New P&O Drinks Prices And Menus 2023


People are constantly messaging us asking questions about cruise drink packages. Check out our Ultimate Drinks Package Guide and read more about the changes to P&O Drinks Packages here. But before you run off to check out the drinks packages, this post will give you all the up-to-date P&O Drinks Prices And Menus for 2023 cruises.

P&O Drinks Prices And Menus 2022
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Do P&O Offer All Inclusive Cruises?

P&O offer 4 drinks packages.

  • Deluxe Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £49.45 | On-board price: £54.95 (per person, per day)
  • Classic Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £40.45 | On-board price: £44.95 (per person, per day)
  • Alcohol- Free Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £22.45 | On-board price: £24.95 (per person, per day)
  • Refresh Drinks Package, Price before holiday: £9.85 | On-board price: £10.95 (per person, per day)

Check our drinks package guide to find out what’s changed with the P & O drinks packages.

P&O Drinks Prices
P&O Drinks & Cocktail Prices

Do P&O Offer Discounts On Their Drinks Packages?

If you book in advance, P&O drinks packages are slightly cheaper. Other than that, P&O Drinks packages are always the same price; this is great as with some cruise lines, the prices change daily.

Are P&O Drinks Packages Worth It?

So, are P&O Cruises Drinks Packages worth the money? We have collected drinks menus from a P&O Iona cruise to show you exactly how many drinks are on P&O cruises. This will undoubtedly help you decide if drinks packages are good value.

Although even if you aren’t interested in a drinks package, this guide will give you a definite idea of how much drinks cost on P&O Cruises.

How Much Are Drinks On P&O Cruises?

The menus below show you exactly how much drinks are. However, we also listing some drinks’ prices as a quick reference guide.

New P&O Drinks Packages 2023
New P&O Drinks Packages 2023
P&O Drinks Packages 2023

Drinks Prices And Menus On P&O Cruises

Here are a selection of drinks and the prices you can expect to pay onboard P&O, the prices as you can see are very reasonable and not over inflated at all.

P&O Drinks Wine Package 2023
P&O Cruises Wine List 2023

Do They Sell Beer On P&O Cruises And What Are The Prices?

Yes there’s a good selection of beers including draft beers. Below is a range of some of the beers available on P&O and the prices.

  • Corona, pint £4.85
  • Fosters, £4.95
  • Stella Artois, pint £5.00
  • Budweiser, 330ml bottle £4.85
  • Old Speckled Hen, 500ml £5.05
  • Guinness draught can 440 ml can £5.05
  • Doom Bar, £5.05

Pool And Deck Bars New Drinks Menus 2023

Deck menus P&O Cruises new menus 2023:24
Pool Bar Menu

Do They Sell Cider On P&O Cruises?

Yes, this is just a selection of a few of the choice of Cider On P&O Cruises. Cider drinkers are fussy, I know, so it’s great to know there is a good selection available as this is not always the case in contrast to American based cruise lines, who generally offer a more limited choice of cider.

  • Aspall Cyder, £5.30
  • Thatchers Gold, £5.30
  • Strongbow Cider, £4.85
  • Rekorderling Fruit Cider, £5.30

Wine And Champagne Prices On P&O Cruises

  • Pinot Grigio, Italy, large £8.95, small £6.85
  • Sauvignon Blanc, large £9.50, small, £7.15
  • Chardonnay, large £7.75, small £6.25
  • Zinfandel Rose, large £8.05, small £6.25
  • Rioja, large £8.05, small £6.25
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, large £7.50, small £5.95
  • Taittinger Rose Champagne, £9.25 glass
  • Prosecco, £6.45 glass

Soft Drinks And Mocktail Price On P&O Cruises

Here is an idea of some of the soft drinks prices onboard P&O cruises, keep hydrated is absolutely a priority for us. Thus having a good selection of soft drinks and mocktails is essential. Especially for kids and teens who are constantly on the go.

  • Pepsi or Diet Pepsi Regular £2.60, Large £3.30
  • J20 £3.00
  • San Pellegrino Lemon £2.55
  • Spring still or sparkling 500ml £2.00
  • Additionally, a wide section of Mocktails, £3.75

Clubhouse Menus on P&O

Clubhouse P&O Menus 2023
Clubhouse P&O Menus 2023

Spirits And Bourbon Prices On P&O

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label, £4.45, £6.85
  • Bell’s, £4.25, £6.70
  • Glenfiddich, £4.45
  • Jameson Irish, £4.25, £6.70
  • Glenmorangie, £4.45, £6.95
  • Jack Daniel’s, £4.35, £6.85
  • Baileys, £4.05, £6.55
  • Disaronno, £4.05, £6.55
  • Barcardi, £4.25, £6.70
  • Captain Morgans, £4.25, £4.70
  • Grey Goose Vodka, £4.45, £6.95
  • Smirnoff, £4.25, £6.70
  • Bombay Saphire, £4.35, £6.85
  • Salcombe Gin, £4.60, £7.10
  • Whitley Neill, £4.45, £6.95

Can You Bring Your Own Drinks On P&O Cruise Ships?

Yes, each adult can bring 1 litre of alcohol and unlimited soft drinks. Although you are only able to drink the alcohol you bring onboard in your cabin. This is especially useful should you want to enjoy a glass of champagne or pre dinner gin on your balcony. However if you have a drinks package I wonder if it is worth saving that valuable space for more shoes.

More Bar Menus With Drinks Prices From P&O Cruises.

Furthermore if we missed you favourite drink, check out the menus below for more drink choices.

