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Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package Guide and Drink Menus

This is the ultimate guide of the Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Packages an d menus, you will find all the latest information and Royal Caribbean drink menus needed for your next Royal caribbean family cruise in 2021 and 2022. This Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package Guide tells us what is available on every ship and is everything you need to know about Royal Caribbean drinks packages before you sail. Also check out our Royal Caribbean Formal Night Guide Here and our Dining Package Guide.

What You Will Find On This Page

The Guide to Royal Caribbean drinks packages with the latest Royal Caribbean drink menus and bars 2021

Royal Caribbean's Latest Drinks Package Guide and Drink Menus,Spirits at the Bionic bar Symphony of the Seas royal Caribbean Royal Caribbean drink menus

Find the Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package 2021- 2022 here . There are so many questions surrounding cruise drink packages. All your Royal Caribbean drink menus and beverage package questions will be answered here. If you are planning a cruise in 2021 or 2022 and want to know what Royal Caribbean beverage package you need read on. You can work how many drinks you would drink using our menus as a guide.

Find answers to commonly asked questions on on Royals drink packages and prices of drink onboard.

What drinks are included in the Diamond lounge and do you get free drinks with a royal suite? What exactly is all-inclusive in the alcoholic package?  Here are the latest Royal Caribbean drink menus for 2021 as well as cruise drink menu photos and latest information on the Royal Caribbean drink package.

What are the different types of Royal Caribbean drinks packages?

There are four drinks packages on Royal Caribbean;

Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package the Deluxe beverage package 

The first Royal Caribbean drinks package is the deluxe beverage package which lets you enjoy any beverage onboard including cocktails, wines, spirits, soda, squeezed juices and premium tea and coffee. You also receive a discount on any bottles of wine you wish to purchase – 40% off of bottles priced up to $100 and 20% off of bottles priced over $100. This is the perfect package to go for if you really want all of the choices.

The Royal Caribbean Refreshment package

The refreshment package is a great idea for those who do not wish to purchase alcohol. The refreshment package is a non alcoholic package but does include non alcholic Cocktails and smoothies. You can enjoy any selection of premium coffees and teas along with bottled water, freshly squeezed juices, non alcoholic cocktails and any choice from the soda package.

Classic soda on Royal Caribbean drinks package

The classic soda package is great fun and includes unlimited soda fountain refills in your own souvenir cup.  Great for teens! There are hundreds of different sodas on the soda machines which are situated throughout the ship. Choose from Coca Cola, Fruit flavours and even energy drinks using your Coka Cola souvenir cup which comes with your package.

The water Bottle drinks package on Royal Caribbean

The Water bottle package on Royal Carbbean lets you have 12 or 24 packs of Evian Water Bottles delivered to your stateroom. Perfect if you just want bottled water every day in your mini bar.

Cafe select coffee card on Royal Caribbean

Cafe select coffee card is also great idea to let you indulge in up to 15 specialty coffees, premium teas and hot chocolates. This Royal Caribbean drinks package for coffee lets you purchase a card that is punched as you go saving you up 50% on each drink. A one a time purchase card that can be shared between guests.

Bar menu and Pina Colada Symphony of the Seas royal Caribbean

Most asked questions Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package Guide and beverage menus below

Royal Caribbean drink package promotion 2021

Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package Guide promotion 2021 – Check the website for details on their current promotions! Yes Royal Caribbean do promotions all year round so do not book your package straight away unless it is a good deal. They also sometimes offer free drink packages when you book a sailing so keep an eye on Royal Caribbean latest drink package deals.

What is in the New Royal Caribbean Soda and WIFI package?

The Royal Caribbean classic soda and voom wi-fi package cost is $18.24 and its a new way to stay connected.

Sip, save and stay connected all cruise long with a bundle of two great favorites packages. We are bundling our Classic Soda Package with VOOM® high-speed internet. This enables so you can enjoy unlimited soda in your Coca-Cola souvenir cup, while streaming all your favorite music, movies and sharing your unforgettable moments in real time.

*All Beverage Packages exclude any beverages served inside licensed Starbucks® stores. Classic Soda Package Offerings: • Fountain soda and refills at any venue • Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages • Coca-Cola souvenir cup

What is included in the RC soda package?

Royal Caribbean Soda machines are situated in different areas of the ship such as the Royal Promenade You will find the soda machines on all classes of ship including the Freedom of the Seas and the Oasis of the seas etc. Each Royal Caribbean soda machine has over 100 flavours including all fruit, colas and even energy drinks. The machine is activated by the chip in the bottom of the Souvenir cup. You can also obtain soda at the bars using your cup or sea pass card.

Does the deluxe drinks package have a daily limit for alcohol?

There is no daily limit to the drink packages on Royal Caribbean it really is unlimited! Enjoy drinks or cocktails all day in a choice of different bars all over the ship.

