Ocean Vs River Cruising, What Are The Differences?


AmaWaterways is a luxury River Cruise line, who have recently launched the AmaMagna. This is the perfect crossover ship for ocean cruise lovers wanting to try out river cruising. However river cruising is so different to ocean cruising in so many ways. And this post looks at the differences from ocean Vs river cruising and explores if River Cruising Is For Families.

Ocean Vs River Cruising, What Are The Differences?

And until we had sailed on a river cruise we never quite understood the difference. I considered river cruising to be the poor relative to ocean cruising. Full of people of retirement age, ships that were uninspiring a not much fun at all.

The reality is so very different, the AmaMagna feels every bit as classy and elegant as many of the ships we have sailed on. If not more refined and cultured than some, and we left our last cruise exhausted but happy!

There Are Significantly Less Passengers On A River Cruise.

We are talking thousands less, the last Ocean ship we sailed on carried 2500 passengers, the AmaMagna around 190.

Ocean vessels are planned around passenger volume and do it spectacularly well. However AmaWaterways also do the small ship feel with a style and grace that catches your attention the minute you step onto the ship.

The AmaMagna docked in Budapest
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As a result the muster drill is a welcome and safety talk over cocktails. And there are no queues for check in. You simply check in online, board the ship to a warm welcome and get your key from reception. Very much like checking into a boutique hotel.

What Is The Average Age Of River Cruise Passengers?

We can only talk about and recommend AmaWaterways as this is our only experience. And we were pleasantly surprised by the demographic. The age group was mixed from children right though to grandparents. The feel was a far younger, multigenerational vibe than we had imagined. We have sailed on ocean cruises with an older demographic.

What Is The Dress Code On A River Cruise Vs Ocean Cruising

The dress code is much more relaxed on river cruising Vs an ocean cruise. There is usually a captains gala dinner where you are able to dress a little more elegantly. Alternatively you can opt for a smart casual look.

Men can also choose to wear shorts and polos for dining should they want to. Smart casual is pretty much the order the day. However should you want to dress up a little more, then that is acceptable too. Although ball gowns would look a little ott, some ladies did wear pretty summer/cocktail dresses to the captains gala.

I would certainly pack comfy walking shoes or sandals for the day. Some of the tours are very active, we walked miles on our last river cruise.

The Dining Options On A River Cruise Vs Ocean Cruising

There are less dining options on a river cruise vs an ocean cruise. However some river cruise ships do have more dining options than others. This aside, the food we experienced on our last river cruise was outstanding.

Dining on the AmaMagna
Dining options on the AmaMagna

The service felt more personal, the food was delicious and all felt a little more boutique without paying extra for speciality dining.

Similarly to ocean cruising, menus change daily and inspired by location. There are often themed regional lunches or brunches.

Port Days On A River Cruise

River cruises are able to reach places ocean cruises can not. There are so many wonderful cities along rivers worldwide. Cities and towns that ocean cruises can’t get too. This opens up a whole new world of travel possibilities.

Visiting Vienna River Cruising Vs Ocean Cruising
River Cruising Vs Ocean Cruising

Many river cruise lines include excursions as part of your fare. Tours such as guided city tours, also wine tasting and food tours. Additionally many tours factor in free time to allow you to delve deeper. For example visiting the crown jewels in Vienna. The guides are always local and know their city, thus making the tours informative, interesting and fun.

Entertainment On A River Cruise

Because of the intensity of days in port evening are more chilled on the river, dinner is a big affair. Pre dinner drinks, followed by a chilled dining experience offer a laid back experience.

Entertainment in the main bar varies from night to night. From local bands and dancing to a disco or pianist.

Also if docked you can walk into town and discover the local nightlife. There are also shuttle busses that run throughout the evening if the city is farther out.

Alternatively if like on Ama Waterways there is a full media system and library of movies and boxsets in your cabin should you want to have a chill out evening.

Families On A River Cruise Vs Ocean Cruising.

Is River Cruising For Kids? Yes, it would suit families who love to explore. Especially those families who are not bothered for kids clubs and water parks. If spending time together is a priority then river cruising ticks all the boxes.

the pool on the AmaMagna

Family river cruising is a wonderful way to explore and with many cities having beach areas, parks and bookable Segway tours there really is so many adventures to enjoy.

In Summary River Cruise Vs Ocean Cruising?

I fell in love with River Cruising, its a wonderful option to travel as a family. And also something we will do without the kids. There are so many wonderful place to explore on rivers all over the world as a family and as a couple.

Will I ocean cruise again? Absolutely, travel is all about finding adventure and seeing the world. And for us river cruising has opened up a whole new way to travel on water.

Disclaimer we were guests onboard the AmaMagna however all thoughts and my new found love of river cruising is all my own opinion.

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