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MSC Grandiosa Kids Clubs are fun, bright and fabulous for all ages.

This is the ultimate guide to the new MSC Grandiosa kids clubs.We were kindly invited on MSC Grandiosa as part of a inaugural press trip. MSC cruiseline really understand families and take child’s play to heart. MSC are an award winning company and were voted the best cruise line for families by Cruise Critics and also the Best Family Cruise in the Wave Awards. In this MSC Grandiosa Kids Club Overview you can see for yourself the fun rooms and kid oriented spaces that Grandiosa has. The rooms are functional and bright and very beautifully designed.

There are 5 kids fun clubs for different ages

The kids club facilities onboard Grandiosa are cater perfectly to children of all ages. MSC cruises team up on each cruise ship with leading kids toy brands such as Lego and Chicco.

There are 5 MSC Grandiosa Kids Clubs onboard from babies to teens of 17. The aqua park is called the Wild Forest and there are also sports area’s and teen zones. The kids club areas are dedicated solely for the use of the children so they can let off some steam.

The Chicco baby club MSC Grandiosa

The Chicco baby club is the baby club for infants to toddlers aged from 1-3 years. This beautiful room is filled with toys from the leading brand Chicco. This is a free service is for all little ones.

The MSC Gramdiosa Babytime is for parents to have quality time with thier little ones. This fun zone is filled with sensory educational toys chosen by the Osservatorio Chicco Baby Research centre.

MSC Babycare onboard  is a nursery service giving you the opportunity to drop your children off at the Mini Club. Here they will be looked after by qualified staff who will let them play.

The baby Care club  is subject to prior booking and has limited availability, for children between 1 and 3 years old (This is an added charge).

The MSC Grandiosa mini club

The mini club is the kids club for children aged between 3 and 6 years old. This well designed room is full to the brim with imaginative and creative play including Duplo Lego!

MSC’s Magic Lego playroom is a great place for kids of the age. There are activities scheduled in throughout the day with lots of opportunity to have free time and build. In the magic kitchen they can build their own food with role play. The Lego room features all of the latest Duplo Lego toys for imaginative play.

The MSC Grandiosa Junior Club

The Junior club is the MSC  kids club for children aged  between 7 and 11 and again contains  a bundle of  Lego! High quality fun games and experiences that supports your child’s learning. The lego room is a spacious room and is a great area for your children to explore and have fun. A room for story telling is also available with changeable stories on a magic wall. How about even becoming a Lego Magician?

The Young Teen Club on Grandiosa

The Young Teen Club is the Tween club for young teens. We all know teens are too cool to be having about with us adults so this cool trendy area is perfect for them to relax. There is a high energy schudelue in the planner with plenty of chance to use up that spare energy. You will find table tennis, board games, Ball games, sports activities and plenty of team building. Gaming pods are also available should your child wish, with all different consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation. This spacious area is totally  dedicated to the 12 to 14 year old tweens.

Teen Club the Attic

The teen club is the MSC Teen club for 15 to 17 year olds. The attic is such a success with the kids it really feels grown up. They have a huge area for disco’s by night, gaming room, cinema, and cool hang out areas during the day. The ingenious design enables walls to pull away at different times to change the area. This reveals a gaming and seating area by day and a party room and and alcohol free bar area by night. Teens are made to feel important in this  independent room.

The teen club is the MSC Teen club for 15 to 17 year olds. The attic bar
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More kids playrooms on MSC Grandiosa

There are also other rooms in the Kids zone on Grandiosa such as the Games room to let the children play away with their newly made friends to their hearts content. Featuring a multitude of games such a boards games and the Nintendo labo bringing games to life.

A multitude of games such a boards games and the Nintendo labo bringing games to life onboard the MSC Grandiosa

Kids club services

Happy dinner. 

Happy Dinner is a kids club service for parents and their children. This dinner is for parents to relax while their little ones are picked up from their table and escorted to the Mini or Juniors club after eating. This means your children get to dine with you and also enjoy the children’s main menu before going off and having fun on their own. ( strictly booking only with a member of staff before 4pm).

Fun time dinner.

If parents choose to have a relaxing dinner on their own they can do this with the funtime dinner service. Let the kids be entertained by the kids club staff who will take them to their own area of the main dining buffet before going to kids club.

Child free excursions.

If you wish to have a child free excursion you can leave your children on board. Your children will play all day, eat in the buffet as well as having plenty of fun. This activity must be booked one day in advance. 

Kids club Entertainment activities on the Grandiosa

There are daily cruise planners for the kids which schedule fun all day. On Grandiosa they have launched new activities.

MSC Dance Crew

Dance crew is in partnership with Fremantle who are the production company behind the TV talent shows which include Idols, The X Factor and the Got Talent series. The MSC Dance Crew experience sees teams of 12-17 years battling it out to win the title of dance crew of the year.

The Drone Academy

The Drone Academy is taking place in MSC Grandiosa’s Sportsplex venue. This high-tech and high-energy drone relay race comes to life at night thanks to fluo effects and glowing drones. Your teens will be trained on their drone piloting skills before competing in teams to race through the arena navigating obstacles in the quickest time possible.

Spy Mission

The new Grandiosa also has Spy mission. Children can unravel unique storylines and follow clues to solve mysteries. There are chances to win a host of MSC Cruises prizes. This unique experience blends the lines between reality and fiction and the games take place throughout the ship to unravel unique stories.

 MSC Grandiosa Wild Forest Aquapark

The MSC Grandiosa has a fantastic water park for children called the Wild Forest Aquapark. This great jungle style area features a kids splash zone water shooter and a kids pool with a depth of 0.5 metres. Kids can get soaking wet on mini slides and buckets that tip over your head.

MSC Grandiosa has a fantastic water park for children called the Wild Forest Aquapark

MSC Grandiosa Himalayan Bridge

The Himalayan Bridge is also another fantastic feature for kids to have some outdoor activity. Children will have fun climbing around the Wild Forest like a little monkey’s on the bridge while being safely strapped in. Cross wobbly bridges and avoid the water spraying below.

MSC Grandiosa Himalayan Bridge in the wild forest

Water slides

The three water slides in the Wild Forest are wild! It will be an exhilarating experience racing with friends down huge green jungle tubes in the sun.

The three water slides on MSC Grandiosa in the Wild Forest are wild!

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We were kindly invited on MSC Grandiosa as part of a inaugural press trip. All views and opinions are our own.

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