The Ultimate Guide To Virgin Voyages Restaurants


Today we are bring you an Ultimate Guide To Virgin Voyages Restaurants And Food with photos from our friends Keiran and Phil over at Magical Traveller, Travel Agents who specialise in cruising.

Keiran and Phil have sailed several times with Virgin Voyages and are huge fans of all the cruise line has to offer. They have told us many time that the food and drink offering was a highlight to them, even going as far as to say it’s amongst the best food they’ve experienced at sea! Also check out their Gluten Free Guide if you are like me and are gluten free this is a great guide.

Ultimate Dining Guide To Virgin Voyages

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Guide To Virgin Voyages Restaurants

With 20+ eateries onboard, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone onboard Virgin Voyages, regardless of how adventurous you are with cruise food. Or indeed whether you are looking for comfort food, yet elevated and more luxurious. You’ll undoubtedly find a restaurant you will enjoy whilst sailing with Virgin Voyages.

Food Is Included In Your Cruise Fare In All Restaurants On Virgin Cruises

I know we had to check this twice, no upselling of speciality dining venues. There are odd items on menus that have an extra charge such a tomahawk steak. However, all dining venues on Virgin Cruise Ships have many options that are included in the price you have paid and you can dine in them all.

How Do You Book Restaurants On Virgin Cruises?

Sailors can book via the Sailor app to book dining up to days before your cruise. You can also go on a waitlist when you are onboard. Bookings can be made 45 days before departure, and Sailors booked in Mega RockStar and RockStar Quarters will have the ability to book starting 60 days before.

Virgin Voyages Offers A Diverse Choice Of Restaurants

There’s ample choice available onboard for those who love snacking, whether grabbing a hot dog or wings from The Social or sampling the Mezze menu from the Dock and Dock House. You can also grab a rice bowl from Sun Club Cafe on the upper pool deck if you want something lighter yet equally delicious to eat. 

Where Virgin Voyages stands apart is with its approach to dining. You won’t find massive dining rooms with repetitive mass-produced meals. Instead, you will find a wide range of elevated dining options, with cuisine inspired from around the world. 

Hungry yet? If not, keep reading! You soon will be. 

Let’s look at the casual and formal dining options onboard Virgin Voyages. 

Food on Virgin Voyages

Casual Dining Restaurant’s On Virgin Voyages

There are 7 casual Virgin Voyages Restaurants onboard offering all day snacks, coffee and ice cream.

  • The Galley Street Food Dining
  • Dock and Dock House
  • The Social
  • The Sun Club Cafe
  • The Pizza Place
  • The Grounds Club Coffee and Cakes
  • Ship Eats Room Service

The Galley Street Food Dining

Let’s start by setting the tone. Unlike other cruise lines, there is no buffet onboard Virgin Voyages. So if you are looking for a casual meal onboard, then be sure to head to the Galley. 

Rather than a traditional buffet, it’s best to think more like street food, and you will be closer to what The Galley is. Offering a wide range of eateries to make up Virgin Voyages The Galley, with a mixture of ready-made grab-and-go and made-to-order options.

This is your go-to place if you are looking for something light for breakfast, lunch, Dinner or 4 am breakfast after parting in The Manor till the early hours. 

A few highlight eateries in the Galley on Virgin Voyages for us have to be Let’s Taco About It, with its perfect breakfast burrito, and Hot Pressed for its Instagram-friendly avocado toast. Sweet Treat, which we made request stops in the early afternoon for coffee and a cake or two.

There’s also the Quickeze station, full of grab-and-go options for those looking to snack in a rush. You will also find a self-service soft drinks, juice, tea and coffee station, wine, beer and cider. Just remember that alcohol is an extra charge. 

Virgin Voyages Restaurants,The Dock and Dock House

The Dock and The Dock House are two Virgin Voyages Restaurants on deck 7 Aft; they are connected and offer a Mediterranean inspired lounge and bar to relax in. And a menu of food and drinks, inspired by the best of the Mediterranean. The food here is served as smaller plates but is perfect for sharing or as a light bite after a busy day exploring ashore. 

Live music is often performed in both spaces. There is nothing better than relaxing in the sun on those gorgeous day beds, with the ocean breeze, or unwinding in the evening here.

