are Drinks On P & O?

P&O Drinks Price From 2021 Sailings

  • IPA, £4.95 per pint
  • Prosecco Grappa £5.00 a glass
  • Pinot Grigio £7.00 per 175ml glass
  • Zinfandel Blush £5.25 a 175ml glass
  • Rioja £6.25 a 175ml glass
  • Mocktails £3.50
  • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, small £2,25, large £3.05
  • Coca Cola , mixer bottle, £3.05
  • Pinot Grigio 175ml £7.00
  • Sauvignon Blanc 175ml £6.50
  • Chardonnay, £6.25
  • Captain Morgan Rum £3.75, £6.25
  • Gin Cocktail £6.65
  • Treasure Island Daiquiri £8.75
  • Cosmopolitan £7.95
  • Bombay Sapphire 25ml serving £4.00, £6.50

P&O Drinks Menus

Check out the selection of P&O 2021 bar menus. These give you an idea of drinks, cocktails and mocktail prices which is particularly useful when working out if the cost of the drinks package is worth it?

The three menus from the top may be slightly wonky, however our good friend Caroline was on the first sailing of Iona out of Southampton in 2021. We are so grateful for her grabbing these 2021 P&O Cruises Drinks menus, also check out her YouTube Channel for Iona ship tours.

Beer And Cider menus and prices on 2021 sailings on P&O Cruises
Wine and beer menus and prices on 2021 sailings on P&O Cruises
Gin, Rum and whisky price on P&O cruises 2021
Cocktail prices on 2021 sailings on P&O Cruises
How much are cocktails on P&O
Cocktail prices on 2021 sailings on P&O Cruises
Whisky menus and prices on 2021 sailings on P&O Cruises

To find out. more about cruising with P&O check out Claires post here about her Caribbean Sailing.

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Saturday 13th of November 2021

I cannot see the wine package on your lists. There used to be a 6 and 12 bottle package and you could choose from a list?? Is this still available?


Monday 20th of September 2021

Could you tell me do you buy the drink package when you board the ship, also is the price of 39.95 plus tax


Tuesday 21st of September 2021

I find you usually get a better deal before the cruise Lyn, sometimes port tax is added onboard depending where you are sailing from.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.