Want A Good Nights Sleep On A Cruise? Follow These Rules When Choosing Your Cruise Cabin


Are you considering booking a cruise and worried about sleeping in a small space? Worry not—cruise cabins, despite being small, are well-designed and planned out. However, there are a few key rules to getting the best cabin location. Scroll on for our top tips on choosing the best cabin location.

Things To Think About When Choosing A Cruise Cabin

Our Cabin On Norwegian Encore 
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

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Before you choose your cabin, consider your priorities. Do you want to be near the nightlife, the pool, the spa or the restaurants, and dining venues? Once you know what activities you would prefer to be near too. Then, start to look at areas you might want to avoid.

If You Think You May Be Seasick

Ship view of Odyssey of the Seas
Photo Credit, Sarah Christie, Cruising for All

If you think you may be seasick, choose a cabin mid-ship lower down. There is less movement lower down and midship. Thus better for those who do not like to feel movement.

Not Too Near A Lift (This Is Unavoidable With Some Suites)

Want A Good Nights Sleep On A Cruise? Follow These Rules When Choosing Your Cruise Cabin
Photo Credit Donna Vallance

This is down to personal choice; you may want a cruise cabin near the lifts if you are less mobile. We, on the other hand, prefer to be farther away. Cruise cabins are pretty well insulated from noise. But there are some voices no amount of insulation can block out; we all know that person. And they are generally louder at midnight after a few cocktails.

Not Have A Cruise Cabin With An Obstructed View

Odyssey of the Seas
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

A cruise cabin with an obstructed balcony (Usually a lifeboat or sometimes a metal pillar or bar) is an excellent option if you want outside space but also want to save money. However, to fully maximise the view, ask your travel agent for a cabin with an unobstructed view. These cost more but are worth the premium.

Not Below The Pool Deck

Princess Cruise Ships By Age Newest To Oldest, Cruise Packing Guide
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

We once had a stateroom under the pool deck, and the racket was awful in the early mornings, with the chair hoggers staking a claim and laying towels down. But also the crew up cleaning decks at dawn, moving chairs and getting ready for the day ahead.

No Bars, Restaurant Or Clubs Above Or Below

Bar on Mariner of the Seas
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie

Get to know the deck plans; avoid decks with promenade decks and clubs above and below. If you want an early night and there is a bar or club above you, it may be a challenge.

Cabins Above And Below Is A Safe Bet

Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Look at the deck plans and choose a deck with cabins above and below. These will be quieter areas; yes, there is always that one noisy neighbour, but generally, people are respectful.

Not At The End Of The Ship Near The Theatre

Mariner of the Seas in port in Mexico
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie

Ok, so shows don’t go on too late, but the entertainment team must practice sometime. This could be early in the morning. Plus, if you are a fan of an afternoon sleep, the sound of bingo numbers being called could be off-putting. The theatre is also a high-traffic area, something we like to avoid.

Not Near Any Large Blank Spaces Or Voids

Laundry on P&O Iona
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie

Every bit of space is used on a cruise ship; voids on the deck plan usually mean a service area. These can be noisy areas, as some crew work around the clock. Avoid these areas at all costs. We were once next to a service area, and the noise started at 5 a.m.

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