The Social Is A Virgin Voyages Restaurant With A Difference

The social, also located on Deck 7, is the perfect place for those with a competitive edge. There is an onboard arcade full of retro cabinets. In addition, air hockey tables and The Gamer will be here from time to time with their impressive collection of board games that you are welcome to play. 

This is also where sports games can be watched on TV screens. This is also where you can enjoy some of the onboard quizzes and activities such as Karaoke and game shows.

As for food and drink, you will find Popcorn Nachos, Shakes, wings and Hot Dogs in plentiful supply here. There is also a sweet counter where you can create a bag of pic n mix sweets/candy or get a cake pop or two. The perfect pop of sugar to energise you after a busy morning or as a quick treat.

The Sun Club Cafe

You will find Sun Club Cafe at the top of the ship, on the upper deck of the Aquatic Club pool area. It has limited hours, so check the sailor app or printed schedule when on board. It’s usually open around the lunch window into the early afternoon. Still, it is a perfect spot for those looking for something light to eat, but it in no way skimps on flavour and choice. 

The food served here is like a Poke bowl, which is currently one of Kieran’s favourites, so you will find him here most days grabbing a bowl to eat. 

Lick Me Till Ice Cream Bar On Virgin Voyages

Not only is Link Me Till Ice Cream one of the best-named spots onboard, but it’s also one of Virgin Voyages’ highlights. Serving a wide range of Gelato included in your cruise fare, you can also choose which type of cone you would like, or choose a cup if you would prefer, or if, like Phil, you are Gluten free. 

Flavours rotate in and out, so check back to see what’s new. You can also name one of the flavours by participating in Scoop There It Is with The Diva, so check the daily schedule to find that.

The Pizza Place

Pizza Place is Phil’s favourite quick-service eatery onboard Virgin Voyages. On our French Daze, Ibiza Nights sailing, Phil ran from our room to Pizza Place within minutes of dropping our bags so he could get a slice of his favourite pizza. 

He says this Virgin Voyages Restaurant is his number 1 gluten free cruise pizza ever.

Available pretty much all day and into the early hours, Pizza Place is a great place to head for lunch or for a late-night meal after partying all evening. We often grabbed a pizza and returned to our room for movie nights.

You can also sit outside in a beautiful trattoria-like space, which is lovely when sailing at sea. 

The Grounds Club

There are two locations to get a premium coffee onboard Virgin Voyages. One is located inside The Galley, perfect for your morning wake-up call. Also, as we did most afternoons, you can grab a cake from Sweet Treats and enjoy the views of the port/sea from its upper deck location. 

Then this is also the coffee shop on deck 7, where you can unwind in one of the quiet spaces nearby, just off the Roundabout. 

We often grabbed a coffee from here and headed to the nearby outdoor promenade seating area, perfect for lazing in the sun with a book and unwinding. Alternatively, you could head to The Social with your coffee and play one of the many board games.

Ship Eats AKA Room Service On Virgin Voyages.

Don’t fret if you want to relax in your cabin; you can enjoy the world going by from your hammock. Or are you just looking to grab a late-night snack? Virgin Voyages also offers Room Service. 

They call it Ship Eats, and it is available for just a $5 service fee, which is waived if you order an alcoholic drink simultaneously.

Available via the Sailor app or by calling sailor services, you can order a wide range of snacks, light bites and nibbles perfect for every appetite.

Breakfast is always a popular option and worth treating yourself to at least once per sailing. Why not order champagne and make your own mimosas to enjoy from the balcony?

Formal Dining Options In Virgin Voyages Restaurants

There are 6 formal Virgin Voyages Restaurants all offering a diverse choice of menus to suit all tastes. Check out the options which are all incredible.

  • Pink Agave Mexican
  • Extra Virgin Italian
  • Razzle Dazzle  Vegatarian
  • The Wake Steakhouse
  • Test Kitchen Gastronomy Laboratory
  • Gunbae Korean BBQ

Let’s talk about the main dining onboard Virgin Voyages. The ships also have a fantastic range of main eateries if you want something special in the evening.

The main highlight of Virgin Voyages is there are no main dining rooms and no fixed seating times. Instead, there are 6 restaurants you can choose from, each with fantastic menus and food that’s on par with, and at times better than, speciality dining options we’ve had on most ships. 