If one person is buying the alcohol package, does everyone have to have the same package, or can the other just get the soda package?

If you are buying deluxe drinks package every person in your stateroom that is over 21 or 18 ( UK and Australia ) must purchase a package. There is an exception to the rule those guests that do not drink alcohol for certain health or religious reasons and instead are allowed to purchase a refreshment package. To arrange this you should call Royal Caribbean direct.

What is the maximum price of a drink you can purchase on a package?

The cocktails tend to be the most expensive on the Royal Caribbean bar menu. Most cocktails are included in the package (regular price around $12, although on the Oasis class and Quantum class ships are normally a dollar dearer. If you are sailing from the UK cocktail prices seem to start a dollar more than than if departing elsewhere in the world. It’s worth noting that all drinks onboard already include your gratuity and onboard taxes. Some cocktails are above the package price If you wish to pay the extra few dollars for a more expensive cocktail you can, but you may not need to as the list of included cocktails is comprehensive.

Can I buy more than one drink on the Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package with my sea pass?

No each time you go to the bar you can only purchase one drink at a time. However if you know the bar staff after a few days they may let your partner get your drink for you. If you give them one sea pass card they can tell on system who in your stateroom also has the package.

What is the price of a drinks package on Royal Caribbean?

The drinks package is roughly $65 per person a day. The refreshment package is $30 a day , The soda package $10 a day. This does fluctuate slightly. Keep an eye online (i.e in online Facebook groups, and on your inbox as they may email you with special offers) as Royal Caribbean often do deals to encourage passengers to book before they sail. Sometimes they do a buy one get one half price or discount sales on packages.

Cafe select coffee cards are $36 for every 15 coffees purchased.

Occasionally Royal Caribbean offer free drinks packages when you book and this offers great value for money.

If you wait and purchase onboard is it cheaper?

It can be more expensive to buy onboard in port as the country’s tax will be added to the cost of your package. Look out for offers online such as 20% off before you sail. Sometimes you can book a cruise with a free drinks package!

Can I use my drinks package as soon as I board?

Yes you can!  The minute you get onboard to the second before you disembark you are able to use your drinks package and choose from the Royal Caribbean drink menus. Also if you have not purchased a Royal caribbean drinks package prior to your cruise you can purchase a drinks package at any bar when you embark.

What does a drinks package include?

A Royal Caribbean drinks package includes all drinks such as selected glasses of wine, most spirits, speciality coffees, cocktails, beers and fresh juice. The Drinks packages also includes gratuities and taxes so you will not get a nasty shock when your onboard bill arrives!

How much will I use a deluxe drinks package whilst onboard Royal Caribbean?

As little or as much as you want. A general day for instance could include several soft drinks and hot drinks and not just alcohol. Coffee in the morning and a freshly squeezed juice followed by a bottle of water to take with you off the ship. Maybe a glass of wine with your drink package in Vintages specialty wine bar or a cocktail in Schooners before or after dinner.  I’ve always found the drinks packages to be worth the money.

Is Starbucks included in the Deluxe Beverage package?

No, all beverage packages exclude any beverages served by licensed Starbucks stores.

Where can I use my drinks package?

Everywhere on the ship (excluding Starbucks) – Specialty restaurants including Jamies, Wonderland, Vintages wine bar and the Playmaker sports bar. Cafe promenade is where you will get all your premium coffees and teas (iced coffees, frappes, blended teas, and even chai).

Grab a healthy fruit smoothie in Vitality cafe, or a beer in the English pub on the promenade. Don’t forget the Pool Bars and the Solarium too.

My son doesn’t like fizzy drinks do I need a soda package?

No there is free water, ice tea at all times onboard and some juices available in the Windjammer cafe (buffet restaurant on the pool deck).

TOP TIP if you decide against purchasing a drinks package take a few small concentrated squashes with you to make a juice with the water provided.

What drinks are free on Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package? that I do not need a drinks package for?

You can get complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate in places such as Windjammer, Sorrentos and the Cafe promenade. Windjammers also has iced tea at all times, in addition fruit juices such as orange juice at breakfast time. There is iced water available at all bars. Royal Caribbean drink menus include the price of each drink so anything else on the ship with no price is free.

Is there any free alcohol on Royal Caribbean ships?

During the welcome onboard reception hosted by the Captain (which is normally the first formal night) there are waiters circulating the area with complimentary glasses of fizz.

At the art auctions you can have a complimentary glass of champagne too. Also if you are staying in a suite there is a suite lounge which offers complimentary drinks.

Can you take alcohol onboard Royal Caribbean ships?