Amber lounge P&O 2023
Cocktail menu on P&O cruises 2023

Tea And Costa Coffee Menus 2023 P&O Cruises

Costa Coffee menu P&O 2023
Tea Menus P&O 2023


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50 thoughts on “New P&O Drinks Prices And Menus 2023”

  1. So if I drink G&T within the ultimate P&O drinks package do I have to pay for tonic with every drink as I dont see tonic on draught ty

    • No i am sure its included, you have up to £6.95 for a drink and a single gin and tonic would be £6.55 so I guess you would be ok?

  2. On a drinks package some cocktails are more than the allowance of £6.95. If you are wanting one that costs £7.95 do you pay the extra £1 for it or have to pay full price?

    • @Heather Berryman, I don’t know personally, but have seen a complaint recently from someone who had been on the Iona in August saying they had to pay the full price for anything over £6.95, which does seem a bit much.

      • Gosh that does, I would expect to only pay the extra! Otherwise what’s the point of a drinks package?

    • @Heather Berryman, no I checked this- you get ‘20% discount’ off anything over £6.95 which I think is not very good. So you can have a £6.95 cocktail free but a £7.95 one will cost you £7.95-20 %(1.59) £6.36.
      This is making me think about having the drinks package! Princess just charged the extra but all their cocktails were included in the 12 dollar cap!

    • @Heather Berryman, hi you pay £7.95 but you get 20% off the £7.95

    • No you have to pay the full price and they give you 20% off that full price so if the drink was £8 you would pay £6.40 …bit naughty

    • No you have to pay full price plus you get a discount which in our opinion is wrong

  3. We are going on a 2 week cruise and my question is can you take out an ultimate drinks package for just 1 week or do you have to take it out for the whole cruise

    • I am sure you have to take it out for the whole cruise x

  4. Ive read that the drinks package isnt included in the disembarkment so how does it work in terms of paying for drinks on this day?

    • Hi Alex we always get up and off early so have never had to think about this, however juiced, water tea and coffee is available in the buffet restaurant.

    • it’s charged separately to your on board account
      i.e. your “final” bill is outside your cabin overnight this is charged to your registered card
      anything on disembarkation day would be a separate charge to your card

  5. Are po offering beer only tickets as of previous years on 2022 cruises

    • Ooh not sure but will check this out, although the P&O package seems to be the best deal of all the cruise lines,

      • There is a guy on Youtube who reviews the ultimate drinks package and he says it’s the worst. I have done a few cruise lines and this package actually looks criminal as most the drinks apart from beer are over the £6.95. I don’t know how they get away with it

        • I think if you drinks beer and wine or spirits you are fine but not cocktails, I agree it is wrong, but as a wine drinker its fine

  6. I drink Malibu and fresh orange juice would that count as two drinks on the package deal?

    • That would be one drink, as far as we have ever experienced.

  7. Really a great informative site
    Very useful information

    • Thanks so much Frank, have a great day

  8. very informative, just looking through the menus. never done a package before in all our eleven P&O cruises so feel a tad nervous about purchasing it. thank you for making our decision clearer.

  9. Can I get port and lemonade in the drinks package

    • Yes as long as its under £6.95

  10. Hi,

    The ultimate drinks package says it includes children’s drinks so if I have that I do not need to buy separate kids packages for the two children? Also my wife does not drink alcohol but the terms seem to say every adult in the cabin needs to buy the package so can I buy one ultimate and one non alcoholic package?

    • I am not sure whether she can buy the non alcoholic package you would need to ring them to check but yes you get one free kids package with adult alcohol package

    • Both adults are required to buy the same package. Therefore only two drinks at a time. However you can buy (2) juice for the children with your package, wait 15 minutes and buy alcoholic drinks for yourselves.

  11. My partner wants the drinks package but can i not have the non alcoholic package? Or must we purchase two the same?

    • I think its the same Ann but contact them directly if there is a medical reason they may be able to help

  12. having drank bitter for over 50 yrs i see you dont have a proper bitter shame im on her in febuary

    • Its not us its P&O have a fab cruise

  13. Can you take a bottle of vodka, onto the ship, or is it just wine.

    • Its 1ltr of any wine or spirit each

  14. Hi do they sell Pina Calada in all the bars on P&O Ventura and if so any idea the price please

    • Hi Julia we had one in quite a few bars, i think its one of those drinks all bar tenders can make

  15. Can you bring on a bottle of wine per adult per day from every port you visit? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jack no, only on the first day of your cruise

  16. Hi, If you had say a double Bacardi with coke would this be one drink as the double Bacardi is below the £6.95 limit ?

    • I dont know as I didn’t buy a double when onboard, sorry

  17. We have just purchased an ultimate drinks package, but we are having second thoughts about whether this is worth while or not.
    My partner drinks only cider and I’m not really a drinker, other than the odd glass of wine. Are there any discounts on the drinks if included in the package, or are they the same price?
    I am seriously considering cancelling this option.
    Thoughts please.

    • Hi Susan we have a drinks price calculator on the page this might help you work out if its worth it? Thanks Sarah

  18. Hi anybody know how buying the drinks package works with just me and my 16yr old, she’s classed as an adult on the booking but obviously can’t drink alcoholic drinks would o just by one package but be able to get her soft drinks from that package too?

    • Hi Nicki as she is under 18 she will get the soft drinks package for free if you are purchasing the alcoholic drinks package as a far as we are aware

  19. Thanks for taking time to assist everyone, l have had a Princes drinks package 15 max drinks per day and others unlimited. Can anyone please tell me what P&Os package is re quantity limit or unlimited

    • Its the same Brodie, also you cant get 2 drinks in 15 minutes and they are pretty strict on that

  20. just buy the soft drink package and add your own alcohol … just saying 🙂

    • what you are just saying bring from your cabin? Who does that?


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