Pink Agave Mexican

Pink Agave, the onboard Mexican restaurant. Serving authentic Mexican tacos, nachos and all things Mexican-inspired, tapas-style. 

The restaurant has one of the most iconic entrances, a sumptuous intimate atmosphere, and plush furnishings and booths. Making it a great choice for couples looking for an intimate meal or groups looking to get together and celebrate.

A highlight for us has to be the Cochinita Pibil smoked pork; it’s so succulent and loaded with flavour. For Dessert, check out the Milhojas, a delicious Tamarind, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple option all layered onto the lightest puff pastry that melts in your mouth. 

Extra Virgin Italian

Extra Virgin is the Italian restaurant on board and the place to head to if you love all things pasta. With so much choice, it’s also great to hear that all the pasta is freshly made onboard. 

Its sharing board course is perfect for a group meal; why not order a few Antipasto and share also? 

The Potato Gnocchi and the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio were firm favourites on multiple dinings. Then when finished, end your beautiful meal with affogato and a cheeky Limoncello. 

Razzle Dazzle  Vegetarian Restaurant

Razzle Dazzle is a vegetarian-forward restaurant and a feast for the eyes, with a menu that’s not only fun but delicious.

Taking its design inspiration from how World War ships would be painted with Dazzle lines to fool binoculars, the restaurant certainly makes a solid first impression. But, just like its decor, you soon realise the menu also offers a lot of excitement. 

With some genuinely brilliant creations like Fairy bread on its brunch menu, indulgent vegetarian burgers, and fun spins on pub classics like Fish and Chips, it’s not hard to find something to enjoy. 

If you are someone who simply has to have meat in your meal, panic not; there is also the naughty menu with plenty of options for those who simply can’t go without. 

Also, ask about the secret menu; on our sailing, it was the Buttered Chicken Curry, which was divine… but don’t tell them we told you.

The Wake Steakhouse

If you are a fan of an elevated steakhouse, then be sure to head to The Wake. Not only is the restaurant stunning, with gorgeous details throughout, but it also offers beautiful views of the ship’s wake. The perfect spot for a romantic meal during sunset or sail away. 

Why not upgrade your meal to Surf and Turf, or indulge in one of the many seafood options available onboard? 

The Wake is a popular choice onboard, so make sure you book a reservation in advance if you plan to celebrate a special occasion.

Test Kitchen 

Test Kitchen is the gastronomy laboratory onboard Virgin Voyages. It is an experience that would be a considerable upcharge on almost every other cruise line. 

Food is often served in unexpected ways, and the menu will challenge your perception of what food can be. 

The menu lists the key ingredients, and over six courses, you are taken on a food journey that will surely surprise and delight you. We also love the drink pairing menu to go with your meal. You can choose to pair wine, beer, soft drinks or Cocktails to your menu, making the drinks just as exciting an adventure as your meal. 


Gunbae is such a unique offering onboard Virgin Voyages. A Korean BBQ, where food is grilled in front of you. Arrive hungry as the food comes thick and fast and is indeed plentiful. A highlight for us has to be the wings. You can also get some outstanding wings here, which are worth visiting Gunbae for those alone. It even starts with a drinking game, a perfect icebreaker to set the mood for a very social dining experience! 

Does Virgin Voyages Have Formal Night?

No Virgins Voyages doesn’t have a formal night, they have a Scarlet Night where you are encouraged to wear great. The premise is look great feel great.

Does Virgin Charge Gratuities

No all gratuities are included on Virgin Cruises, its all included in the price of your cruise. You will not even pay gratuities on drinks.

What Drinks Are Included In Your Virgin Cruise Fare?

  • Soft drinks
  • Filtered Water
  • Brewed coffee
  • Juices (Not blended drinks or smoothies)
  • Sodas
  • Teas

What Are The Cabins Like On Virgin Voyagers?

Check out this guide of a Sea Terrace Cabin, ie Balcony Cabin on Virgin Cruises.

In Conclusion, Virgin Voyages Restaurants

Thanks so much to Keiran and Phil for this mega round up of delicious Virgin Voyages Restaurants and guide to dining and snack options on board Virgin Ships. We have been on the fence about cruising with virgin, however the food options and quality looks astounding. Which could be a deciding factor. Especially as we know how discerning these guys are! Thanks for an incredible round up and also a huge selection of photos. Check out their latest Virgin Voyagers offers here.


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