Yes you can take your own alcohol on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Two bottles of wine or champagne per cabin can be taken onboard during turnaround and embarkation day. Perfect for celebrating in your cabin!  Any alcohol brought onboard on port days will be held by security until you disembark the ship.

If I do not purchase a drinks package on Royal Caribbean what will happen?

When you purchase a drink onboard Royal Caribbean without a package  you will be charged a gratuity fee with every drink.

What drinks are there for Diamond guests and above onboard?

Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle guests have their on lounge and a chance to drink complimentary  in bars at a certain times each day.

Royal Caribbean diamond happy hour drinks menu

For Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members there are unlimited drinks between 5pm-8.30pm in the Diamond Lounge with canapés.

You can also get three free drinks loaded on your card to use between 5pm and 8.30pm in any bar. This is part of the Crown and Anchor members club.

This is the Diamond Members club drink menu in the Diamond Club room.

 Diamond Happy Hour drink menu on Royal Caribbean. Members club drink menu in the Diamond Club room.

If I have a suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise do I get free drinks?

Yes Suite guests get entry to the Suite lounge if there is one on your ship. Drinks are normally served free between 11.30am to 11pm everyday. Drinks in the Royal Caribbean Suite Lounge include wines, Beers and soft drinks.

This is a photo of the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Suite Lounge drinks menu. This is the same for other suite lounges such as Symphony and Harmony of the Seas. Later in the evening between 4.30pm and 8.00pm the Suite lounge includes spirits.

Suite Lounge drink menu on Royal Caribbean , this is also the menu for the Coastal kitchen

What is the Coastal kitchen drink menu onboard Royal Caribbean?

As well as the free drink menu Coastal Kitchen offer another wine menu to purchase full bottles of wine or drinks. You can still use your drink package in the Coastal Kitchen for cocktails.

Coastal kitchen drink menu. Wine  choices menu Royal Caribbean
Coastal kitchen drink menu wine menu Royal Caribbean
Coastal kitchen drink menu wine menu Royal Caribbean
Coastal kitchen drink menu wine menu Royal Caribbean

Are drinks included in the Coastal Kitchen onboard Harmony or Symphony of the Seas?

Yes drinks are included in the coastal Kitchen. Some drinks are free at the same times as the suite lounge. The same menu from the suite lounge apply’s for guests who are Pinnacle or Sky class in the Coastal kitchen. If you are Star class all drinks apply.

The suite lounge drinks menu is the same menu as the Coastal Kitchen drinks menu. If you have a drinks package the menu does not apply you can have whichever drink you choose including cocktails.

What beers are available in the Royal Caribbean English pubs?

The beer list is extensive and includes beers from all over the world. Ales such as Brown Ale, White Ale, pale Ale and Beers from ashore such as Indian Ale or Belgian Ale. Lagers from the world such as Pilsners Bud Light and Coronas. Not to mention Guiness and non alcoholic beers.

Here are some of the current beer and drink prices in Royal Caribbeans onboard bars.

  • Budweiser beer $8.25
  • Corona beer $8.25
  • Stella Artois beer $8.25
  • Strongbow cider $8.25

For the full list scroll down to the Independence of the Sea pub bar menu.

What is the beer menu on Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas?

Here is the pub beer and cocktail menus. The prices vary from ship to ship but the menu generally is the same.

Independence of the Seas Pub menu with cocktails and beers, Royal Caribbean drink packages guide
Royal Caribbean pub bar menu and prices for beer.

How much are the drinks onboard Symphony of the Seas?

Drinks on Royal Caribbean are priced between for a $8.25 for a beer and up to $15 dollars for a cocktail with $14 being the package limit.

Wine on Royal Caribbean ships is priced between $9 to £16 dollars a glass.

For a better idea scroll down to the latest photos of the Symphony of the Seas menu below.

These are the general bar menus for Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package? Including Royal Caribbean pool bar menus

Royal Caribbean drink menus on Symphony of the Seas

Beverage menus on the pool bars on Royal Caribbean offer many varieties of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Similar menus are across all ships. These Royal Caribbean drink menus can be found at all of the pool bars often across others onboard.

Pool bar prices on Royal Caribbean are now as of 2021 priced at;

  • Beer prices start from £8.25
  • Wine $9 to $16 dollars a glass
  • Cocktails are £14 dollars
  • Non alcoholic cocktails are £7
  • Soft drinks are $3.50
Royal Caribbean drinks menu at pool bar with prices. Whiskey cocktails 2018 Independence of the seas
Royal Caribbean cruise ship drinks menu Rum cocktails 2018
Royal Caribbean cruise ship drinks menu Gin cocktails
Royal Caribbean Freedom class drinks Gin cocktails menu
Royal Caribbean Freedom class drinks menu wines
Royal Caribbean Freedom class drinks menu beers
Symphony of the Seas, Oasis class drinks menu Vodka Cocktails
Symphony of the Seas, Oasis class drinks menu non-alcoholic drinks

Vitality Bar smoothie cocktails and drinks menu onboard Royal Caribbean 

Here is the Vitality bar drink menu as on the Symphony of the Seas

 Vitality spa bar menu prices

Schooner bar drinks menu

Here are the latest Schooner bar Royal Caribbean drink menus from Independence of the Seas.

The Royal Caribbean drink menu in Schooner bar contains some more sophisticated cocktails such as Lavender Daiquiri.

Drinks menu Royal Caribbean Schooner bar with prices
Royal Caribbean Schooner bar menu with prices
 Independence of the seas as of May 2018 cocktails
Schooner menu Independence of the seas as of May 2018 champagne cocktails
Schooner Independence of the seas as of May 2018 wines
 Royal Caribbean Schooner bar menu wines

Royal Caribbean Bionic Bar

Take a look at the drinks on offer in the Royal Caribbean Bionic bar

Royal Caribbean Oasis Class ships Wonderland Bar menu and cocktail list included in package

This is the Wonderland restaurant cocktail menu from Symphony of the Seas. Wonderland restaurant is an exciting dining  experience onboard Royal Caribbeans larger fleet of ships. Wonderland cocktails have a n Alice in wonderland theme to them and include;

  • Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Smoke rings
  • White rabbit
  • Cheshire Cat Cosmo
Royal Caribbean Wonderland Symphony of the Seas Cocktail menu

Royal Caribbean Vintages Wine Bar wine menu 2021

This is the menu for Vintages wine bar on Royal Caribbeans Oasis of the Seas. This is the same wine menu as other vintages bars thought-out the Royal Caribbean fleet.

Vintage’s red wine bar menu onboard Oasis of the Seas

This is the menu for Vintages wine bar on Oasis of the Seas. This is the same wine menu as other vintages bars thoughtout the Royal caribbean fleet.

The Vintage white wine bar menu onboard Oasis of the Seas.

This is the menu for Vintages wine bar on Oasis of the Seas. This is the same wine menu as other vintages bars thoughtout the Royal caribbean fleet.
The Vintage white wine bar menu onboard Oasis of the Seas.

Tequila Flights drinks menu onboard Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Tequila Flights drinks menu onboard Oasis of the Seas
Tequila Flights drinks menu onboard Oasis of the Seas, sangria white and sangria red

Hope you found this article featuring the Royal Caribbean drink menus and beverage packages useful.  Stay tuned for more ship drink menus coming soon!

Should I book a Royal Caribbean Drinks Package?

Find out in this Royal Caribbean’s Latest Drinks Package guide if you need to book a drinks package and if it is worth it. If you enjoy a wine with your dinner and a few cocktails by the pool then one of the Royal Caribbean drinks packages is for you. If you  look at the prices on the menus to see how much you would spend on drinks onboard. For non alcoholics or you only have the odd drink a day then this may not be needed. You can get tea and coffee in  the restaurants as well as some juices.

For more about cruising with Royal Caribbean CLICK HERE.

Royal Caribbean the ultimate guide to deluxe drink packages and drink menus
Royal Caribbean the ultimate guide to deluxe drink packages and drink menus

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Sunday 17th of October 2021

will there be any drinks package deals on the Anthem of the sea, sailing out of New York to the Caribbean on January-February 2022. ?


Thursday 28th of October 2021

@admin, Do they tend to do black Friday deals? I'm on the Jan sailing out of new york and with it being 11 nights trying to get it as cheap as possible as I'm in the position where i don't really drink but being forced to have it because my other half wants it. What's the cheapest anyone has seen it? It seems to be fluctuating from £34 to £43 per day.


Sunday 24th of October 2021

Not sure, however black Friday is a good place to start looking and check your cruise planner every day as the price fluctuates daily!


Thursday 2nd of September 2021

Thank you for this post was very informative. Do you have the drinks menus for the Jewel of the sea?


Tuesday 14th of September 2021

Sorry I don't but can access drinks prices what are you looking for?

Andrew Green

Tuesday 24th of August 2021

Is the wine only package still available


Tuesday 14th of September 2021

It was until recently but i cant see it my dashboard for my next sailing

Ross Paton

Thursday 8th of April 2021

Hi, is it possible to buy the drinks package just for 1day at a day rate price? I would most likely indulge in a few more drinks when spending a day at sea. Thanks in advance

Donna Vallance

Friday 23rd of April 2021

As far as im aware it must be for the duration of your cruise.

Diana Tompkin

Saturday 8th of February 2020

Hi Donna,

You have pictures of the vitality smoothies and juices, are these included in the refreshment package prices?

Donna Vallance

Tuesday 11th of February 2020

Yes the refreshment package is premium without alcohol

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